What is the best type of 20mm Lashes to buy today? Consulting from A-Z

20mm Lashes

There is a saying that: “The eyes are the windows of the soul”. And nothing accentuates the eyes more than a pair of long, curled, attractive eyelashes. If you are looking to change your color, 20mm lashes are the perfect choice. Long and thick eyelashes will enhance the beauty of your eyes and attract attention from others. If you want to know more about 20mm lashes and how they can help transform your appearance, continue to learn more about the useful information below!

What does 20mm lashes mean?

What Does 20mm Lashes Mean

How long are 20mm lashes? Lashes 20mm  are false eyelashes with a length of 20mm. This is one of the longest eyelashes that can be used to beautify the eyes.

With this 20mm length lashes give you a seductive, iconic and extremely personal look, helping to create outstanding and attractive eye beauty. These 20mm lashes are often added to each individual strand or eyelash fan and attached to real eyelashes with specialized eyelash glue. The 20mm lashes on the eye can create a curled and thick eyelash effect, helping to enhance the pink beauty of the eyes. Whether you want to completely transform your look or just want to try a new lash length, 20mm thick lashes are a great choice to highlight your eyes.

Outstanding advantages of 20mm lashes

Outstanding Advantages Of 20mm Lashes

– 20mm lashes have an especially impressive length of 20mm, creating a thicker and longer feeling than other sizes of eyelashes but still maintaining a commercial, natural feeling for the eyes.

– With lash extensions 20mm, you can create a seductive and attractive look at first sight. The eyes will become enchanting and have great attraction to the opposite person.

– Suitable for many makeup styles: 20mm fluffy lashes can fit many different makeup styles. You can use them on special occasions like weddings, birthdays, graduations or even in everyday life to create a beautiful and personalized look.

– Easy to use and store: 20mm lashes can be easily inserted and removed safely. They can also be easily managed and reused more than once if you know how to manage and care for your eyelashes properly.

The best 20mm lashes today

1. 20mm Synthetic fiber eyelashes

The TOP 1 best-selling eyelash material in the genuine market today is eyelashes made from high-quality PBT synthetic fiber imported 100% from Korea. With a length of 20mm, these eyelashes create surprising thickness and length, making your eyes look more unique and attractive to others.

20mm synthetic lashes often have a structure so similar to real eyelashes that they are difficult to distinguish. This helps create naturally beautiful and attractive eyes, while still providing a comfortable and gentle feeling when applying eyelash extensions.

The 20mm synthetic lashes are also very durable and waterproof thanks to the high-quality fiber. You can comfortably come into contact with water without worrying about damaged eyelashes, easy to preserve and care for.

The biggest advantage of 20mm premium PBT synthetic fiber lashes is the ability to adjust and change. You can easily add and remove them, as well as freely adjust the style and thickness of the fur to your preference.

2. 20mm Mink lashes

20mm mink lashes made from mink fur always retain the most natural and softness of mink fur material. Because mink lashes have a structure quite similar to real eyelashes, it helps create a natural look and does not cause discomfort or eye strain.

The biggest advantage of mink lashes 20mm is their thickness and length, which helps create many full, attractive eye shapes and brightens the eyes. This is the 20mm lashes product that is popularly chosen for those who wish to have larger eyes and thicker eyelashes.

In addition, 20mm mink lashes are also quite durable and water resistant. This allows you to participate in outdoor activities and be exposed to water without worrying about your eyelashes drifting off or storming.

3. 20mm Faux mink lashes

20mm faux mink lashes are a type of false eyelashes made from synthetic material, creating a silky and natural effect like real mink lashes. The eyelashes are arranged meticulously, evenly and especially with a length of 20mm, faux mink lashes help create the effect of super thick and super long eyelashes, helping the eyes become more beautiful and attractive.

The strength of this product is the ability to create a variety of curvatures from C, CC, D, DD, L, M,… and when applying eyelash extensions, it does not cause discomfort to real eyelashes.

4. 20mm Silk lashes

Finally, among the best-selling 20mm lashes today, silk eyelashes cannot be missing. This is also a type of false eyelashes made from super light and soft silk fibers. They are designed to add thickness and length to natural lashes, helping to create a sparkling and attractive eye effect.

The advantage of silk lashes is that they are designed with many layers of fibers to create a soft, smooth feel and thickness, similar to real eyelashes. With 20mm silk lashes, it will help you create gentle eyes and attract others at first sight.

When using 20mm silk lashes, you need to be careful to ensure that they look natural and that the lashes do not fall out. This 20mm lashes product usually comes with its own glue or you can use specialized eyelash glue to attach the eyelashes.

Top 7 best-selling 20mm lashes lines at KTV Lashes

Volume Lashes and Classic Lashes 19mm

Handmade fans lash 19mm (Promade fan)

Single Loose & Mix Loose Premade fan lashes 19mm

Single Rapid & Mix Rapid Premade Fan Lashes 19mm

19mm Lashes XL Book & Bold XL Book Premade fan

Colour lash tray 19mm

How to use 20mm lash extensions

Method 1: Apply 20mm lashes directly at home

Apply 20mm Lashes Directly At Home

Step 1. Preparation

  • Wash your hands
  • Prepare 20 mm lashes, eyelash glue, and eyelash extension tweezers.

Step 2. Apply glue

Take a small amount of glue on a clean flat surface such as a small plate or compact container, depending on your preference.

  • Use pointed eyelash separator tweezers to pick up each lash or each 20mm lash fan. Then, use eyelash extension tweezers to pick up the lash/lash fan, dip it in a sufficient amount of glue and brush off the excess glue (be careful not to use too much glue, because it can create a heavy and uncomfortable feeling for the eyes).

Step 3. Attach 20mm lashes to real eyelashes

  • Use eyelash extension tweezers to take each false eyelash (dipped in glue) and attach it to each real eyelash.
  • Gently and carefully place the false eyelashes on the real eyelashes from top to bottom, inside out (or outside in) making sure they do not touch the surface of the eye.
  • After applying each false eyelash to your real eyelashes, wait a short period of time (2 – 3 seconds) for the glue to dry and the false eyelashes will adhere tightly to the real eyelashes. And continue to connect each other lash/lash fan until the pair of eyelash extensions is completed.

Step 4. Check and adjust

  • Carefully check the eyelash extension process to ensure the false eyelashes are applied most accurately and naturally.
  • After the glue is completely dry, you can adjust the false eyelashes if necessary to ensure they are properly positioned and evenly spaced.

Note: Applying false eyelashes with glue may require some time and technique. If you are unfamiliar with this process, it may take practice to get better at it. Be careful and do not apply the eyelashes too close to the eye, to avoid damaging the eye or eye skin.

Method 2: Use eyelash extension technique to apply 20mm lash extensions to customers

Apply 20mm Lash Extensions To Customers

Step 1. Preparation

  • Choose a set of soft 20mm lashes/fans of good quality.
  • Prepare necessary eyelash extension tools such as: eyelash extension glue, eyelash separator tweezers, eyelash extension tweezers, eyelash pads, cotton swabs, soft paper,…
  • Check the condition and health of the customer’s real eyelashes to ensure there is no irritation to the eyelash material or eyelash glue.

Step 2. Perform eyelash extensions

  • Clean your real eyelashes with a sponge and cleaning solution to ensure your eyelashes are dry and clean before starting the process.
  • Choose 20mm lash extensions with appropriate curvature and thickness. Make sure the false eyelashes create the desired eyelash effect. Use an eyelash separator tweezer  to remove each 20mm lash/lash fan from the box.
  • Dip the false eyelashes into a small amount of glue, not too thick, just the right amount.
  • Using the eyelash extension technique, use eyelash tweezers to grasp the body of a lash fan/lash, then attach the eyelash root to the real eyelash, avoiding contact with the eyelid skin. Apply eyelash extensions from the root to the tip, leaving a certain distance between lash extensions.
  • Continue connecting all remaining lashes/lashes until the desired thickness and length is achieved.
  • Let the glue dry naturally for the specified time of 30 minutes – 1 hour before allowing the customer to open their eyes to ensure the eyelashes are complete and do not fall off.

Step 3. Check and adjust

  • Carefully check the pair of eyelashes that have just been applied, to ensure that the eyelashes are connected accurately and beautifully without falling off.
  • Adjust the lashes/fans if necessary to ensure uniformity and help the eyes look more natural.

Note: The eyelash extension process is a technique that requires experience, so choose someone with professional eyelash extension skills and expertise to achieve the beautiful eyelash extensions you desire.

Instructions on how to preserve 20mm lash extensions for the most durable and beautiful appearance

How To Preserve 20mm Lash Extensions

– After applying 20mm volume lash extensions, it takes time for the glue to completely dry. Avoid contact with water for at least 1-2 days after completing the eyelash extension procedure. Because water can cause the adhesive to soften and the lashes may fall off.

– Use an oil-free makeup remover and wipe gently to avoid melting the glue and causing eyelash extensions to fall off.

– Avoid using direct heat on eyelash extensions, such as hair dryers or heated eyelash curlers. Because they can cause the adhesive to soften and damage the extensions and cause them to fall out or break.

– Limit the use of thick makeup products, which can weigh down your eyelashes and cause eye strain. If needed, apply a small amount of mascara and gently apply it to the eyelash extensions.

– Avoid direct contact with the eyelash extensions with your hand or any other object, avoid pulling the eyelash extensions too hard, etc. This may cause the eyelashes to deform or fall apart.

– Periodically check your eyelash extensions to maintain and renew your eyelash extensions and ensure your eyelash extensions are always beautiful.

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