Which type of 15mm lashes should I buy, The cheapest price?

15mm Lash Extensions

Enhance the beauty of your eyes with 15mm Lashes – Long and attractive eyelashes. Recently, eyelash extensions have become an indispensable beauty trend for women. Attractive, outstanding and sparkling eyes have become the goal that women pursue. And if you are looking for a type of eyelash extension, you cannot ignore the 15mm lashes length of KTV Lashes. Let’s explore these 15mm lashes!

Introducing 15mm lash extensions

what are15mm Lashes

15mm lash are an eye beauty accessory that helps increase the length, thickness and curl of eyelashes. Length 15mm lashes are also one of the most popular eyelash extension sizes currently.

5mm lash extensions are usually made from synthetic eyelashes such as PBT, silk, faux mink or real hair such as mink, hair, etc. Most synthetic eyelashes are usually made from light fiber materials. and soft, while real eyelashes harvested from animal fur still have a certain stiffness. Both types of eyelash materials give the effect of thick and attractive eyelashes.

Outstanding advantages of 15mm lash extensions

15mm lash extensions have many advantages. It helps increase the thickness and length of eyelashes, is long-lasting and durable, is affordable, easy to use and offers many different styles. This is a popular choice for women who want beautiful and attractive eyes. Let’s learn in detail about the advantages of 15mm lash extensions!

15mm lashes help make eyelashes thicker and longer

15mm lash extensions help increase the thickness and length of natural eyelashes, making the eyes look more charming and attractive.

15mm lash extensions can be used for a long time and are durable

Outstanding Advantages Of 15mm Lash Extensions

When 15mm lashes are attached to real eyelashes to ensure accuracy, safety and proper care, lash extensions 15mm can last more than several months. This helps you maintain the beauty of your eyelash extensions for a long time without having to worry about continuous eyelash extensions.

The cost of 15mm lash extensions is affordable

Compared to some other types of eyelash extensions, 15mm lash extensions are quite affordable. This makes this type of eyelash a popular and suitable choice for a wide range of customers.

Easy to use, can be done at home

You can get 15mm lash extensions done at home if you have the necessary knowledge and skills. This saves time and money compared to going to the beauty salon.

Diverse designs, suitable for many eye shapes

With 15mm lash extensions, you can create different eyelash styles for your eyes, from natural to bold and striking eyelash extension styles. This allows you to freely create eyelashes with different designs and styles.

Who should get 15mm lash extensions?

Who Should Get 15mm Lash Extensions

15mm lash extensions are the right choice for those who want to increase the thickness and length of their natural eyelashes. Below are some customers who should get 15mm lash extensions:

  • People with sparse and thin eyelashes: If you have naturally thin and sparse eyelashes, 15mm lash extensions can help enhance their thickness and length, creating a larger and more attractive eye effect.
  • People who want a deeper and more attractive look: 15mm lash extensions create a natural beauty but also more seductive and deeper. If you want a sexy and attractive look, this is a great choice.
  • People preparing to attend special events: If you are preparing for a special occasion such as a wedding, party or movie shoot, 15mm lash extensions can help create a more striking and confident appearance.
  • People who don’t like to use mascara every day: If you don’t want to spend time every day using mascara, 15mm lash extensions are the perfect solution. They are already thick and long enough that you don’t need to use mascara every day.
  • Those who want to experiment with new eyelash looks: 15mm lash extensions allow you to experiment with a variety of eyelash looks, from natural to highlighted. If you want to change the look of your eyes, this is a great option to try.

However, before applying lashes 15mm, learn carefully about the process and choose a professional eyelash technician to ensure safety and effectiveness.

KTV Lashes’ 15mm lashes are the most worth buying today

1. Loose Premade fan lashes 15mm

2. Volume lashes

3. Classic Lashes

4. 15mm lashes Handmade fan

5. Colour lash tray 15mm lashes

6. Rapid Premade fan lashes 15mm

7. Narrow Fan Lashes 15mm Length

8. Premade fan XL Book and Bold XL Book: 15mm length

Simple instructions for taking care of 15mm lash extensions at home

Take Care Of 15mm Eyelash Extensions At Home

Do not clean your eyes immediately after eyelash extensions

After eyelash extensions, you should avoid cleaning your eyes for the first 24-48 hours. This helps keep the eyelash extension glue completely dry and in place, helping the eyelash extensions adhere firmly to the real eyelashes. If you clean your eyes too soon after applying eyelash extensions, it can cause the eyelash extensions to fall out or overlap.

You should use glasses when going out

When leaving the house, you should wear glasses to protect eyelash extensions from external influences, such as wind, dust, sunlight and chemical products that can damage eyelashes and eyelash extension glue. Wearing glasses also helps maintain the style and beauty of eyelash extensions..

Don’t rub your eyes too hard

Rubbing your eyes too hard or pulling on eyelash extensions can cause the eyelashes to fall out or reduce the durability of the eyelash extensions. Make sure you rub your eyes gently and do not put pressure on the eyelash extensions. For cleaning, gently massage the eyelashes to remove dust and cosmetics.

We recommend that you follow the instructions above to protect your eyelash extensions and maintain the beauty of your eyelashes after extensions. Remember that proper care and protection of eyelash extensions is the key to ensuring the beauty and stability of your eyes.

Where is the most reputable place to buy 15mm lashes?

The Most Reputable Place To Buy 15mm Lashes

Currently, there are many brands offering 15mm lashes, but to get good quality products at a reasonable price, you can refer to the eyelash extension brand KTV LASHES. Our brand has been recognized for its top quality products and variety of designs.

To save costs, you can also search for deals and promotions at online brands, such as Shopee, Lazada, or other reputable sales websites: https://ktveyelashfactory.com/. If you are not familiar with online shopping, check out our KTV LASHES brand to find eyelash products at the best prices.

Enjoy seductive beauty and glitter with 15mm lashes from the KTV LASHES brand. Choose the best eyelashes that suit you and add them to your beauty collection.