Narrow Fan XL Book 5D (900 FANS)

Narrow Lashes Xl Tray 5d

Narrow fan has a fairly narrow eyelash spread, usually the spread distance between the lashes is 1mm, thanks to this narrow eyelash spreading feature, when eyelash extensions will avoid disturbances between eyelash fans, so using narrow fans to expand eyelashes will help increase smoothness, soft for customers’ eyes and helps create fuller, sexier lashes.

Narrow fans have a long body, narrow eyelash legs should allow for a wider area associated with natural lashes, providing thickness and thickness at the base and top of the lashes, making the lashes longer and fuller. This lash fan is especially suitable for people who have a lot of natural eyelashes and want to have more uniform and fuller lashes.

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Detailed Information about Our Narrow Fan XL Book 5D:

Narrow Premade Lashes Xl Tray 5d 2

  • The 5D lash fans in the Narrow Premade Fan XL Book 5D box are all 100% handmade by our experienced team.
  • Each box of KTV Lashes’ Narrow Fan XL Book 5D contains 20 lash rows, with a total of up to 900 fans, which is significantly more than other similar boxes available in the market.
  • Among them, 20 rows can be either single-line fans with selectable lengths ranging from 7mm to 20mm.