19mm Lashes: High Quality & Best Price on The Market

19mm Lashes

In the current beauty market, finding quality eyelashes with a length of 19mm and a reasonable price can be a challenge for many of you. But let’s start your beautiful, confident journey with shiny and attractive eyes, with high-quality 19mm lashes at the best price at KTV Lashes. This is not only a beauty eyelash extension, but also the key to unlocking the door to your exquisite beauty and personal style.

Let’s explore the world of glamor and eyelash style with KTV Lashes premium 19mm lashes at the best price on the market today. Enhance your beauty and highlight your unique personality with the help of the best quality 19mm lash extensions at KTV Lashes.

Description of 19mm lashes

What Are 19mm Lashes

19mm lashes are a type of false eyelashes that are about 19mm in length. In the field of beauty, eyelashes are used as an accessory to beautify the eyes, creating a confident and attractive beauty. 19mm lashes have a large length, helping to create a special look, attracting all eyes.

For customers who choose 19mm lashes, they often wish to achieve big, round eyes, contributing to highlighting the natural beauty of their face. 19mm individual lashes are usually made from super light and soft material, helping to create a comfortable feeling when applying eyelash extensions and not creating a heavy feeling for the eyes.

Each 19mm lashes is a small detail in the makeup process but has a big impact on your overall appearance. This helps create deep, attractive eyes and accentuates the natural curves of the eyes.

19mm lashes are not only a beauty tool but also a symbol of charm and personal style. The diversity in design and style of 19mm lashes will help people choose a style that suits their preferences and facial features.

What are the advantages of 19mm lashes?

What Are The Advantages Of 19mm Lashes

  • With a diameter of 19mm, 19mm lashes help create bigger, rounder eyes, increasing the thickness and length of the eyelashes. This helps you have a seductive look and beautiful eyes that impress everyone around you.
  • 19mm lashes are made from high-quality synthetic fibers, or from mink fur, silk, faux mink fibers,…, helping the false eyelashes have an identical design to our real eyelashes. It will give you the most natural and realistic eyelashes, without causing a rough feeling or unsightly look when you apply eyelash extensions.
  • The product is made from high quality materials so it can withstand heat well and is waterproof. This helps 19mm lashes have a long life, long lasting color, and will not deform or lose shape after a period of use.
  • With a size of 19mm, the product will easily attach to your eyelashes. They adapt to many natural shapes and structures of eyelashes, providing a variety of eyelash extension styles from megavolume, volume to classic,… while still ensuring a comfortable and non-irritating feeling for the customers when getting eyelash extensions.

Best-Selling 19mm lashes at KTV Lashes

Single Loose & Mix Loose Premade fan lashes 19mm

Single Rapid & Mix Rapid Premade Fan Lashes 19mm

19mm Lashes XL Book & Bold XL Book Premade fan

Volume Lashes and Classic Lashes 19mm

Handmade fans lash 19mm (Promade fan)

Colour lash tray 19mm

How much do 19mm lashes cost?

Currently, the price of 19mm lashes may vary depending on the material, quality and design of the false eyelashes. However, at KTV Lashes, prices usually range from $3.5 to $31.

5 steps to apply 19mm lashes extremely standard for eyelash extension artists

5 Steps To Apply 19mm Lashes

1. Clean customer’s eyelashes and eyes before applying 19mm lash extensions

Before starting the 19mm lash extensions process, the most important thing is to ensure the hygiene of the customer’s eyelashes and eyes. Use an eye cleaning solution to remove grease and dirt from natural lashes, helping the glue adhere better and reducing the risk of eye irritation.

2. Choose suitable 19mm lashes

Choosing a 19mm lashes product with a thickness and curvature that matches the customer’s eye line and desired eyelash extension style is extremely important. Make sure that you should advise customers to choose eyelash extensions with the right length and curl for their face, helping to create the most naturally beautiful and harmonious appearance. .

3. Use eyelash extension tweezers to dip 19mm lash extensions into the glue

Use eyelash extension tweezers to pick up each eyelash fan/strand, then dip them in specialized eyelash extension glue and remove excess glue. This ensures that the glue is embedded in a sufficient amount so that when applied to real eyelashes, it will not create a heavy feeling for the eyes or cause obstacles during the eyelash extension process.

4. Fix eyelash extensions to real eyelashes

Use eyelash extension tweezers to fix each 19mm lashes precisely to your real eyelashes. Place the glue-dipped false eyelashes onto your natural eyelashes and gently hold them for a few seconds until the glue dries and adheres tightly to your real eyelashes. It is necessary to ensure that the process of connecting each lash/lash fan to the real eyelashes is even and tight and does not cause discomfort to customers.

5. Check and complete the eyelash extension process

After completing the eyelash extension process, the eyelash technician needs to check the technique and compare it with the customer’s wishes. Use an eyelash extension clip to check the curl and symmetry, and make sure that the false eyelashes are not misaligned or distorted to one side.

By performing 19mm lash extensions following the 5 steps above carefully and accurately, the eyelash artist can create confident and attractive beautiful eyes for the customers, surely bringing satisfaction and trust from their side.

The most reputable and quality 19mm lashes selling address today – KTV Lashes

The Most Reputable And Quality 19mm Lashes Selling Address

If you are looking for high-quality and professional 19mm lashes, KTV Lashes is a reliable address that you should consider. Here are the reasons why you should buy 19mm lashes at KTV Lashes:

– The quality of the product is always top priority, at KTV Lashes we definitely provide quality 19mm lashes. The eyelashes are made from high-quality synthetic material, soft and gentle for a comfortable feeling when worn. 19mm lashes are thoroughly tested to ensure excellent durability and grip.

– KTV Lashes offers a wide range of 19mm lashes with different curls and thicknesses. You can choose according to your preferences and style. This variety allows you to create multi-dimensional looks and add special emphasis to your eyes.

– KTV Lashes factory is known as a production and distribution facility with a team of highly skilled and professional technicians. They not only provide 19mm lashes but also provide high-quality eyelash extension processing services. You can trust the expertise of KTV Lashes to get the most beautiful and natural results.

– KTV Lashes always puts customer satisfaction as a top priority and we are committed to providing the best quality and service.


In the current world, beauty is not only a trend, but also a language that expresses your personal style and determines your attractiveness. 19mm lashes are not just a decorative piece, but also a work of art, your way of expressing style and confidence. With a length of 19mm, they are a delicate highlight, helping you create endless charm and appeal.

What is especially attractive is that you can own premium 19mm lash products at the best prices on the market only at KTV Lashes Factory. This is the perfect combination of quality and reasonable cost, which KTV Lashes is proud to bring to all customers. Eyes are not only the center of beauty, but also a source of encouragement for your confidence and success. Therefore, you should not miss beauty products from 19mm lashes today!