We would like to introduce to our customers the latest collection of KTV Lashes: Color Lash Trays with a full range of fresh, unique colors that will help your eyelash extensions stand out and become more unique than ever. Our colour lash extensions in trays ensure absolute safety, say no to toxic substances and are 100% vegan. PBT eyelash material is imported directly from Korea with light softness, thin fibers, stable curl  and extremely color fastness.

What are Colour Lash Tray?

KTV Lash Factory Colored Lashes Strips

All colored eyelashes of KTV Lashes are made from top quality PBT material from Korea. Colour Lash Tray products created by KTV Lashes are very light weight, beautiful colors, making it easy to remove each lash fan from the strip with ease. Each of our coloured lash trays has up to 16 rows, with a variety of colors for customers to freely choose from such as: Coloured Mix Lash Trays contain up to 4 outstanding colors or Colored Single Lash Trays contain 01 unique color tone such as : Dark blue, Dark brown, Dark green, Dark pink, Dark Purple, Green Neon, Light blue, Light brown, Light green, Light Pink, Light Purple, Orange,… Depending on your customer’s preferences and eyelash extension needs and choose the most suitable Colour Lash Trays.

Outstanding advantages of Colour Lash Trays from KTV Lashes

– Color Lash Trays are color fastness, high quality: This is a line of individual eyelashes, the base has no glue, each box will have a corresponding size. Colour Lash Tray is made from high-quality materials and KTV Lashes’ highly skilled staff has created eyelash strips that are uniform in color and extremely durable.

– Variety of colors: KTV Lashes gives you many choices of eyelash colors. From Coloured Single Lash Trays to Coloured Mix Lash Trays. You can choose the color you want to buy right in the product ordering section.

– Thin, light and soft eyelashes: Our coloured eyelashes are super soft, light and extremely natural when applied to the customer’s real eyelashes, creating an extremely beautiful color effect that makes your eyelashes have a high aesthetic.

– Easy to use and styling: You can easily separate the number of eyelashes you want thanks to the base that is not stuck by glue, the eyelashes are easy to separate and do not break. In addition, you can also easily trim the lashes along the lash line to create the length you need. In particular, you can easily make up the eye without feeling uncomfortable or bothered by coloured eyelashes.

– Convenient plastic box design: Coloured Lash Trays contained in a high-quality, hygienic, transparent plastic box so you can see the eyelash color inside without having to open the box. In addition, the eyelash box also has the effect of preventing dust, the colored lashes are fixed in a tight and durable box to help keep the curl of the eyelashes extremely well.

– Careful packaging: KTV Lashes always checks each colored eyelash carefully before putting it in the box, to help customers have a perfect experience with our Colour Lash Tray product.

Detailed description of Colour Lash Trays by KTV Lashes

Mix Colored Lash Extensions No.3

– One Length Per Box: 5mm to 22mm (Coloured Single Lash Tray).

– Coloured Mix Lash Tray: Mix-length 8mm – 15mm

– Curl: C, CC, D, DD, L, M

– Thickness: 0.07mm Diameter

– Eyelash color classification: Dark blue lash trays, Dark brown lash trays, Dark green lash trays, Dark pink lash trays, Dark Purple lash trays, Green Neon lash trays, Light blue lash trays, Light brown lash trays, Light green lash trays , Light Pink lash trays, Light Purple lash trays, Orange lash trays, Orange Neon lash trays, Pink Neon lash trays, Red lash trays, White lash trays, Yellow lash trays, Mix color No.1, Mix color No.2, Mix color No.3, Mix color No.4, Mix color No.5 and Mix color No.6.

– 16 coloured eyelash strips/ 1 box.

– Suitable for eyelash extension styles: megavolume, Volume, Hybrid, baby doll, fairy wing style, katun, fishtail,…

– Coloured Lash Tray Details:

  • Diverse colors: dark, light, neon, two-tone
  • Durable color, quick glue absorption, making fans very easy
  • Soft and light

– Commitment from KTV Lashes:

  • The material made from Korean PBT
  • 100% Vegan
  • Latex-Free

Instructions for using Colour Lash Trays

  • Step 1: Remove the eyelash strip from the coloured eyelash tray
  • Step 2: Create colored eyelash fans by using tweezers to separate each eyelash fan from the colored eyelash strip.
  • Step 3: Dip it in glue and brush off excess glue.
  • Step 4: Then, attach each glued eyelash fan to the real eyelashes (attach the eyelashes next to or on top of the real eyelashes).

Color lash trays: 100% customer satisfaction guaranteed

If there is any problem with the Colour Lash Trays that you have purchased, please let us know at any time and our staff will help you fix the problem immediately. Because for KTV Lashes, customer satisfaction is our top priority. We must be responsible to protect all of our products to bring customers the best quality products.

KTV Lash Factory supports customers 24/7

If you have any questions about Colour Lash Trays products or are interested in the shipping and receiving process, please:

  • Call us immediately at Hotline (+84) 942 3434 93
  • You can text us via WhatsApp at this phone number for the fastest and most specific answers.
  • You can also email us at KTV Lashes is very happy and willing to support you in the most dedicated way!

KTV Lashes has a team of staff on duty 24/7 to support you every day, helping to answer related questions about our products or other issues related to the eyelash extension industry.