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KTV Lashes’ 14mm lash products are the perfect highlight for your seductive look. Glitter and seductive looks have become an indispensable trend in the modern makeup world. And in this list of makeup tools that create perfect beauty, 14mm eyelashes are gradually winning great hearts for women.

14mm Lashes not only help you highlight your thick, long, beautiful eyes, but also highlight the charm of your face. With their unique length and outstanding curve of each lash, they create a “wide-eyed” effect and bring special attraction to any look. Join KTV Lashes to learn details about these 14mm lashes!

What are 14mm lashes?

What Are 14mm Lashes

14mm lashes are a type of eyelash with a length of 14mm. This is one of the many types of false eyelashes most used to beautify and add volume to natural eyelashes. The 14mm lashes have a moderate length, not too long nor too short, creating a very natural double eyelash effect for the eyes. With this length, 14mm lashes help increase the prominence of the eyes, combined with the appropriate curvature and thickness, it will create beautiful, seductive and attractive eyes.

This is also the type of false eyelashes commonly used in techniques such as false eyelashes and eyelash extensions. You can apply it yourself or go to professional eyelash extension salons to get advice and implementation from a beautician.

With 14mm lashes, you can confidently express your personality and create your own beauty. However, you should be careful to choose quality eyelashes that match the natural look of your eyes and do not affect your real eyelashes.

Outstanding features of 14mm lashes of KTV Lashes

Outstanding Features Of 14mm Lashes

  1. Moderate length: 14mm lashes have a moderate length among other eyelashes with lengths from 5mm – 22mm. This creates a natural eyelash extension effect on the eyes, not too thick nor too long, helping to bring natural and attractive eye beauty.
  2. Create outstanding eyes: This eyelash length also helps create more prominence for the eyes. When combined with curves C, CC, D, DD, L, M and appropriate thicknesses of 0.03, 0.05, 0.07, 0.10, 0.20,..14mm lash extensions will create a deeper look and attract the opposite person.
  3. Diverse designs: KTV Lashes brand is a famous brand specializing in providing high-quality false eyelashes, including 14mm lashes. KTV Lashes offers a wide range of 14mm lash models suitable for many different eyelash extension styles, from natural to edgy, allowing users to freely choose according to personal preference.
  4. Premium quality: KTV Lashes is a brand that is highly appreciated for its product quality. KTV Lashes’ 14mm lashes are made from high-quality PBT synthetic fiber, silk or mink false eyelashes, which are light, soft and safest for natural eyelashes. The product guarantees the ability to retain its shape, curvature, and thickness.
  5. Convenient and easy to use: KTV Lashes’ 14mm lashes are designed and manufactured in a variety of designs from 14mm pre-made eyelashes, 14mm tray eyelashes, 14mm colored eyelashes, 14mm handmade eyelashes,… to help customers conveniently during use. You can apply 14mm lashes yourself at home or go to professional beauty technicians for advice and perform eyelash extensions in the most accurate and safe way.

With the above outstanding features, KTV Lashes’ 14mm lashes are a great choice to help you enhance the beauty and charm of your eyes.

KTV Lashes’ premium 14mm lashes are the best sellers today

1. Single Loose & Mix Loose Premade fan: 14mm lashes

2. Handmade fan lashes (Promade fans)

3. Colour lash tray 14mm lashes

4. Volume Lashes & Classic lashes 14mm Length

5. Rapid Premade Fan and Mix Rapid 14mm Lashes

6. XL Book & Bold XL Book Premade Fan 14mm Lashes

7. Narrow Fan Lashes 14mm

Things to keep in mind to keep 14mm lash extensions durable and beautiful

Things You Should Keep In Mind 14mm Lash

To keep your 14mm lash extensions durable and beautiful, here are some things you should keep in mind:

  1. Research and choose a reputable supplier: Make sure to choose to buy lashes 14mm from reliable and quality brands, like KTV Lashes. The quality of eyelashes will affect its durability and beauty.
  2. Check and store properly: Before use, check the lashes to ensure they are not broken or damaged before attaching to natural lashes. After use, store the remaining 14mm eyelashes in the box, avoiding contact with water or chemicals that may damage the eyelashes.
  3. Avoid strong impact on the eyelash extensions: Avoid rubbing or pulling hard on the lash extensions 14mm to avoid losing their shape or cause damage to natural eyelashes.
  4. Avoid contact with water and chemicals: Avoid contact of 14mm lashes with water and chemicals, such as makeup remover oil, lotion, mascara that are not suitable for eyelash extensions. If you need to use beauty products, make sure they do not affect the eyelash extensions.
  5. Avoid touching eyelash extensions frequently: When not necessary, you should avoid touching eyelash extensions, because oil and dirt on your hands can cause loss of stickiness and damage the eyelash extensions.
  6. Do not overuse: To keep 14mm lash extensions durable and beautiful, limit the use of a thermal eyelash curler frequently, because high heat intensity can damage eyelashes.
  7. Regular eyelash extension care: To keep your 14mm lash extensions durable and beautiful, you should regularly adjust and take care of your eyelash extensions at professional beauty facilities. They will check and increase the number of broken eyelash extensions to ensure they are always in their best shape.

KTV Lashes – Address providing the best quality 14mm lashes today

Address Providing The Best Quality 14mm Lashes

One of the addresses providing 14mm lashes with the best quality and price today that you should not miss is KTV LASHES. Here, you can find high-quality 14mm lashes, made from genuine PBT synthetic eyelash material, accompanied by dedicated care and advice from a team of professional technicians. Not only ensuring quality, KTV LASHES also offers you a diverse choice of stylish 14mm lashes, from gentle and natural to thick and sharp.

Using 14mm lashes is not only a way to create attractive beauty for your eyes, but also an enjoyable experience and helps you feel more confident. You can experiment and explore different looks, depending on your personal style and preferences.

Besides, KTV Lashes’ 14mm lashes also have the ability to last longer than other brand eyelashes. This helps you save time and effort in applying false eyelashes every day.

With 14mm lashes, you will shine and get the charming look you desire. Experience and discover the new world of 14mm lashes, giving you confidence and attracting everyone around you.