Eyelash Extensions Wholesale and ALL you need to know

Eyelash Extensions Wholesale

Eyelashes are beauty products that are so familiar to women to help them look more beautiful and attractive. Therefore, the eyelash extension market today is also extremely developing and competitive. Let’s explore with KTV Lashes the latest eyelash extension trends and the current eyelash extensions wholesale market!

Before starting the eyelash extension wholesale business, you must know how many types of eyelash extensions there are? Which materials are they made of? From there, it will help eyelash extension sellers to choose good quality eyelash extension products with high potential for profit and help your revenue increase every day.

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Which materials are eyelash extensions made from?

1. Mink Lashes

Mink Lash Extensions

Mink eyelashes are eyelashes made from real mink. To have the beautiful mink eyelashes, the people will choose the minks with soft and silky hair. After having the mink hair, disinfection will be carried out and many methods will be used to carefully manipulate the mink hair. Next, these mink hairs will be shaped like real eyelashes and used for human beauty.

The advantages of mink eyelashes that eyelash extensions wholesale need to know and understand well are:

  • Mink eyelashes when attached to the eyes are very smooth and soft.
  • Mink eyelashes will usually have dark gray color that looks very light and eye-catching, and does not cause a feeling of heaviness.
  • Mink eyelashes are usually quite small in thickness and diameter, looking like delicate hairs.

Mink eyelashes are highly appreciated, but there are still a few disadvantages that eyelash extension wholesalers cannot ignore, so that they can advise their customers further. These are:

  • Because mink eyelashes are so light and soft, when technicians have to spend a lot of time attaching real lashes so as not to deviate from the style that customers want.
  • Just one wrong operation in the process of joining this type of mink eyelashes will make the mink eyelashes easily stick together and cause the lash extensions to be damaged.
  • Therefore, if you want beautiful eyelash extensions, you should advise your clients to go to professional eyelash extension facilities.
  •  After mink eyelash extensions, customers’ eyelashes usually only keep for about 2 weeks to 3 weeks, not too long like other eyelash extensions.

Eyelash extensions made from mink hair are extremely popular in Europe and America. With a silky smoothness, dark gray color will help customers’ eyes become more attractive, and will not worry about eyelashes easily breaking.

2. Synthetic or Acrylic Lashes

Synthetic Materials

Perhaps the eyelash extensions made from synthetic material are the best-selling Wholesale Eyelash Extension Supplies today that eyelash extensions wholesale love to trade. Eyelash extensions have the most durable and sturdy material today, most of which are made from synthetic lashes (or acrylic lash).

Synthetic eyelashes are considered to be safe for eyes and skin, synthetic lashes are very light and lighter than real human eyelashes, so they create the most comfortable and comfortable feeling for users.

3. Eyelashes made from real hair

This is the first material that makes eyelashes that we want to remind you of. However, the eyelash extensions with real hair are not much popular now because:

  • The real hairs have natural straightening properties, when applied to the production of eyelashes or eyelash extensions, it will make the lashes become unnatural as customers want.
  • Therefore, eyelash extensions made from real hair to sell well in the market have to go through many stages such as curling, styling to make the lashes look like real and natural eyelashes.

4. Eyelash extensions made from faux mink lashes

In order to meet all the beauty needs of women, the eyelash extension industry has launched a new eyelash material that is faux mink eyelashes. This is a great improvement of the eyelash extension industry, because these are artificial eyelashes designed and crafted to be identical to real mink eyelashes but ensure beautiful, durable, soft and very safe aesthetics, without irritating the eyelids or skin of customers.

The lifespan of this faux mink eyelash extension is quite long, after 2-3 weeks of using, the eyelash extensions still do not fall out or twist like real mink eyelashes. Faux mink eyelash extensions wholesale in America and Europe can sell this eyelash extension because it is trusted and loved by many customers here.

5. Eyelash extensions made from silk (silk lashes)

Not bright and shiny as eyelashes made from synthetic lashes, silk lashes are soft, light, durable and much more flexible when used for eyelash extensions. Eyelash extensions made from silk material are often verified in thickness and have many different curvatures for customers to choose, but the curvature of silk material is not equal to synthetic lashes.

The advantage of eyelash extensions made from silk is that it helps customers’ lashes become longer, softer and look very natural. In addition, eyelash extension technicians can also flexibly adjust the thickness and thinness of eyelash extensions depending on customer preferences.

Based on the characteristics of the above 5 types of eyelash extension materials, eyelash extensions wholesale can confidently advise their partners and customers about the advantages of eyelashes and which is the best material to buy eyelash extensions made of? Each type of eyelash extension will have its own advantages and disadvantages. If customers want to save costs on eyelash extensions you can consult with customers about synthetic eyelash extensions, eyelash extensions made from real hair. No matter what kind of material the eyelashes are made of, the finished product that creates the eyelash extensions is still very beautiful, impressive and worthy for your customers to experience.

The most popular eyelash extensions on the current market

There are many different eyelash extensions on the market for women to choose, from natural eyelash extensions to personal, charming and unique eyelash extensions. Learn about the 4 eyelash extensions that are popular around the world below, which can help eyelash extensions wholesale choose the eyelash extensions supplies with the highest potential profits.

The Most Popular Eyelash Extensions

Classic eyelash extensions

Classic eyelashes are chosen by many women because of the naturalness that classic lashes bring. The classic eyelash extension technique, also known as one by one eyelash extensions, appeared first in the world using the method of gluing eyelashes one by one on customers’ real lashes. The classic eyelash extension method is very suitable for women with weak lashes, the outstanding advantage is to create longer and curvier lashes. Especially classic eyelash extensions are quite light, not causing eyes or heaviness in the eyes. This eyelash extension is also quite simple and does not take too much time to perform.

Volume eyelash extensions

The lash volume extension style is an improvement from the traditional one by one eyelash extension technique. You don’t need to attach each false lash to the real lash in turn, but will connect multiple lashes of equal length to the same real eyelash. You can attach from 2 to 8 false lashes on top of a real one. Depending on the number of lashes, there will be a corresponding volume lash extension. For example, volume lashes 2D, is to connect 2 false lashes to real lashes at the same time, volume 3D is to connect 3 false lashes to real lashes at the same time… The advantage of volume lash extensions is that they bring thicker and more beautiful lashes than the original natural lashes.

Customers can choose 2D, 3D volume lash extensions,… according to her preferences. An eyelash technician will help you get the lash extensions that you like best. Note when using eyelash extensions volume is: the thicker the lash extension, the more weight the real lash will endure, so customers who extend lash volume should have very strong lashes. If you can overcome the shortcomings of thin and thin lashes, you can use the lash volume extension method because it will not take too long like other traditional lash extensions.

Mega Volume lash extensions

Mega Volume lash extensions will make lashes thicker, darker and longer than regular volume lash extensions. Mega volume lash extensions also belong to the volume lash type but have a combination of 4 lashes to 16 ultra-thin lashes corresponding to volume lash extension 4D or more. These ultra-thin lashes can range in diameter from 0.03mm to 0.12mm. Therefore, this line of eyelash extensions has a variety of lashes for eyelash extensions wholesale to choose, the standard of which will depend on the number of lashes, the roots and the size of the lashes.

Mega volume eyelash extensions create a sharp beauty for a woman’s eyes. Women’s eyes will become more attractive and impressive depending on the size of the mega volume lash extension size they use.

Hybrid eyelash extensions

Hybrid eyelashes are eyelash extensions that have a combination of 2 styles of eyelash extensions Classic and Volume. Therefore, hybrid eyelashes have a lot of different textures and eyelash extensions can also be customized to add thickness to customers’ eyelashes in the most suitable way. This is the eyelash extension style that model Kardashian uses, which looks quite suitable for her eyes. This hybrid eyelash extension type is a bit exaggerated but has a longer effect, has a thicker effect than classic eyelash extensions, and is not as thick as volume eyelash extensions.

Distinguish fan lashes and lash styles for beginners in wholesale eyelash extension business

What are the fan lashes?

What Are The Fan Lashes

What are the fan lashes? This is the latest eyelash extension trend that any eyelash extension facility has. If you are a wholesale of eyelashes and do not know what the fan lashes are, it is a huge shortcoming. Let’s learn about this concept!

Fan lashes are ordinary eyelash bunches made up of 2-5 false lashes bunched together into a bunch of lashes with the same root, spreading tops. The eyelash legs are bonded together by lash glue. This fan lash is used to attach to 1 original eyelash. Because the fan lash already has glue roots, the eyelash extension technician only needs to dab the lash glue in a moderate amount and not allow the glue to clump will help the lash extensions look more natural. Depending on the style of lash extensions, there will be different types of fan lashes

  • Workshop fan lash: workshop fan lash is manufactured in industrial style, according to a certain standard. However, the quality of this fans is often confused and not as beautiful as handmade fan lashes
  • Handmade fan lashes: Handmade fans are eyelash extensions that are handmade by professional technicians. They will design each lash fan and create each lash extension according to the customer’s wishes. Handmade fan lashes are careful, skillful, look better and more even. The quality of fan lash is also good and has many times higher durability than workshop fan lashes.

What are 2D, 3D, 4D, 5D, 6D,… fan lashes?

What Are 2d, 3d, 4d, 5d, 6d ... Fan Lashes

The most current popular eyelash extension technique that uses fan lashes is Volume lash extensions, so the eyelash extensions wholesale cannot ignore potential Volume lash extensions. Creating types of lash fans Volume is to make eyelashes consisting of 2 false lashes, 3 false lashes,… more false lashes and then use them to attach on top of the customer’s real eyelashes. For example: 2 false lashes make 1 fan lash called 2D lash, 3 false lashes make 1 fan lash called 3D,…

Volume lashes 2D, 3D helps customers have bold, thick but still natural lashes. Volume 4D, 5D or higher often helps to make the eyes bold Western style, suitable for Europeans and Americans. If the real lashes are too weak, do not extend the volume lashes 6D, 8D, 10D,…

Eyelash extension aids that eyelash extensions wholesale cannot ignore

KTV Lash Factory specializes in eyelash extensions and eyelash extensions wholesale, so we are very knowledgeable about the eyelash extension market. Do not miss the list of necessary tools to support in the eyelash extension process of customers professionally below:

Eyelash Extension Aids

  • Lash Adhesive
  • Lash Cleanser
  • Lash Primer
  • Lash Tweezers
  • Lash Extension Kits

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What to know before starting a wholesale eyelash extension business

Wholesale Eyelash Extension Business

Before starting a wholesale eyelash extension business, you need to pay attention to the following things to be able to start a successful business:

1. Choose to trade eyelash products in accordance with market trends

Surely the first thing when selling any item, not just wholesale eyelash extensions, you need to find products that match market trends. Take the time to go online to find out which eyelash extensions are most popular recently, find out carefully the preferences of customers that will make you sell more expensive

2. Know how to distinguish the current types of eyelash extensions

There are hundreds of different types of eyelash extensions on the market, so sellers or eyelash extensions technicians need to know how to distinguish eyelash extensions. This will make it possible to advise your customers in more detail on what lashes suitable to their eyelash extensions and preferences.

3. Standard eyelash extension production stages

The production stages of eyelash extensions must ensure standards and safety for users. Because eyelash extensions will directly stick to the customer’s eye skin and real eyelashes. Therefore, eyelash extensions need to meet safety standards so as not to harm the eyes.

4. Learn techniques for caring for and preserving eyelash extensions that are always beautiful and durable

In order for eyelash extensions to always be beautiful and durable, customers as well as eyelash extensions technicians need to know the techniques of proper eyelash care and storage. If you are a wholesale eyelash extensions, know these things so that you can advise your customers in detail. Customers will be extremely satisfied if they are consulted on how to care for eyelash extensions carefully and in detail.

5. The best current eyelash extensions wholesale pricing formula

The price of your eyelash extensions should try to be the best on the market, neither too high nor too cheap. To compete with other eyelash extension wholesalers in the market, you can create many discount policies, attractive incentives for your partners or customers.

6. Building your own brand when starting a lash extension business

Right from the beginning of your eyelash extensions business, you should create your own brand for the products that you sell to the market. Your own brand will show the special features of your company and create a different highlight for customers.

Sales solutions to increase Wholesale eyelash extensions sales most effectively

Sales Solutions To Increase Wholesale Eyelash Extensions
The idea of increasing wholesale sales of eyelash extensions effectively

The following procedures will help you increase wholesale sales of eyelash extensions and will be of great help to you when starting a business in the eyelash extensions wholesale industry:

1. Find a reputable, quality eyelash extensions supplies

First, looking for reputable and quality supplies like our unit KTV Lashes. A manufacturer of quality eyelash extensions or reputable eyelash extensions will help you have a stable source of goods, ensuring quality, safety along with the best price.

2. Use online marketing channels to Wholesale eyelash extensions

Wholesale eyelashes through online marketing channels will be the most effective way to sell in the current technology development. You can refer to the following online channels:

Create your own website

Create yourself a website full of products and clear prices for customers’ reference. At the same time, regularly update incentive programs to attract customers and retain loyal customers. You can run ads on search engines to reach potential customers, helping you increase sales.

Social media

Creating social media accounts is indispensable for any wholesale brand so that customers are aware of your product brand, and help your brand connect with customers. You should create enough famous social media accounts such as: Facebook, Instagram, Reddit, …

Mobile Marketing

Mobile marketing by running article ads on mobile platforms, can help your brand get known and reach a large number of potential customers.

YouTube Marketing

In addition to building websites and social network sites, currently recording sales videos posted on applications such as youtube, TikTok,… also very good to get huge views. You should learn about building content, creating product introduction videos, videos sharing how to use each type of eyelash extension,… Run ads for your videos, surely sales are very effective, please apply now!

3. Turn customers and employees into brand ambassadors

Take advantage of loyal customers and employees with your eyelash extensions products to let them market your products to more people. This is also an extremely effective way for wholesalers to learn and apply.

Common mistakes when starting a wholesale eyelash extension business and how to avoid it

Here are common mistakes when starting a wholesale eyelash extension business and how to avoid it:

Buying non-standard eyelash extensions

Buying non-standard eyelash extensions can affect your lash extensions, causing the fitting process to be disrupted.

Don’t use advertising marketing channels

Not using advertising marketing channels will prevent your products from reaching many potential customers. Because in the current digital market trend, advertising plays a very important role, determining the revenue of your eyelash extensions wholesale company.

Failure to budget business capital effectively

Always having enough business capital to be able to import goods any time. This will make the business of eyelash extensions easier and more convenient. Help your business not get stuck in capital in the beginning when starting a business with eyelash extensions. And help the eyelash extensions wholesale maintain business operations.

TOP 2 brands producing the best eyelash extensions wholesale in Vietnam

You can refer to some famous eyelash extension wholesale brands in Vietnam:

1. Athena Lash Supplies – The new brand of quality at the forefront

Among the addresses producing quality eyelash extensions in Vietnam, Athena Lash is one of the emerging names that attracts customers from all markets in the world such as USA, UK, Australia, Canada,… thanks to Athena Lashes premade eyelash extensions that are meticulously machined, quality and extremely high safe. Because of the professionalism and variety of eyelash extensions that Athena Lashes brings to customers, this new brand has received a lot of compliments from eyelash extensions wholesale around the world or eyelash extension establishments, professional eyelash extensions.

2. KTV Lash Factory

Eyelash Extensions Wholesale From Ktv Lashes

KTV Lashes is a leading factory specializing in distributing and manufacturing eyelash extensions in Vietnam. With a professional production team with many years of experience in eyelash business. KTV Lashes is proud to be an eyelash extensions supplier of international standards and is trusted by many customers. If you are eyelash extensions wholesale, try your hand at pre-made fan lashes products from KTV Lashes Factory, which will definitely bring you a lot of profit, because of the quality products as well as absolutely safety.

KTV Lashes also provides a lot of eyelash extension aids such as: eyelash tweezers, eyelash extensions, lash removal gel, eyelash extension care products,… Make your eyelash extensions wholesale more diverse and richer when there are all kinds of equipment and supplies to support eyelash extensions.

Immediately refer to the forms of eyelash extensions wholesale from KTV Lashes:

  • Create your own brand for KTV Lash ’s eyelash wholesale ( Private Label Eyelash): Private label eyelash sales will help you build the eyelash extension brand that you have worked hard to build and develop. Who can get their own eyelash extensions branded? The units that want to sell eyelashes in their brand name such as: eyelash extension dealers, eyelash extension shop owners, beauty establishments, …
  • Sell pre-made eyelash extensions to retail customers at extremely preferential prices.
  • There are extremely good lash extension wholesale policies (Lash Wholesale Program) for eyelash extension wholesalers who want to import/order eyelash extensions in bulk (Eyelash Bulk Order).

ALL the information about the material that produces eyelash extensions, the most popular eyelash extension trends, effective wholesale eyelash extension business solutions and the best wholesale eyelash extension supplies have been shared by KTV Lashes in this article. Hopefully, this useful information will help eyelash extensions wholesale have a lot of interesting and useful information, helping you who are doing business or starting a business with the eyelash extension industry have a favorable and best start.

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