The best Premade lash fans in 2024 – New Trend

Lash Fan Trend

Lash fans have become a hot trend in the beauty industry. By combining eyelashes together to create perfect eyelashes, making your eyes more attractive and attractive. The rapid development of false eyelash production and abundant supply have changed the entire eyelash extension market, especially lash fans. Nowadays, there are not only factory lash fans, but there are also premade lash fans and hand-made lash fans (Promade/handmade) with extremely excellent quality. The year 2024 is expected with the appearance of the most advanced and convenient lash fan trends, giving women unique and modern beauty experiences for their eyes.

What is a lash fan?

What Is A Lash Fan

Lash fan is a term used in the eyelash extension industry to refer to a product created from combining many false eyelashes together. These eyelashes have the base gathered together with specialized glue, and spread out at the tip to look like a fan blade.

The process of creating individual lash fans can be done by using a tweezer technique to separate each eyelash cluster from an artificial eyelash strip (also known as Easy Fan Lashes), each eyelash strip will have a size of eyelash length and fixed eyelash thickness. After that, we will take the roots of the eyelashes in a bunch of eyelashes and dip them into specialized glue to create an eyelash root. Next, use heat technology to curl the eyelashes to a certain curvature. The result is creating lash fans with the expected thickness, curl and length. The lash fans will look thicker, longer and create a more natural feeling than real eyelashes. Lash fans are commonly used in the eyelash extension industry to make your eyes more attractive and attractive.

How fast are lash fans growing in popularity?

How Fast Are Lash Fans Growing In Popularity

Lash fans are quickly becoming popular in the eyelash beauty industry. This trend is spreading and is favored by many people, whether beauty professionals or customers. The combination of many eyelashes to create perfect eyelashes has created a special attraction for customers and their eyes.

In addition, false eyelash production technology is developing strongly, helping to meet the increasing demand of the market. Nowadays, there are not only traditional factory lash fans, but also premade and handmade lash fans (Promade/handmade) with excellent quality. This shows the diversity of products and diverse choices in using lash fans in accordance with different eyelash extension methods on the market.

With advances in false eyelash manufacturing technology and the ability to easily reach potential customers, it’s no surprise that false eyelashes are becoming a popular trend in the eyelash beauty industry.

TOP 10 most popular Hot Trend lash Fans products in 2024

Creating a perfectly symmetrical lash fan requires difficulty and takes a lot of time and effort to do. The process of creating lash fans requires attention to the length, weight and diameter of each lash, which requires care when creating each lash fan. To create perfect lash fans, eyelash artists have to use many techniques and spend a lot of time, which leaves them with less time to serve more customers.

Additionally, due to the growing popularity of colored lashes, many eyelash extension technicians are also requesting the use of pre-made different colored lash fans. Therefore, KTV Lashes has provided more than 10 types of Premade and Handmade lash fans below to help eyelash extension technicians save time and not have to create each lash fan themselves to apply eyelash extensions for customers.

With convenience and the ability to help eyelash extension technicians save time and effort, the types of lash fans below will definitely always be the best solution for eyelash extension technicians and become a trend. Eyelash extensions stand out in the coming years in the eyelash extensions market.

1. Dark Fans (Handmade Lash Fans)

The great combination of dark eyelashes will help create depth and impression for the eyes.

2. Colour Fans (Handmade Lash Fans)

With a variety of colors and creativity in eyelash extension styles, this colored lash fan will bring a striking look and personality to your eyelashes.

3. Single Loose Premade Fan (Premade lash fans)

Thin, light, soft eyelashes are combined to form a unique Loose Premade 2D, 3D, 4D, 5D,… nD lash fan that helps create natural thickness and curl for the eyelashes.

4. Mix Loose Premade Fan (Premade lash fans)

This eyelash extension product is a combination of lash fans of different lengths in the same eyelash box, making the process of creating an eyelash extension chart easier, and helping to create different, diverse eyelash extension effects and sophistication.

5. Single Rapid Premade Fan (Premade lash fans)

Rapid Premade lash fans are beautiful and fresh volume eyelash fans from 2D, 3D, 4D,… to nD, helping the eyelash extension process take place quickly and accurately, giving you thick, long and beautiful eyelashes with attractive curvature.

6. Mix Rapid Premade Fan (Premade lash fans)

The unique combination of Rapid Premade lashes in the same eyelash box, creating perfection and uniqueness for today’s popular eyelash extension styles such as cat eye eyelashes, fox eyelashes, K-Kim eyelashes, and baby Doll eyelashes….

7. Premade Fan Bold XL Book (Premade lash fans)

The number of premade Bold XL Book Fans is usually more than other lash fan products on the market. Each box usually has up to 40 eyelash lines, the number of eyelash fans is up to 2000 fans/box. Possessing the advantage of thick and dark eyelashes with attractive curvature and diverse sizes will help create attractive eyes and attract all eyes.

8. Premade Fan XL Book (Premade lash fans)

Unique and beautiful eyelashes that help highlight and create a natural feeling for the eyes. Depending on your preferences and type of eyelash extensions, you will achieve the desired double eyelash effect. Each eyelash box usually has 20 lash lines with 1000 premade lash fans, helping you apply eyelash extensions in the most convenient and easy way.

9. Narrow Fan Bold XL Book (Premade lash fans)

Narrow lash fans usually have a longer body and sharper base than the above volume eyelash fans. These types of narrow lash fans also come in many different sizes mixed together in one box, giving you the freedom to choose to suit your eyelash extension styles. Each Narrow Bold XL Book lash fan box also has a fairly large number of lash fans, up to 2000 lash fans and 40 lash lines in one box.

10. Narrow Fan XL Book (Premade lash fans)

Each box of Narrow Fan XL Book will have the same lash length, thickness and curl. The advantage of this type of lash fan is that the eyelashes are thin and beautiful, helping to create a gentle and natural look for the eyelashes.

Benefits of Lash fans in the Eyelash Beauty Industry

Benefits Of Lash Fans In The Eyelash Beauty Industry

Lash fans bring many significant benefits in the eyelash beauty industry.

  1. First of all: lash fans help save time for both artists and customers during the eyelash extension process. Creating symmetrical lash fans can take a lot of time and effort. But with existing eyelashes, the eyelash extension artist just needs to take and attach them directly to the customer’s natural eyelashes without having to waste time making the eyelashes from scratch. This helps increase working efficiency and can serve more customers in the same amount of time.
  2. Second, premade lashes always ensure uniformity and balanced spread. With the lash fans arranged into complete fans, it will help you no longer have difficulty adjusting the lash fans and help bring a more professional and attractive eyelash extension result to customers.
  3. Finally, lash fans bring diversity and creativity in the design of eyelash extensions. With available lash fans, eyelash extension artists can create many special eyelash extension designs and effects, such as fluorescent fan-shaped lashes or colored lash fans, and stone-studded lash fans,… This creates new and unique eyelash extension experiences for customers while enhancing the creativity of eyelash extension artists.

How to make the perfect lash fan?

How To Make The Perfect Lash Fan

To create a perfect lash fan, you need to follow these steps:

Step 1. Prepare eyelash extensions and necessary tools

You need to be ready with eyelash creation tools including lash extensions, lash adhesive, tweezers, and an eyelash tray or desk. In particular, you should choose eyelashes with thickness, length and curvature suitable for the eyelash extension type and eyelash extension method that the customer desires. The lashes should have the same color and material to form a uniform fan.

Step 2. Separate each lash cluster from the lashes

Use tweezers to separate each lash cluster from the lashes, so that you reach the desired number of eyelashes such as: 2D eyelashes (including 2 eyelashes), 3D eyelashes (including 3 eyelashes), 4D eyelashes, …, lash fan nD. Then, use tweezers to hold the base of the eyelashes tightly and spread the false eyelashes out into a fan shape.

Step 3. Dip the eyelashes into specialized glue

After using tweezers to separate the eyelashes from the eyelash line and create an even spread for the eyelashes, dip the base of the eyelashes in specialized glue and remove excess glue. Wait a few seconds for the glue to dry completely, so you have created a complete lash fan. Continue, create other lash fans following steps 1, 2 and 3.

Step 4. Organize and store the created lash fans

A lash fan is created, you can apply it directly to the real lashes with eyelash extension glue. Or you can store these lash fans in an eyelash tray, to support eyelash extensions for your future customers, helping you save time and quickly achieve the desired results.

How to use a lash fan?

How To Use A Lash Fan

Once the lash fan has been created, dip that lash fan in specialized glue, remove excess glue and then apply gently to each real eyelash root. Note, connect the lash fan to the real eyelash but do not let it touch the eyelid skin. Continue applying each lash fan to each natural eyelash until you achieve the desired eyelash thickness and eyelash extension style.

After attaching the lash fan to your natural eyelashes, use eyelash extension tweezers to correct the position and shape of the misaligned or faulty lash fans or too thick lash fans,…. Make sure the lashes look even and beautiful.

Instructions on how to choose the right premade lash fan

To choose the best premade lash fan, there are several factors you need to consider!

Method 1: Suitable for eyelash extension needs and preferences

Suitable For Eyelash Extension Needs And Preferences

  • If you want natural eyelashes that don’t stand out too much, you should choose eyelashes with a short base and few lashes like 2D or 3D eyelashes.
  • If you want to have naturally thick and outstanding eyelashes, you can use volume 5D and 6D eyelash fans to create a fuller eyelash style. This helps create thickness for the lashes without needing too many eyelash extensions.
  • If you want to create dramatic definition and add strength to existing lashes, you can use megavolume 7D, 8D lash fans. This helps create the effect of thicker and more attractive eyelashes.
  • If you want to create a special and unique look, you can use 10D, 12D, 15D,… This is a style of eyelash extensions that has been favored and most used by celebrities and influencers. This type of lash fan is also very suitable for occasions such as: parties requiring elaborate makeup, or masquerade festivals,…

Choosing which type of premade lash fan will depend on each person’s personal preference and purpose of use. You need to consider factors such as thickness, length, diameter and natural eyelash condition to choose the most suitable type of lash fan for you. Otherwise, the final eyelash extension result may not be as expected and may harm your natural eyelashes. If you are unsure, it is best to seek advice from a skilled eyelash extension artist and get the procedure done in the safest and most effective way.

Method 2: Suitable for eyelash extension methods

Suitable For Eyelash Extension Methods

To choose the right lash fan for eyelash extension methods, we can follow these instructions:

Volume eyelash extension method

To effectively achieve volume eyelash extensions that are full, natural and attractive, you should use eyelash extensions from 2D to 6D. You should choose lash fans with a thickness of 0.03mm to 0.05mm, a length of 7mm to 14mm, and curvature of C or D curls.

Mega volume eyelash extension method

For the mega volume eyelash extension method to create thick, bold and sharp eyelashes, you should use a lash fan of 7D or higher. You should choose lash fans with thickness from 0.07mm to 0.10mm, length from 10mm to 20mm, and curvature C, CC or D curls.

Hybrid eyelash extension method

This is an eyelash extension technique that combines two eyelash extension methods: the classic eyelash extension method (1 eyelash extension for 1 real eyelash) and the volume eyelash extension method (1 eyelash extension for 1 real eyelash). You should choose lash fans from 2D to 6D, with thickness from 0.03mm to 0.05mm, length from 7mm to 14mm, and curvature C or D curls. This eyelash extension method helps you create naturally beautiful, attractive eyes without being too sharp.

Wispy eyelash extension method

Eyelash extensions using this method helps you create wet and cute eyes. Divide your eyelashes into 2 layers, each layer will have a different eyelash extension method. Layer 1: you should choose fan volume from 2D to 6D, with thickness from 0.03mm to 0.05mm, length from 7mm to 14mm, and curvature C or D curls. Layer 2: you should create 7 to 10 spikes (pillars) to create a highlight for your wet eyes. Usually these eyelash pillars will be 2 – 4mm longer than the length of the eyelash extensions in layer 1, you should choose the length of the eyelashes from 10mm to 20mm. And the thickness should be chosen from 0.07mm to 0.10mm, C, CC or D curls.

In both eyelash extension methods, the thickness and length of the lash fan depends on the thickness and length of the customer’s natural eyelashes.

Where can I buy a lash fan?

Where Can I Buy A Lash Fan

This is a question that many people are interested in, please refer to the information below to help you find a place to buy quality lash fans at the best prices today

  1. Cosmetic stores and spas: Cosmetic stores and spas often carry products related to eyelash extensions and include lash fans. These locations will bring you convenience for shopping and checking quality directly before deciding to buy the product.
  2. Online shopping sites: There are many websites that specialize in selling beauty products, including lash fans. Online shopping can provide product variety and convenience in ordering online. You can refer to premade lash fan products and handmade lash fan products at the KTV Lashes website: This is one of the number 1 eyelash extension manufacturers in Vietnam, with diverse product designs, cheap prices but extremely good quality, you can experience KTV Lashes products for your eyelash extensions business.
  3. Official distributor: If you want to buy lash fan products from reliable and genuine manufacturers, you can find official distributors of reputable lash fan brands in the market. Visit the manufacturer’s website to learn about distribution partners.
  4. Bulk eyelash extension suppliers: If you are an eyelash artist and want to buy lash fans for eyelash extension work, you can learn about the suppliers eyelash extensions or companies specializing in providing eyelash extension tools and products for this field. Don’t miss our eyelash extension supplier KTV Lashes.

Note that purchasing lash fans should be based on the reliability of the supply and the quality of the product. You should consult experts or experienced people before purchasing.

Why should you buy lash fans at the KTV Lashes factory?

Why Should You Buy Lash Fans At The Ktv Lashes Factory

  • Guaranteed product quality: KTV Lashes factory specializes in manufacturing and supplying lash fan products, from factory lash fans, premade lash fans to handmade/promade lash fans, handmade colored lash fans,… With advanced production technology and experience, highly skilled technicians, the factory ensures to bring the best high quality eyelash extension products to the eyelash extension market. The materials and designs of each KTV Lashes lash fan are carefully and delicately crafted, to meet all eyelash artists’ requirements and help them bring the best eyelash extension results to customers.
  • Variety and reliability: KTV Lashes factory offers a wide range of lash fans in a variety of sizes, colors and thicknesses. This allows eyelash artists and customers to choose products that suit their eyelash extension desires and style. KTV Lashes’ lash fan product lines are always reliable and meet the highest quality standards  on the current eyelash extension market.
  • 24/7 customer support service: KTV Lashes is committed to bringing a great purchasing experience to customers. The factory provides enthusiastic customer support and consulting services, answering questions about products and instructions for use. Customers can trust and feel secure when buying lash fan products from KTV Lashes.
  • Competitive prices: Despite the premium product quality, KTV Lashes still offers very competitive prices. The factory understands that purchasing products is an important factor for customers, therefore, reasonable and competitive prices ensure satisfaction and economic benefits for each customer.

With the above highlights, it is not difficult to understand why you should invest in purchasing lash fan products at KTV Lashes factory. Quality, diverse, reliable products and dedicated support services will bring the best experience to eyelash artists and customers.


2024 is an exciting time for the beauty and eyelash extension industry. And this eyelash extension trend will continue to be hot when new, creative, unique and different types of eyelash extensions appear. With advances in technology and false eyelash shaping techniques, manufacturers have introduced the highest quality lash fans to the market, providing convenience and the ability to create excellent eyelash extension results for eyelash artists and clients to use.

KTV Lashes Factory, a leading manufacturer in the eyelash extension industry, our available lash fan products have received attention and are highly appreciated in the eyelash beauty community. The combination of outstanding quality and variety of colors, sizes and thicknesses has made these lash fans a new trend in recent years and 2024 in particular will be the year that we create many types of new, high-end and convenient lash fans. Bringing eyelash extension artists and customers the most beautiful eyelash extensions.

However, not only KTV Lashes, there are many other manufacturers who have also launched lash fans that are of good quality and highly appreciated by users. Choosing the right lash fans for your needs and goals will help eyelash artists and customers enjoy the benefits of this new trend.

With the continuous development of the eyelash beauty industry, there is no limit to creativity and quality improvement. From using existing lash fans, we can hope for new trends and breakthrough products in the future, bringing beauty and confidence to everyone’s eyes. Let’s welcome new developments and explore together the wonderful things that eyelash extension technology brings.