Cheap lash extension supplies at KTV LASHES manufacturer

Cheap Lash Extension Supplies At Ktv Lashes

In the modern world of eyelash beauty, eyelash extensions have become one of the hottest trends not only for professional eyelash extension artists but also widely popular among women. With eyelash extensions, you can easily create attractive eyes for a long time.

However, to achieve beautiful and safe eyelash extension results, choosing quality eyelashes is extremely important. This not only ensures a perfect lash result but also ensures the safety of your eyes. Therefore, when buying cheap eyelash extensions, you need to consider and learn carefully about the quality and origin of the product.

With the KTV LASHES manufacturer – Factory provides cheap lash extension supplies, we understand that choosing quality and reliable eyelash extension products is extremely important. We are committed to providing customers with cheap lash extensions while still ensuring high quality and absolute safety. At KTV LASHES manufacturer, we not only focus on manufacturing and supplying high-quality professional eyelash extensions and eyelash extension tools, but also comply with strict safety standards in the production process and processed by hand.

This helps KTV Lashes ensure that the cheap lash extensions we provide will not harm your eyes and provide perfect eyelash extension results. Besides, we also provide a range of other low-cost, high-quality eyelash extension tools such as glue, eyelash extension tweezers and other supporting accessories to meet all customers’ eyelash beautification needs.

So, if you are looking for cheap but good quality and safe eyelash extensions, come to KTV LASHES manufacturer. We are committed to bringing you the best eyelash extension products and dedicated advice to help you achieve the best results in beautifying eyelashes for each of your customers. Let us help you create charming and attractive eyes for customers with only cheap but quality eyelash extensions at KTV LASHES manufacturer!

Introducing KTV LASHES eyelash extension manufacturer

KTV LASHES manufacturer – Factory provides cheap lash extension supplies is proud to be the leading address in Vietnam specializing in the production of eyelash extensions and eyelash beauty tools. With many years of experience and dedication, we have built a strong reputation in this field of eyelash extensions, known for innovation and uncompromising quality.

1. KTV Lashes – No. 1 Factory providing cheap lash extension supplies in Vietnam

Cheap Lash Extension Supplies In Vietnam
Cheap Lash Extension Supplies In Vietnam

With top class and production scale, KTV LASHES factory is not only a production place, but also a reputable source of supply for eyelash extension technicians and beauticians around the world. We are proud to bring high quality products, from false eyelashes, eyelash extensions (ready-made eyelashes, handmade eyelashes, colored eyelashes, classic eyelashes, volume eyelashes, narrow lash fans,…), to other eyelash extension tools, meeting almost every customer’s search needs.

2. Mission To Provide Quality eyelash extensions with the Best Value

The KTV factory’s primary mission is to provide low-cost but high-quality eyelash extensions with unbelievable value. We believe that everyone has equal access to quality products, and this motivates us to continuously strive to uphold this commitment.

3. Always Innovate and Unlimited Quality

Ktv Lashes Always Innovate And Unlimited Quality

KTV Factory is not only a manufacturer of eyelash extensions but also a driving force behind constant innovation in the false eyelash beauty industry. We constantly research and develop to bring eyelash extension products with unlimited quality and product variety, helping eyelash extension technicians and consumers experience the most premium eyelash lines.

KTV LASHES is not only an eyelash extension manufacturer but also a reliable partner, bringing everyone the most perfect eyelash beautification experience.

Cheap lash extension products at KTV LASHES

List of cheap lash extension supplies, good quality, outstanding and most popular eyelash extension products at KTV Lashes:

Classic Lashes: Price only $3.5/box

This is the most basic and popular eyelash extension product line at the KTV factory (Factory provides cheap lash extension supplies). The eyelashes are made from soft and natural fibers, helping to create a natural and thick look for the eyes. The product can be used to create natural eyes or create a darker look, depending on the customer’s wishes and is most commonly used in classic eyelash extensions and hybrid eyelash extensions.

Volume Lashes: Price only 3.5$/box

This product is specifically designed to create more lash attachment with each application. The lashes are carefully arranged at a pointed end and will maintain curl and thickness for each lash extension. This creates a natural and seductive look to the eyes.

Color Lash Tray: Price only $3.7/box

This is the same version as Classic Lashes and Volume Lashes but is available in different colors. Colors such as purple, pink, blue, green, white, yellow, red, etc. can be added to natural lashes to highlight the eyes or create a unique and creative style.

Handmade Fan: Price from only $18/box

This product is the result of being completely and meticulously handcrafted by the hands of highly skilled technicians, in which the volume lashes will be created into a complete volume lash fan. These handmade volume lash fans when applied to natural lashes will create naturally beautiful and thicker lashes. Handmade Fan will definitely highlight the eyes and create a more natural effect than other types of lash fans on the market.

Premade Fan: Price from only 6.3$/box

Premade Fans, these are also available volume lash fans created by hand combined with modern production technology, so they are cheaper than handmade lash fans, and are also ready to use and apply to natural eyelashes immediately. This saves beauty technicians time and allows them to create a thicker and more prominent look in no time.

Narrow Fan: Price from only $7.4/box

This product is a special edition of the Handmade Fan, with the lash fans having a narrower shape than the volume lash fans. This creates an attractive double lash effect and adds definition to the eyes.

All eyelash extension products at KTV LASHE are made from high quality materials such as real mink eyelashes, faux mink eyelashes, silk eyelashes, high-quality PBT synthetic fiber eyelashes and are thoroughly inspected before being tested. Products give customers confidence and satisfaction with diverse choices and the best quality.

Benefits of buying cheap lash extensions at KTV LASHES

Benefits Of Buying Cheap Lash Extensions At Ktv Lashes
Benefits Of Buying Cheap Lash Extensions At KTV Lashes

1. Top Quality at Low Price

Buying cheap lash extensions supplies at KTV LASHES (one of the cheap lash extension supplies) is not simply about saving costs but also ensuring extremely high product quality. We are confident in bringing customers the best quality eyelash products on the market without affecting your pocket.

2. Super Economical prices and incentives for wholesale customers

When you choose to buy eyelash extensions in bulk at the KTV Lashes, you not only enjoy special preferential prices but also have the opportunity to participate in the wholesale price policy. This brings great benefits to businesses, eyelash salons or individuals who want to purchase in large quantities at the lowest cost.

3. Dedicated Team of Experts and Support Services

KTV LASHES is not only a cheap lash extensions supplies but also a reliable partner, supporting customers anytime, anywhere. Our team of experts is always ready to answer all questions and advise customers on how to use each type of eyelash extension product most effectively.

4. Diverse Eyelash Extension Models

KTV LASHES is proud of the diversity in its eyelash extension product portfolio, from classic eyelashes, volume eyelashes, colored eyelashes to premade lash fans such as premade lash fans, handmade lash fans, narrow lash fans, and wispy lash fans,… This helps customers easily choose according to their preferences and specific eyelash extension needs while still owning the best quality eyelash extension products on the market.

5. Trust and Reputation

With many years of experience in the eyelash extension manufacturing industry, KTV LASHES – Factory provides cheap lash extension supplies has built the reputation and trust of all domestic and international customers. Each product is carefully taken care of, from the production process to packaging and delivery. Buying cheap lash extensions at KTV LASHES is not only a cost choice but also an investment in the beauty of your eyelashes with premium quality and top service.

Commitment to the quality of eyelash extension products at KTV LASHES

Commitment To The Quality Of Eyelash Extension Products

1. Absolutely Safe for eyelashes and eye skin

We commit that all eyelash extension products at the KTV LASHES comply with the highest safety standards. The materials used to produce eyelash extensions are extremely safe materials such as high-quality PBT synthetic fibers imported from Korea, the best quality silk eyelashes and do not cause skin irritation, ensuring absolute safety for the eyes of every customer.

2. Outstanding Quality

We support and encourage strict quality eyelash extension manufacturing standards from the raw material selection process to production and packaging. Every eyelash extension product will go through testing, ensuring outstanding quality and meeting all eyelash extension industry requirements.

3. Continuous Quality Check

We perform continuous quality testing of eyelash extensions on each product to ensure that they consistently meet and exceed our quality criteria. The eyelash extensions arranged on one eyelash line in each box are also thoroughly tested to ensure uniformity and long-term use.

4. Modern Eyelash Extension Production Process

KTV LASHES uses the most modern equipment and production technology. The eyelash extension production process is optimized to ensure efficiency, accuracy and uniformity in each product. This helps maintain stable and constantly improving quality of eyelash extensions at KTV Lashes.

5. Guaranteed Suitability for all customer needs

We commit that all of our eyelash extension products meet technical and aesthetic requirements. To provide options that best suit everyone’s eye shape and natural eyelash structure, and ease of use are top criteria that we never ignore.

With this commitment, KTV LASHES – Factory provides cheap lash extension supplies and confidently brings customers the safest and highest quality eyelash extension products on the eyelash extension market.

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KTV LASHES is proud to be a reliable address for those who are looking for the cheapest but good quality eyelash extension products. With a diverse product list such as Classic Lashes, Volume Lashes, Color Lash Tray, Handmade Fan, Premade Fan and Narrow Fan, we are committed to meeting the needs and desires of all our customers.

With a variety of high quality eyelash extension products and reasonable prices, KTV LASHES ensures that it will bring you confidence and beautiful eyelashes that satisfy you in every situation. We not only focus on quality but also ensure diversity and creativity in each eyelash extension design, meeting all customer needs.

The goal of providing the cheapest eyelash extension products does not mean we ignore quality. We thoroughly test each product before bringing it to market to ensure that each lash is trustworthy and worthwhile. Furthermore, we are always willing to listen to feedback from customers to improve our products to the best of their ability.

With confidence and experience in the field of eyelash extension production, the KTV LASHES (the cheap lash extension supplies) is committed to bringing customers cheap but top quality eyelash extension products in the current eyelash extension market. Come to us and experience the best, most reliable and valuable eyelash extension products at KTV LASHES!