What are volume lash extensions? Features & Uses of Volume lash extension technique

Volume Lash Extensions

Referring to modern and effective eyelash extension techniques in recent times, women certainly cannot ignore the volume eyelash extension method. Volume eyelash extensions have a lot of outstanding advantages that make your lashes thicker, longer, and sexier. Unlike other false eyelashes, volume eyelash extensions will also give beautiful natural lashes and add appeal to your eyes. That’s why volume eyelash extensions are very popular with women. Let’s find out details about volume lash extensions with KTV Lashes in this article!

What are Volume lash extensions?

What Are Volume Lash Extensions
What are Volume lash extensions?

Many women hear about the volume eyelash extension style for the first time and wonder what volume eyelashes are? How is the lash volume extension method? Let’s find out the answer right away!

Volume eyelashes are also known as volume extension eyelashes. This is a method that uses false eyelashes or false eyelash fans (1 fan lash consists of many false eyelashes clustered together and has spreading eyelashes like a fan) to attach to real eyelashes. Regular lash extensions will have a thickness of about 0.7mm. However, depending on the real lashes of each customer, you can attach fan lashes consisting of 2-8 false lashes on top of 1 real lash. This will make women’s eyelashes much sharper, sexier and more attractive.

Accordingly, women should also carefully refer to the advantages and disadvantages of the volume eyelash extension method, and consider if this type of eyelash extension is suitable for them or not. Because each person will be suitable for a number of different eyelash extensions such as: classic eyelash extensions, volume lash extensions, mega volume lash extensions, hybrid lash extensions, … If you choose the right eyelash extension, it will be effective for your lashes and affect the aesthetics of the whole face.

Features and Uses of Eyelash Extension Volume

Advantages Of Lash Volume Extensions

Advantages of lash volume extensions

It is no coincidence that many women today choose volume eyelash extensions instead of other eyelash extension methods. The reason is this eyelash extension technique offers a lot of outstanding advantages for your lashes. Specifically, the advantages and outstanding uses are as follows:

Volume lashes are curved, thick and seductive

Extended eyelash extensions will make it easier to have curved, thick, attractive lashes and give the eyes more depth. From there, your eyes will look bigger, more beautiful, natural and sexier. This is the aesthetic advantage that every girl wants. The use of lash volume extensions method is positively appreciated in creating a natural and attractive beauty for your eyes.

Long service life and high durability

One of the outstanding uses when using the lash volume extension method is that the volume lash lasts longer on your eyes than other lash styles. If you learn how to take care of your eyelashes thoroughly, carefully, as directed, the volume lash extensions will not move or fall out in about 1-2 months. This saves the costs and time and helps women always be more beautiful and confident every day.

Does not cause discomfort and creates a 3D lash effect

Usually volume lash extensions will create a 3D effect, making lashes look thicker and more beautiful. Although volume lash extensions typically use a greater number of lash extensions than other eyelash extension techniques, lash extensions quality are usually lighter and have a thinner thickness. So when using eyelash extensions volume, it will not cause a feeling of heaviness in the eyelids and cause discomfort, helping your vision not be restricted.

Diverse eyelash extension styles

Volume lash extensions come in many different lash extensions, making it possible to change as many eyelash extensions as you want but still retain the typical advantages of volume lash extensions.

The price of  volume eyelash extensions is quite cheap

Not only do they bring many good effects as above, but also the cost of the volume eyelash extension technique is also extremely affordable, suitable for all types of customers. With the outstanding advantage of price, the lash volume extension style also becomes more popular than other eyelash extensions.

Quick and simple volume eyelash extension technique

Thanks to the quick volume eyelash extension time with simple eyelash extension techniques, women can save a lot of eyelash extension time and keep the lashes longer on real lashes.

How many types of volume eyelash extensions are there?

Types Of Lash Extensions Today
Types Of Lash Extensions Today

According to actual needs, the type of volume lash extension is becoming more and more improved and diverse. Depending on the preferences of each person, women can choose different types of volume eyelash extensions, specifically volume eyelash extensions are classified in the following 2 ways:

Classification by lash extension: 2D, 3D, 4D, 5D,…, nD

Classification By Lash Extension 2d 3d Nd

Usually you often refer to “volume eyelash extensions” but do not know what types of lash extensions volume will use? Or have you heard many names such as: eyelash extensions 2D, 3D, 4D, 5D, … Do these eyelash extensions differ from volume eyelash extensions? Eyelash extensions volume 2D, 3D, 4D, 5D, … are volume eyelash extensions that use the technique of creating each eyelash fan in a ratio of 2,3,4,5:1. It can be understood that: 1 or 2 or 3 or n false lashes are made into 1 fan lash, then use each fan lash to attach 1 real eyelash. Therefore, eyelash volume 2D, 3D, 4D, 5D,…  are the types of lashes that you often come across on the market today and are always available at professional eyelash extension shops.

Classification by style of lash extensions volume

Classification By Style Of Lash Extensions Volume

In addition to 2D, 3D, 5D eyelashes,… above, there are many different volume eyelash extensions to help you change the style of your eyes. Such as cat’s eye lash extension, fishtail eyelash extension, trellis eyelash extension, wet eye eyelash extension, angel eyelash extension, katun eyelash extension, ….

Classification by the most prevalent eyelash extension styles

Russian Volume

Russian Volume

Russian volume eyelashes are also known as volume 3D. With Russian lash extensions, the eyelash extension technician will use each lash fan attached to each real lash in the most natural way. This style of eyelash extensions will give you bold Western lashes: thick, bold but still gentle, soft and natural.

Mega Volume

Mega Volume

Mega Volume is an eyelash extension style that uses volume 4D or higher eyelash extensions, such as: eyelash extensions volume 4D, 5D, 6D, 8D, 10D, 12D, 14D, 16D,… The diameter of each lash extension will range from 0.03 mm to 0.12mm. Based on the number of lashes, the number of lashes and the diameter of the lashes, you will know the different thickness and thickness of each lash extension style, which can be divided into many different styles of lash extensions with different thickness and thickness. Mega volume lash extensions usually have lashes that are darker, thicker, and sharper than other regular lash volume extensions.

American Volume

American Volume

American volume lash extensions usually provide softer and more natural lashes than 2 styles of Russian volume and mega volume lash extensions. The advantage of volume eyelash extensions is that they are suitable for thin, weak lashes, which will help your lashes become curvy, thicker and stronger and do not weigh down the eyes or cause discomfort.

The simplest and fastest ways to attach volume lash extension

How to extend fibrous eyelashes

How To Extend Fibrous Eyelashes

The technician will connect each false lash on top of each real eyelash. After finishing extending 1 lash to 1 real eyelash, will return to attach the 2nd false lash to the next real eyelash, and do the same 3rd, 4th, 5th, …, n false lashes in turn. This lash extension is often very time-consuming and requires a really meticulous and skillful technician so that the lash extensions are not misaligned, or the lashes are uneven.

How to extend tray lash

How To Extend Tray Lash

Tray eyelash extensions are understood to use lashes that have been pre-attached in bunches of 2, 3, 4, …, n false lashes. The technician will have to attach the lashes in bunches before using eyelash extensions for guests if they need. Next, the eyelash extension artist will use each of these eyelash extensions attached to each real eyelash. This lash extension volume is often very time-saving and is most widely used by eyelash extension facilities in the eyelash extension market today.

How to extend premade volume lashes

How To Extend Premade Volume Lashes

Instead of technicians having to spend hours attaching each eyelash beam, it takes nearly 2-3 hours to attach eyelash extensions, eyelash extensions will use premade lash extensions to save maximum eyelash extension time for customers. Although premade lash extensions often cost quite high, the quality of eyelashes is very secure and safe. Therefore, many reputable eyelash extension establishments are now interested in and importing premade volume eyelash extension items to make eyelash extensions more convenient for their customers.

How much do volume eyelash extensions cost?

How much do volume eyelash extensions cost? This is the question of many eyelash extension units and customers who love volume eyelash extensions are interested. In fact, the price list of lash extensions depends a lot on the material of the lash production, the quality of the lashes and the place where the lashes are made. However, the price of volume lash extensions on the market today will be in the range of $12 – $17, or higher depending on the quality of volume production.

Volume eyelash extension procedure meets 100% medical standards

Volume Eyelash Extension Process

When it comes to the eyelash extension method, surely the eyelash extension technician cannot ignore the following basic eyelash extension procedure:

  • Step 1: Customers need to check and clean customers’ eyes before connecting.
  • Step 2: After that, the technician will help the customer choose the curvature of the lashes, the shape of the lashes that match the current lashes, the face and preferences of the customer.
  • Step 3: The eyelash extension specialist applies gel to the customer’s lower and upper lashes, and gently cleans the lashes.
  • Step 4: The eyelash extension specialist will use specialized eyelash extension tweezers to create eyelash fans to connect eyelashes according to the volume eyelash extension style desired by the customer.
  • Step 5: Then, the eyelash extensions will use the tool to reshape the eyelashes for the customer. At the same time, customers should also carefully check the shape of the eyelashes that the eyelash extension technician will attach to their real eyelashes. After attaching the volume, customers should check their 2 lashes if they are even and beautiful or not.
  • Step 6: This is also the last step. The eyelash extension technician will use the quick drying tools as well as the eye soothing solution for the customer after the volume eyelash extension is complete.

Instructions on how to choose the correct volume lash extension tweezers

Ways to choose volume lash extension tweezers
Ways to choose volume lash extension tweezers

Tweezers are known to be the most important tool, indispensable in the eyelash extension process, the same is for volume eyelash extensions. This tool is not only used to lift eyelashes but also assists the eyelash extension specialist to form the desired fan volume lash. If the eyelash extension specialist owns a good and standard eyelash extension tweezers, it will save a lot of time and effort when performing volume eyelash extensions for customers. Especially the stage of creating lash fans.

Volume lash extension tweezers are tweezers used exclusively in volume lash extensions. It will make it easy for eyelash extensionists to create fan eyelashes and join multiple false eyelashes at the same time. There are many types of lash volume tweezers, the most common of which are J tweezers and L tweezers. As the name suggests, lash volume tweezers have a design similar to the letter J and the letter L. Usually, L tweezers will have a slender shape, 90-120 degrees angle at the head. J tweezers will have a larger curvature, about 120-150 degrees.

In order to facilitate the process of eyelash extensions professionally as well as meet the requirements of customers, when choosing lash volume extension tweezers, eyelash extension specialists need to pay attention to the type of tweezers that really best suits this type of eyelash extension. In particular, the important notes that any eyelash extension specialist must keep in mind are:

Need to choose the right tweezers to pick up volume lash

When choosing lash volume tweezers – the most important type of tweezers often used in eyelash extensions, you will have to base your decision on each specific style. Typically, with one by one lash volume styles, angel lash extensions, …  eyelash extensions will need specialized tweezers to ensure functionality.

The eyelash extension technique requires the eyelash extension technician to take 2,3,5,6 false lashes at the same time and the legs of the lashes must be bunched together, while the tops are spread. Therefore, when choosing volume lash tweezers, the eyelash extension artist needs to find a one-segment tight type to hold the lashes in the same straight line and must have a design that ensures accuracy and convenience during use.

Volume eyelash extension tweezers must ensure the required quality

Volume eyelash extension tweezers must ensure the correct quality according to the following requirements:

  • The tip of the Volume eyelash extension tweezers should be pointed, snug together so that it can form a multi-stranded lash fan without dropping.
  • The volume eyelash extension tweezers are designed to be slightly curved like an L shape, the length is usually: 110mm, 12.5mm, 113mm, 116mm. Size parameters must be accurately calculated during the design process to make it easier for the eyelash extension specialist to create a volume fan and pick up the client’s real lashes.
  • The lighter the weight of the eyelash extension tweezers, the better, easy to pick up the fan, and the elasticity is extremely light to be suitable for volume eyelash extension techniques.
  • Volume eyelash extension tweezers should be made of stainless steel, non-magnetic, non-static.
  • The body of the volume eyelash extension tweezers usually has a soft design to help reduce fatigue when holding for a long time in the hand.

Instructions on how to hold the most standard volume lash extension tweezers

How To Hold Volume Lash Tweezers

How to hold eyelash extension tweezers in the most standard way?

  • The way to do that is to use tweezers to pick up eyelashes, take false eyelashes and dip glue in. Then, stick it on the real lashes precisely. The amount of glue used should be just enough, not too little to make the eyelashes fall off quickly and not too much to make the customer’s eyelashes stick to the eyes.
  • L shaped volume tweezers are often used by eyelash extensions experts to pick up 5 or more false eyelashes at the same time thanks to their wide surface design. With J volume eyelash extension tweezers, it is used to clamp less than 5 lashes. However, in fact, when choosing tweezers, eyelash extensions experts will choose according to habits and preferences, but rarely focus on the number of eyelashes that can be picked up.

What should you pay attention to in volume eyelash extensions?

4 Notes When Choosing Volume Eyelash Extensions
4 Notes When Choosing Volume Eyelash Extensions

Here are important notes to know before choosing volume eyelash extension technique

The group of people who absolutely do not wear eyelash extensions

All women have a need to have thick and beautiful eyelashes. However, if your eyelashes have the following characteristics, you need to consider before doing volume eyelash extensions:

  • Customers with eyelashes that are too weak or susceptible to environmental damage or are prone to allergies due to too much makeup.
  • Customers’ eyes are very sensitive to ingredients such as: eyelash extension glue or polyester – false eyelash materials.

Choose a reliable and technical vertical volume extension eyelash extension process

At reputable eyelash extensions facilities, the technical standard volume eyelash extension process will help you get desirable eyelashes. Usually every eyelash extension facility must ensure the following minimum eyelash extension process:

  • Carefully check the condition of the eyelashes and the eyelash irritation if the customer has
  • Find out the purpose of use of customers to advise on the most suitable volume lash extension technique. Customers should choose volume extensions with a length, thickness and curvature that suits their eyes.
  • Clean customers’ eyes with oil-free products before eyelash extensions are performed.

How to care volume eyelash extensions always durable – beautiful

A volume eyelash extension can last up to 3 months if taken care of properly:

  • Eyelashes abstain from water: avoid saunas, steam baths or hot water washing for at least the first 24 hours after the procedure.
  • Do not brush your lashes when wet and do not use oily cleansers
  • Avoid sleeping face down on the bed or mattress

Should choose the best quality volume eyelash extension brand

The Best Volume Eyelash Extension Brand

The origin of each type of volume eyelash extension is an important factor that you should pay attention to. Because eyelash extensions are made from good materials such as synthetic eyelashes, mink eyelashes,… will help your eyelash extensions be durable, beautiful and especially safe for your eyes. About us – KTV Lashes is known as a brand that produces a series of extremely high-quality lash extensions. With a highly skilled eyelash extensions production team, KTV Lash is always proud to be a supplier of a large quantity of international standard volume eyelashes to the world eyelash extension market and is loved and trusted by many customers and partners.

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Above is all the useful knowledge about volume eyelash extensions, classification, uses, methods of volume eyelash extensions, notes on volume eyelash extensions,… that KTV Lashes provides to readers. Hopefully through this article, you will have a lot more interesting information about the volume eyelash extension technique that all women today are extremely interested in.

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