Are you looking for a beautiful and unique eyelash extension, Mix Handmade 20D fan lashes are the perfect choice for you. Designed and made entirely by hand by experienced technicians, the Mix Handmade 20D lashes product gives you a set of 5 different sizes of eyelash fans to create an eye-catching and natural eyelash overall style. Let’s learn about Mix Handmade 20D Fans of KTV Lashes!

What is Mix Handmade 20D Lashes?

20D Mix-Length handmade fans, also known as Mix handmade 20D fans that mix different lengths in one box, are one of the luxury eyelash extension product lines of KTV Lashes, created 100% by hand by professional eyelash extension artists. Because they are made from high-quality materials, KTV Lashes’ 20D handmade eyelash fans are very thin, light, and highly durable. Mix handmade 20D 3in1 fans of KTV Lashes provide customers with a trio of 20D fans of different or same sizes for you to choose from such as: Mix(10,11,12,13,14)mm, Mix(12,13, 14,15,16)mm, Mix(11,12,13,14,15)mm, Mix(13,14,15,16,17)mm, Mix(7,8,9,10,11)mm, Min(7,8,9,10,11)mm,…, Single(11,11,11,11,11)mm,…, Single(17,17,17,17,17)mm to help your experience in 20D eyelash extensions with different eyelash fan sizes to create many impressive and unique eyelash extension designs.

Outstanding advantages of Mix handmade 20D fans of KTV Lashes

  • Customers who want beautiful, natural, voluminous eyelashes cannot miss KTV Lashes’ handmade eyelash fan products. Handmade 20D fan lashes have the advantage of being extremely thin, soft, light and waterproof, helping the fan lashes adhere firmly to the eyelash extensions. When applying eyelash extensions, using 20D Promade volume fans will help create beautiful thick eyelashes, while also being able to keep them in shape for a long time.
  • KTV Lashes has a great team of eyelash extension artists to create each handmade 20D eyelash fan with the advantage of a long eyelash stem, and a pointed and thin base that helps the eyelash artist easily apply the handmade 20D eyelash fan on the customer’s real eyelashes to create beautiful eyelash extensions.
  • The possibility of our handmade 20D fans breaking during transportation is almost unheard of, so customers can be completely assured and confident in the quality of our 20D promade fans.
  • Pro-made 20D fans in our 20D Mix-Length handmade lashes box are separate eyelash fans that are clearly classified and contained in 5 different trays in the box, the trays will contain a single size of eyelash fan, helping you easily take each eyelash fan according to the desired size and apply it to the customer’s real eyelashes more conveniently and quickly. In particular, you can completely customize the thickness and curvature of your eyelash extensions thanks to the 5 different eyelash fan sizes contained in 1 box, and choose the eyelash curvature you desire.
  • Using the eyelash fans in a 20D Mix-Length handmade fans box will help eyelash extension artists save a lot of time during the eyelash extension process. Now you no longer have to waste time creating individual eyelash fans to attach to the customer’s real eyelashes.
  • A box of 20D Mix-Length handmade fans has up to 1000 20D lash fans, which can include 5 different sizes or the same size of your choice. The length of the handmade 20D fan lash ranges from 9mm – 20mm. Thanks to the variety of lengths and curvatures of KTV Lashes’ 20D handmade eyelash fans, your eyelash extensions are becoming easier and more convenient.
  • Commitment, the quality of KTV Lashes’ handmade 20D lash fan does not contain toxic substances such as Formaldehyde or Latex, and is 100% vegan, so KTV’s 20D handmade lash fans are very benign and absolutely safe when directly exposed to customers’ eye skin.

Detailed information about 20D Mix-Length handmade fans of KTV Lashes

  • 03 Length Per Box or One Length Per Box: 8mm to 20mm.
  • Curl: C, CC, D, DD, L, M
  • Thickness: 0.03mm Diameter
  • 20 lashes per fan
  • 1000 fans per box. Each box of Mix Handmade Fans 20D will contain separate eyelash fans of the same length or 5 different lengths, while thickness and curl are optional by the customer when purchasing.
  • Suitable for eyelash extension styles: megavolume, Volume, Hybrid, baby doll, fairy wing style, katun, fishtail,…
  • Lash Fan Details (20D Mix-Length handmade lashes):
    • Long Stem Base
    • Pointy base
    • Normal Style Fan
    • Lashes are super soft, light and black
  • Commitment from KTV Lashes:
    • Minimal adhesive used for best bonding results
    • The material made from Korean PBT
    • 100% Vegan
    • Latex-Free

Instructions for using Mix Pro-made 20D fans

How to use 20D handmade fans in the mix handmade 20D fans box, let’s learn how to use it with KTV Lashes!

  • Step 1: Use tweezers to clamp the middle or 2/3 of the 20D fan lash (from the glue base) to the desired length.
  • Step 2: Then, dip the 20D lash fan of the desired length into the glue. If the amount of glue at the base of the 20D lash fan is too small, you should remove the glue to achieve the right amount of glue.
  • Step 3: Place the glue-dipped 20D lash fan into the customer’s natural eyelashes. You should place the 20D lash fan on the side or on top of the customer’s real eyelashes to help the eyelash extensions have a beautiful position and keep the shape well.
  • Step 4: Hold the tweezers for a few seconds so that the handmade 20D fan is fixed, then take the tweezers out of the fan.

Mix Handmade 20D lashes: Guaranteed 100% customer satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is KTV Lashes’ top priority. We always protect all of our products. If you have any problems with the product Mix handmade volume 20D fans, we are ready to solve them for you. We will send you a new product or a refund. If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, in this case we rarely have unexpected problems such as: your Mix handmade 20D fans product is missing or there is a problem with your order, please contact us and KTV Lashes staff will fix the problem as soon  as possible.

We can help you print the brand logo name you want on KTV Lashes product packaging when purchasing 20D Mix-Length handmade lashes in large quantities. This means, you will receive your brand’s product packaging with each of your wholesale orders. Thank you to retail and wholesale customers who have always accompanied KTV Lashes during the past time. We are committed to bring you the best quality ready-made eyelash fans in the industry.

KTV Lashes supports customers 24/7

Experience in our mix Handmade 20D fan products, you will be satisfied with the handmade 20D lash fans made entirely by hand from our highly skilled staff. Using these pro-made 20D lash fans can help your customers have more creative and impressive eyelash extension styles.

KTV Lashes’ handmade lash fan products are the key to help you succeed, bringing the best eyelash extension results to customers, while also helping the eyelash extension technician’s work become easier and more effective.

KTV Lashes has staff on call 24/7 to help you answer questions about our products or other related eyelash extension issues. If you have any questions about our Mix 20D Promade fan product or are interested in the shipping and receiving process, please call us at hotline (+84) 942 3434 93, or you can text us via whatsapp at this phone number for the fastest and most specific answers. You can also email us at infoktvlashes@gmail.com. KTV Lashes is very happy and willing to support you in the most dedicated way!