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16mm Lash Extensions

In the age of developed beauty technology, finding a place that supplies 16mm lashes at good prices has become easier than ever. However, choosing the right source of eyelash extension products to ensure quality and reasonable price is still a matter of concern for many people.

If you are looking for a perfect solution for beautiful eyes, there is nothing better than using 16mm lash extensions from KTV LASHES. This is a 16mm lashes wholesale address known for top quality, reasonable prices and professional service.

KTV Lashes specializes in providing 16mm lashes with high-quality materials, helping you get thick and curled eyelashes instantly. More importantly, products at KTV Lashes are thoroughly tested, ensuring they are safe for eye skin and do not cause irritation. Let’s learn more about the 16mm lashes of the KTV Lashes brand!

What are 16mm lashes?

What Are 16mm Lashes

16mm lashes are a type of false eyelashes that are 16mm long from the base to the tip of the eyelash. This is a fairly long eyelash length and is often used to create a thick, curled and seductive effect on the eyes.

16mm lashes can be attached to real eyelashes using the eyelash extension technique. The 16mm length creates an impressive eyelash effect that is thicker than natural eyelashes, bringing an attractive beauty to the eyes.

Benefits of buying 16mm lashes at KTV Lash factory?

An ideal line of false eyelashes that brings big, deep and seductive eye effects, 16mm lashes cannot be ignored. Below are some of the benefits you receive when purchasing 16mm lashes from our brand KTV Lashes, including:

The 16mm lashes length is perfect for all eye shapes

16mm lashes create long lashes that wonderfully highlight and accentuate the curve of the eye. Not only suitable for long and wide eyes, 16mm lashes are also the perfect choice for small or medium eye shapes, providing a natural and attractive appearance.

KTV Lashes’ 16mm lashes are highly durable and good quality

Benefits Of Buying 16mm Lashes

KTV Lashes uses high-quality PBT synthetic fibers imported from Korea in the production of 16mm lashes, ensuring the best durability and quality for each product type. The eyelashes are soft, non-irritating and have good waterproofing helping you enjoy a perfect set of eyelash extensions for the longest time.

The eyelashes are soft and have many different curvatures

KTV Lashes’s staff are highly professional, ensuring that each false eyelash created is soft and has a beautiful natural curl standard C, CC, DD, L, M,… This helps create thick and curved eyelashes, increasing the depth of your eyes, creating a new look for attractive and impressive eyes.

16mm lashes have competitive prices due to cheap labor

KTV Lashes factory takes advantage of cheap labor and efficient production processes to offer the most competitive prices for eyelash extensions. This ensures that you can get top quality 16mm lashes at an extremely reasonable price.

Therefore, buying  lashes 16mm  from KTV Lashes will bring many benefits to you in terms of quality, softness and diverse curvature of 16mm lashes. Besides, the competitive price makes the product attractive and meets your beauty needs.

KTV Lashes’ 16mm lashes are the best to buy today

1. 16mm lashes Handmade fan

2. Colour lash tray 16mm lashes

3. Rapid Premade fan lashes 16mm

4. Loose Premade fan lashes 16mm

5. Volume lashes

6. Classic Lashes

7. Narrow Fan Lashes 16mm Length

8. Premade fan XL Book and Bold XL Book: 16mm length

Instructions for preserving 16mm lash extensions for a long time, durable and beautiful

Instructions For Preserving 16mm Lash Extensions

16mm lash extensions will be attached to natural eyelashes with a special glue. The process of applying eyelash extensions requires precision and meticulousness to ensure the eyelash extensions are safe and beautiful. They can last from 1 month to 2 months or more, depending on the care process and treatment after eyelash extensions.

With lash extensions 16mm, you will have sparkling, more attractive and seductive eyes. They create a deeper and more sensual look thanks to the increased length and curl of the eyelashes.

To maintain beautiful and durable 16mm lash extensions, you need to comply with some regulations. Avoid touching the eyelash extensions to avoid causing eyelash loss or breakage. Limit exposure to water, especially for 24 hours after eyelash application. Do not use oily cosmetics on eyelash extensions, and avoid brushing or pulling the eyelashes too vigorously. For eyelash extensions to last long and stay beautiful, you should go to a beauty salon to have a technician take care of your eyelashes periodically to ensure your eyelashes are always durable and beautiful.

KTV Lashes – The most reputable address for providing 16mm false eyelashes

The Most Reputable Address For Providing 16mm False Eyelashes

To help you learn more about where to buy 16mm lashes at the best price today, we would like to introduce to you the brand “KTV LASHES”. This is one of the reputable addresses and is trusted by many women in the field of providing leading eyelash extensions.

KTV Lashes is especially famous for its excellent product quality, ensuring naturalness and no irritation to your sensitive eyelashes. With 16mm lashes, you will get thick and curled eyelashes, helping to enhance your natural beauty and charm. In particular, KTV Lashes is committed to reasonable and competitive prices, always ensuring to bring the best purchasing experience to customers.

Not only focusing on product quality, KTV Lashes also offers many attractive incentive policies. You will have the opportunity to participate in promotions, discounts, and receive special gifts. This will definitely satisfy even the most demanding customers.

Furthermore, KTV Lashes’ service is also noteworthy. Dedicated and professional consultants will help you choose the type of eyelashes that suits your needs and style. Besides, the fast and safe delivery process will help you receive the product securely.

With outstanding advantages in quality, price and service, KTV Lashes factory is the place providing 16mm lashes at the best price today that you cannot ignore. Please contact KTV Lashes to own long, thick and attractive eyelashes today!


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With the KTV Lashes brand, you not only own a pair of beautiful eyelashes, but also receive service and dedication from leading experts in the industry. Put your trust in the brand that thousands of women have trusted, and experience the wonderful 16mm lashes of KTV Lashes today!