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13mm Lashes

13mm Lashes are an indispensable makeup accessory for women to help them have beautiful eyes and attractive eyes. With a length of 13mm, 13mm lashes create a natural and seductive feeling for the eyes, not only suitable for parties and special occasions but also very suitable for daily use. Let’s learn about 13mm lashes, classification and advantages of 13mm lashes!

What are 13mm lashes?

What Are 13mm Lashes

What are 13mm lashes? 13mm lashes are the size of false eyelashes. The 13mm parameter refers to the length of the eyelashes. This is a very popular eyelash size in false eyelash products. 13mm lashes help women create naturally beautiful eyes and attractive eyes.

What material are KTV Lashes’ 13mm lash extensions made from?

For 13mm lashes from KTV Lashes factory, they are made from high-quality PBT fiber imported from Korea, or made from silk eyelashes or soft, thin, light, durable and beautiful faux mink synthetic eyelashes. To bring customers the best quality 13mm lashes products. Therefore, you should learn about the details of KTV Lashes’ most popular 13mm lash materials below!

  1. PBT material imported from Korea: PBT (Polybutylene Terephthalate) is the most widely used eyelash material in the false eyelash manufacturing industry. This material is lightweight, soft and durable, helping false eyelashes have good elasticity and retain their original shape.
  2. Silk: In addition to PBT material, 13mm lashes can also be made from silk, a smooth and gentle natural fiber. Silk feels more natural and is very comfortable to use. However, silk lashes may be less durable and cost more than PBT.
  3. Synthetic mink material: This is a type of synthetic fiber material used to create false eyelashes with a structure similar to real mink fur. This material often has the same durability and properties as real mink fur, creating a soft and natural feel. However, synthetic mink may not be more durable than PBT or silk.

Therefore, choosing eyelash material depends on your personal preferences and requirements. Hopefully, the above analysis will help you choose the most suitable 13mm lash material.

Outstanding advantages of 13mm lashes

13mm lashes are highly durable

13mm Lashes Are Highly Durable

Thanks to the 13mm lashes made from high-quality PBT synthetic material, silk or faux mink fiber, it is highly durable. Therefore, it will not easily break, fall off or deform after a period of use. This helps the 13mm lashes maintain their original shape and curl, giving your eyes a natural and attractive look throughout long use.

13mm lashes are easy to use

You can completely easily create eyelash extension styles suitable for 13mm lashes such as volume, mega volume, classic, and hybrid eyelash extensions,… You can freely adjust the curvature of 13mm eyelashes such as 13mm d curl lashes, 13mm c curl lashes, cc curl, dd curl, l curl, m curl,… to create the most natural and harmonious eyes. In particular, attaching eyelashes with specialized glue is also very simple and removing eyelashes is also very quick and easy. So, if you are a beginner, don’t worry too much about applying your eyelashes or applying 13mm lash extensions at home.

13mm lash extensions are suitable for many eye shapes

With a moderate length of 13mm, it helps your eyes create a more natural and attractive feeling. This eyelash size is suitable for many different eye shapes, from small eyes and big eyes, to narrow eyes and fox eyes,… This brings flexibility in creating many beautiful eye shapes and makeup. Make your eyes more impressive, attracting the opposite person.

KTV Lashes’ 13mm lashes are the best sellers today

There are many types of 13mm eyelash extensions at the KTV LASH factory. Among them, there are 7 types of our best-selling 13mm lash extensions, let’s take a look!

1. Single Loose Premade Fan & Mix Loose 13mm lashes

2. Handmade fan 13mm lashes (Promade fans)

3. Colour lash tray 13mm

4. Volume Lashes 13mm Length & Classic lashes

5. Rapid Premade Fan & Mix Rapid 13mm Lashes

6. XL Book Premade Fan & Bold XL Book 13mm lashes

7. Narrow Fan XL Book 13mm length & Narrow Fan Bold XL Book

You can find 13mm lash fan models 3D, 4D, 5D,…, nD, suitable for your shopping needs at the KTV LASHES website.

Instructions for 13mm lash extensions for beginners

The following 5 simple steps will help the lash extensions beginners perform 13mm lash extensions in the simplest and easiest way:

1. Prepare the necessary tools for eyelash extensions

  • False eyelashes are 13mm long.
  • Eyelash extension glue.
  • Eyelash extension tweezers and eyelash separating/picking tweezers
  • Eyelash extension pads.

2. Wash and dry your hands to hold eyelashes and eyelash extension tools, ensuring the eyelash extension process is clean and safe.

3. Choose a lash fan or eyelash fiber with 13mm lash curl that matches your eye’s size and length

Instructions For 13mm Lash Extensions

4. Dip the 13mm lash root/13mm lash fan into specialized eyelash extension glue. Make sure the amount of glue is not too much to avoid smudging or drifting when applying eyelash extensions.

5. Use eyelash extension tweezers to place the false eyelash root on the real eyelash root, slowly connect the false eyelashes to the real eyelashes along the border, from inside to outside or from outside to inside. After the process of attaching false eyelashes to real eyelashes is finished, you will have attractive long, thick and curved eyelashes.

Important notes when applying 13mm lash extensions

– Make sure to place the false eyelashes in the correct position and direction according to your real eyelash line for the most natural results.

– Do not dip too much eyelash extension glue to avoid smudging or causing eye irritation.

– Check carefully after eyelash extensions to make sure the false eyelashes are tightly attached to the real eyelashes and are not loose or drifting.

– Avoid contact with water within 24 hours after eyelash extensions so that the glue dries completely and is more durable.

– If you are not confident or have difficulty applying eyelash extensions at home, you go to an eyelash salon or professional eyelash extension artist for assistance.

Where to buy quality 13mm lashes at the best price?

Buy Quality 13mm Lashes At The Best Price

The best option is that we can help you buy 13mm lashes with high quality and the best price is KTV LASHES – the most reputable brand in the market for false eyelashes. You can:

  1. Visit KTV LASHES website: Please refer to KTV LASHES official website to see ktveyelashfactory.com and detailed information about 13mm lashes.
  2. Direct discussion and consultation: Contact the consulting team of KTV LASHES for advice and questions about lashes 13mm products. KTV Lashes helps you recommend the products that suit your needs.
  3. Base on customer reviews: Read reviews from other users about KTV LASHES’ 13mm lashes product at the website https://ktveyelashfactory.com/ or fanpage https://www.facebook.com/ktvlashes to get an overview of the quality of the product.

In addition, you can also consult and compare prices at other false eyelash factories to choose a place that sells lash extensions 13mm with high quality and the best price. Hopefully, through this article introducing KTV Lashes’ 13mm lashes, materials and classification of 13mm lashes, it will help you better understand about this line of false eyelashes.