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4d Lashes Extensions

Entering the modern beauty world, you will be surprised with the constant development of beauty services, where every small detail on the face can make a huge difference. In the current era, 4D Lashes have become a familiar beauty trend for women, bringing them exciting experiences with beautiful and extremely attractive eyes.

In the eyelash extension market, price is not only an important factor but also a criterion to evaluate the quality of 4D Lashes products. As for KTV LASHES, we are proud to be the 4D Lashes brand that offers premium 4D volume lashes products at incredibly cheap prices. This not only creates an opportunity for everyone to test the perfection of lashes 4D, but also lays the foundation for a new standard in product quality and value.

What are 4D Lashes?

What Are 4d Lashes

4D Lashes are a great beauty product in the field of eye makeup, different from 3d lashes, it brings a more profound and attractive eye effect through combining 04 eyelashes and creating diversity in length, curvature, thickness and color of 4D Lashes.

How to make 4D Lashes?

The technique of creating 4D Lashes, also known as 4D lash fan, is not only limited to gluing 04 lashes together at the base of the eyelashes, but also focuses on the sophistication in combining thickness, curl, eyelash length,… to create attractive and sophisticated eyes. The harmonious combination of connecting each 4D lash fan to each real eyelash will certainly become a popular beauty experience for women, where confidence is enhanced through natural and impressive beauty of the eyes.

What material are KTV Lashes’ 4D Lashes made from?

  1. PBT synthetic fiber imported from Korea: This material is a high-end synthetic fiber, produced from PBT fiber. PBT fiber has durable, light and soft properties, helping to create natural 4D Lashes and is easy to use when applying eyelash extensions.
  2. Mink lashes: Mink fur is often used in the beauty industry to create mink lashes. Mink fur has the advantage of being soft and smooth, similar to natural eyelashes, so it helps create a natural effect for the eyelashes.
  3. Faux mink fiber: This is an artificial fiber designed to resemble mink fur. Faux mink fiber also has soft and smooth properties, varying curvature, thickness and length, which will help create 4D Lash Extensions with many product classifications, helping customers to be more diverse in their choices.
  4. Silk lashes: Sometimes, 4D Lashes can also be made from natural silk fibers, a high-quality and soft material. Silk fibers give 4D Lashes shine and smoothness, helping to create a beautiful and natural eye effect.

All of the above materials are used to create beautiful, durable and easy-to-use 4D Lashes products. The combination of these materials and the variety of thickness, length and curl helps customers have many choices to suit their needs, preferences and eyelash extension styles.

Best selling Premium 4D Lashes at KTV Lashes

1. Single Loose Premade Fan Lashes 4D

Single Loose Premade Fan 4d

2. 4D Lashes Mix Loose Premade Fan

Mix Loose Premade Fan 4d

3. Single Rapid Premade Fan 4D

single Rapid 4d premade fan lashes

4. Mix Rapid Premade Fan Lashes 4D

Mix Rapid Premade Fan Lashes 4d

5. 4D Lashes Premade Fan XL Book

Premade Fan Bold Xl Book 4d

6. 4D Lashes Premade Fan Bold XL Book

Mix XL Bold Book Premade Fan 4d

7. Narrow Premade Fan XL Book 4D Lashes Extensions

Narrow Lashes Xl Tray 4dd

8. Narrow Premade Fan XL Bold Book 4D Lashes Extensions

Narrow Premade Fan Xl Bold Book 4d Lashes

4 Reasons to buy 4D Lashes from KTV Lashes brand

1. Competitive price – Attractive offers

KTV Lashes provides a variety of 4D Lashes products at the most competitive prices on the current market, aiming to create opportunities for customers to access high-quality products while still saving on purchasing costs.

In addition, many attractive incentive programs such as discounts, gifts, or flexible return policies also help customers have convenient and memorable shopping experiences.

2. High quality 4D lash extensions – Absolutely safe

PBT synthetic fiber imported from Korea is the main material that KTV Lashes factory uses to create 4D Lash extensions, ensuring the best quality and absolute safety for users. In addition, we also have 4D silk lashes, 4D  mink lashes. These are the 4D Lashes that are most loved by the customers at KTV Lashes.

The careful selection of materials also demonstrates KTV Lashes’ commitment to high quality and special care from the purchasing and shipping process of products to customers.

3. Simple and fast ordering and delivery process

The ordering process at KTV Lashes is optimized, helping customers save time and effort when shopping. Our fast and efficient delivery service is committed to ensuring customers receive products safely and on time.

4. 100% Agents and Customers are satisfied with KTV Lashes

4 Reasons To Buy 4d Lashes

The satisfaction of agents and customers is the clearest reflection of the quality and service of KTV Lashes. This creates strong trust and makes every customer motivated to choose our products when shopping for 4D Lashes.

KTV Lashes factory not only focuses on providing quality products but also focuses on customers’ shopping experience. The delicate combination of economic value, product quality, convenient delivery service, and satisfaction of agents and customers are the important factors that make 4D Lashes product lines at KTV Lashes have become the preferred choice in the market.


In the eyelash market, KTV Lashes’ 4D  lashes are not just a simple product, but a symbol of perfection and class. With the best selling price today, especially when combined with attractive incentives, our 4D Lashes Extensions not only open the door to class but are also the key to open an exquisite beauty journey for all of you.

KTV Lashes not only brings confident and attractive beauty to the eyes, but is also a source of inspiration to help eyelash extensions become a work of art. With the cheapest guaranteed price, KTV Lashes not only creates opportunities for everyone to experience perfection but is also a reliable partner for those who love prestige and quality beauty.

Let KTV Lashes’ 4D Lashes be your companion on the eyelash extension beauty path, where value is not just number, but quality and level creating beautiful eyes that last over time.