5D Lashes: Classification & 02 most beautiful 5D lash extension styles

5d Lashes

On the path to create perfect beauty, eyes always occupy an important position, like windows opening to our souls. 5D Lashes, like a miracle of beauty art, have quickly become an indispensable beauty secret for modern women. However, among the wide range of 5D Lashes and diverse styles of eyelash extensions, how can we choose the most beautiful 5D lash extension techniques and styles?

In this article, we will explore the complex world of 5D Lash Extensions, from classifying the types of 5D Lashes to discovering the two most beautiful eyelash extension styles today. Let’s immerse yourself in the wonderful space of eye beauty and learn how to choose 5D Lashes to highlight the charm of your eyes.

What are 5D Lashes?

What Are 5d Lashes

5D Lashes, a new step in the world of beautiful eyelashes, are a significant upgrade from the familiar 4d lashes to 5D Lashes. Known for its uniqueness and diversity, 5D Lashes not only retain outstanding features such as creating depth, curl, thickness and color from 4D Lashes, but also bring new experiences by combining up to 5 eyelashes on 1 lash fan helps create a 5D lash effect for extremely attractive eyes.

5D Lashes, also known as 5D lash fans, is not just simply grafting the eyelash roots of 05 eyelashes together, but also a feat in adjusting every smallest detail on each lash fan. From eyelash length, curvature, thickness to color, fan extension,… each element is made to the right standards to create 5D lash fans with the best and uniform quality. 5D Lash Extensions help the eyes not only become more attractive but also reflect the elegance and charisma of a woman.

The most popular types of 5D Lashes today

Normally, eyelash extension factories will classify eyelash types based on the material used to make false eyelashes, which will help you have a clear view of the diversity and advantages of each type of eyelash. Similarly, join KTV Lashes to classify the most popular types of 5D Lashes today:

5D Lashes made from PBT Synthetic fiber

  • Features: Durable, light and soft.
  • Advantages: Creates natural 5D Lashes, easy to use when applying eyelash extensions.
  • Benefits: Flexibility and realism, reflecting the natural beauty of eyelash extensions.

5D Lashes made from mink hair

  • Characteristics: Soft and smooth.
  • Advantages: Natural effect, similar to natural eyelashes.
  • Benefits: Creates softness and lightness, bringing confidence to the eyes.

5D Lashes from faux mink fiber

  • Characteristics: Diverse in curvature, thickness, and length.
  • Advantages: Flexibility in product selection.
  • Benefits: Ability to meet customers’ needs, styles and eyelash extension preferences.

5D Lashes made from natural Silk/Silk fibers (Silk lashes)

  • Features: Soft, thin, light material.
  • Advantages: Shiny and smooth.
  • Benefits: Helps create the most beautiful and natural eye effect.
  • Disadvantage: After using eyelash extensions for a time, the lash curl can no longer maintain its original form as long as it was before.

All of the above 5D Lashes bring diversity, quality and convenience to users. The combination of materials and diversity of curvature, thickness, and length characteristics will help create the rich 5D lash products, suitable for all customer needs and desires.

#02 hottest 5D lash extension styles currently

02 Hottest 5d Lash Extension Styles

Currently, 5D volume lashes and 5D hybrid lashes are considered two HOT eyelash extension styles in the beauty market.

5D volume lash extension style

The style of 5D volume lashes is characterized by a variety of lengths, curls, thicknesses and colors. With this method, the eyes become more attractive with a depth effect. With the use of soft and natural 5D lash fans, the 5D volume lashes style brings natural beauty and comfort to the lashes.

5D hybrid lash extensions style

The 5D hybrid lash extensions style is a delicate blend of the classic lash extension style and the 5D volume lash extensions style. Using both classic lashes and 5D volume lashes, this style of eyelash extensions creates a natural and seductive look for the eyes. The mixed effect of two different types of eyelashes will give the eyelashes different thicknesses and shapes, creating the eyes that are both natural and attractive.

Thanks to the unique features of 5D Lash Extensions, 5D volume lashes and 5D hybrid lashes are the two most popular options to help create charm for the eyes.

Instructions on how to apply 5D Lashes in the simplest way for beginners

Step 1: Clean your eyelids and eye skin

Clean Your Eyelids And Eye Skin

Use gentle makeup remover to clean your eyelids and eye skin. Remove all grease and dirt from the eyelids and eye skin to create favorable conditions for the eyelash extension process to take place to ensure hygiene and safety.

Step 2: Prepare 5D Lashes and necessary tools for eyelash extensions

  • First, check whether the curl, length and thickness of 5D Lashes match the type of eyelashes you or the customer requested. Depending on the eye shape, real eyelashes and the wishes of you or your customers, you can advise them to choose 5D Lashes with the appropriate curl, thickness and length.
  • Second, make sure the 5D lash fans should have the same size, curvature, and thickness to create a natural and uniform eyelash effect.
  • Third: Don’t forget to prepare the necessary tools for the 5D lash extension process: eyelash tweezers, eyelash separator tweezers, lower eyelash pads, specialized eyelash glue, cotton swabs, makeup remover cotton,….

Step 3. Proceed with eyelash extensions

How To Apply 5d Lashes

  • Take the 5D lash fan: Use eyelash extension tweezers to remove each 5D lash fan from the eyelash line/eyelash box (can take out enough eyelashes to use).
  • Then, dip the 5D lash fan base into the eyelash glue: Use eyelash tweezers, pick up the 5D lash fan body and dip the 5D lash fan base into the glue, then remove the excess glue.
  • Proceed to connect each 5D lash fan and each real eyelash: Connect the glue-dipped 5D lash fan to the real eyelashes carefully and accurately.

Step 4. Check and adjust

  • Check each step of eyelash extensions to ensure the eyelash extensions are even and most natural.
  • Adjust thickness: You can increase or decrease the number of 5D lash fans if necessary to achieve the desired thickness for the eyelash extensions.

Step 5. Finish the 5D lash extension process

  • Check carefully to make sure there are no leftover 5D Lashes or glue left around the eyes.
  • Cleaning and finishing: Clean eye skin and eyelashes after completing the eyelash extension process.

Note: The 5D Lash Extensions process requires professional techniques and skills. To achieve the best results and avoid risks, you should seek professional eyelash extensions with experience and careful training. Don’t hesitate to ask more questions and consult your eyelash artist when you’re just starting.

What should you keep in mind before and after 5D Lash Extensions?

Note Before and After Applying 5d Lashes

Before applying 5D Lashes, you should note:

  • Clean your eyes: Use a gentle makeup remover to clean your eyelids and the skin around your eyes.
  • Check your real eyelashes and eye skin: Check to see if you have any problems with your eyes or surrounding skin, like acne or skin irritation. If there are any problems, seek professional advice.
  • Choose the appropriate type of eyelash extensions: Depending on the eyelash style and eyelash extension style, choose 5D Lashes with the appropriate curl, thickness and length.

After applying 5D Lashes, please note:

  • Avoid contact with water: Avoid contact with water for at least 24 hours after eyelash extensions so that the glue is dry and the eyelashes can be more tight to the real eyelashes.
  • Avoid touching your eyelids: Avoid touching your eyelids and the area around your eyes to avoid dropping your eyelash extensions or negatively impacting the eyelash extension process.
  • Do not use heated eyelash curlers: Avoid using heat-generating beauty machines such as electric eyelash curlers, dryers,… near the eye area, because the temperature can affect the glue.
  • Do not rub your eyes: Avoid rubbing your eyes, especially in the first days after eyelash extensions to avoid damaging newly connected eyelashes.
  • Avoid humid environments: Avoid exposure to humid environments for about 24 hours after eyelash extensions to lose the glue.
  • Do not use oily cosmetics around the eyes: Avoid using oily cosmetics around the eye area to avoid reducing the adhesion of the glue.
  • Watch for any signs of irritation: If there are any signs of irritation such as redness, swelling, or itching, seek professional advice and see your doctor. Remember, if you get any problems after getting eyelash extensions, contact an expert or eyelash extensionist for advice and answers.

Some Best-selling 5D lash extension models from KTV Lashes

Single Loose Premade Fan 5D

Single Loose Premade Fan 5d

Mix Loose Premade Fan 5D

Mix Loose Premade Fan 5d

Single Rapid Premade Fan 5D

Single Rapid Premade Fan 5d

Mix Rapid Premade Fan 5D

Mix Rapid Premade Fan 5d

Premade Fan XL Book 5D

Premade Fan Xl Book 5d

Premade Fan Bold XL Book 5D

Premade Fan Bold Xl Book 5d

Narrow Fan XL Book 5D

Narrow Fan Xl Book 5d

Narrow Fan Bold XL Book 5D

Narrow Fan Bold Xl Book 5d

Why should you buy 5D Lashes at the KTV Lashes factory?

To ensure the best quality and experience for 5D Lash Extensions, choosing to buy 5D Lashes from a reputable and professional lash manufacturer is extremely important. Here are some reasons that you should buy 5D Lashes at KTV Lashes factory may be a good choice:

Quality guaranteed

KTV Lashes factory specializes in producing eyelash extensions with high-quality materials. Eyelash extension products are thoroughly tested to ensure they meet the highest safety and beauty standards.

Diverse materials

KTV Lashes provides many different types of eyelash materials, from PBT synthetic 100% imported from Korea, mink fur, faux mink fiber to silk eyelashes,… This brings diversity for users to choose according to personal needs and desires.

Advanced eyelash production technology

This factory uses advanced lash manufacturing techniques, ensuring that the final product is the result of hard work and sophistication in the manufacturing process as well as being made by the hands of experienced technicians.

High-quality product value

Why Should You Buy 5d Lashes At The Ktv Lashes

KTV Lashes provides product value and commitment to high quality on the market and brings customer satisfaction with quality and competitive prices.

Professional consulting

KTV Lashes eyelash extension factory has a team of highly skilled experts and technicians who can provide professional advice and support you in product selection as well as the most advanced eyelash extension techniques today.

Attractive after-sales service

KTV Lashes regularly provides after-sales service, product warranty and answers all customer questions after purchase.

Prestige in the eyelash extensions market

If KTV Lashes has a good reputation in the eyelash extensions market, this shows that the KTV Lashes factory has gained the trust of thousands of customers around the world and is a reliable address for you to buy eyelash extensions as well as professional eyelash extension tools.


With a focus on materials and safety, KTV Lashes’ 5D Lash Extensions are made from high-quality materials such as PBT synthetic fibers, faux mink fibers, high-quality silk fibers and mink fibers. This ensures that the product is not only beautiful but also safe and does not cause skin irritation.

Not only serving customers’ diverse eyelash extension needs, KTV Lashes is also proud of the results before and after eyelash extensions. The product brings a classy, natural and attractive effect to your eyes, creating confidence and attracting the eyes of everyone around you.

With the goal of bringing confidence and satisfaction to customers, KTV Lashes has become the place selling the best quality 5D Lashes today. Not only proud of product quality, KTV Lashes is also famous for its extremely attractive price policies and incentives. This helps customers save a lot of costs while still ensuring the best product quality. Let KTV Lashes accompany you and your customers’ beautiful eyes, helping them become more beautiful and attractive every day!