Different Types of Eyelash Extensions: Which are The Best?

Different Types Of Eyelash Extensions

Have you ever wondered which eyelash extension method is best for you? What are the different types of eyelash extensions? With a variety of popular eyelash extension techniques on the market, choosing the right types of eyelash extensions can be a real challenge for you. There are many different eyelash extension techniques on the market, from traditional classic eyelash extensions, to thick volume eyelash extensions, and even mega volume eyelash extensions with impressive effects. In addition, there are also gentle wispy eyelash extension techniques, hybrid eyelash extensions that combine volume and classic, and even bottom eyelash extensions for the lower lashes to help make the eyes more impressive from every angle.

With this variety, choosing the right eyelash extension technique can become quite difficult for you. But don’t worry, in this article we will learn about the 6 most popular eyelash extension techniques today. Thanks to that, you will have a clearer view of each type of lash extension and can confidently choose the eyelash extension technique that best suits your eye shape, preferences and eyelash extension style. Let’s start exploring the world of eyelash extensions and find out which type of lash extensions is the ideal choice for you.

6 Different types of eyelash extensions

1. Classic lash extensions

Types Of Eyelash Extensions Classic
Types Of Eyelash Extensions: Classic

Classic Lash Extensions is the most basic and popular eyelash extension technique in the eyelash extension industry, in which each false eyelash is attached to each natural eyelash in a 1:1 ratio. This classic lash extension method helps thicken and lengthen eyelashes in the most gentle and natural way.

Outstanding advantages of Classic Lash Extensions:

  • Create the most naturally beautiful eyes: Compared to other eyelash extension techniques such as volume, hybrid,..Classic Lash Extensions will help create the most natural and gentle eyelashes, without causing a heavy feeling on natural lashes.
  • Suitable for all occasions and eyelash extension needs: This classic eyelash extension style is suitable for all situations such as at home, at work, or on dates to big events,…
  • Best choice for eyelash extension beginners: Classic Lash Extensions are often recommended for those new to experimenting with eyelash extensions, as they provide the most natural and easy-to-adjust lash results.
  • Thickens and lengthens lashes: Although it doesn’t create the fullness, length, and sharp curl of other eyelash extension techniques like Volume or MegaVolume, Classic Lash Extensions still make your eyes look bigger, natural and attractive.

2. Hybrid lash extensions

Types Of Eyelash Extensions Hybrid
Types Of Eyelash Extensions: Hybrid

Hybrid Lash Extensions is an eyelash extension method that combines two eyelash extension techniques: Classic Lash Extensions and Volume Lash Extensions. In this eyelash extension technique, the combination of single classic lashes and Volume lash fans will help create a pair of fuller, more natural, more attractive than classic eyelash extensions, and not too thick and outstanding like volume lash extensions.

Features of Hybrid Lash Extensions:

  • Creates eyelashes that are both natural and seductive: Hybrid takes advantage of the naturalness of Classic and the uniqueness of Volume to create beautifully full and seductive eyes suitable for many occasions.
  • Increase thickness, length and curl of lashes: The combination of classic lashes and volume fan lashes helps lashes have the length, thickness and curl that customers desire, while still maintaining natural beauty of the lashes.
  • Good choice for people who want to renew their natural lashes: Hybrid is a great choice for people who want to experience a new feeling for their lashes and eyes.
  • Suitable for all needs: The versatility of the Hybrid lash extension technique has created many beautiful eyelash sets suitable for almost all situations and special events.

3. Volume lash extensions

Types Of Eyelash Extensions Volume
Types Of Eyelash Extensions: Volume

Volume Lash Extensions is a technique of applying each volume lash fan (containing 2 to 6 eyelashes) onto each natural eyelash to create thicker and more prominent eyelashes, helping the eyes become larger and more attractive.

Outstanding features of Volume Lash Extensions:

  • Volume Lash Extensions create a thicker and sharper lash effect than classic and hybrid eyelash extensions.
  • You can adjust the thickness of the lashes by changing the number of lashes per lash fan to create 2D, 3D, 4D, 5D and 6D lash effects.
  • This method helps create deeper and more attractive eyes without using mascara.
  • Volume Lash Extensions can be adjusted to suit the characteristics of each person’s natural lashes and eye shape, suitable for both small and large eyes.

4. Mega Volume lash extensions

Types Of Eyelash Extensions Mega Volume
Types Of Eyelash Extensions: Mega Volume

Mega Volume Lash Extensions is a more advanced and sophisticated eyelash extension technique than other eyelash extension techniques, which uses a large number of thin eyelashes to create a fan with an extremely thick and bold 7D or more eyelash effect. Known for its complexity and prominence, Mega Volume is the best choice for those who want a unique, edgy, strong and attractive eyelash extension style.

Outstanding features of Mega Volume Lash Extensions:

  • Mega Volume eyelash extensions use a large number of eyelashes to create each lash fan that is thicker than volume lashes, to create a super thick and jet black lash effect.
  • Mega Volume is an advancement from the Volume Lash Extensions technique, helping to enhance the prominence and appeal of the eyes. However, performing Mega Volume requires expertise and experience from the eyelash extension specialist to ensure each mega volume fan is applied correctly and naturally.

5. Wispy lash extensions

Types Of Eyelash Extensions Wispy
Types Of Eyelash Extensions: Wispy

With the wispy eyelash extension technique, there will be two processes of applying eyelash extensions. The first layer is to apply eyelash spikes to certain positions on the natural lashes to create highlights. The second layer will combine and apply other types of eyelash extensions such as classic lashes, volume lashes or mega volume lashes. Wispy eyelash extensions are suitable for those who want smooth, soft eyelashes and watery eyes that look very attractive and cute.

6. Bottom lash Extensions

Types Of Eyelash Extensions Bottom
Types Of Eyelash Extensions: Bottom

Bottom lash extensions is an eyelash extension technique that only applies to the lower lashes with a fixed number of eyelashes. The difference of this eyelash extension technique is that it does not apply false eyelashes to the entire upper lashes, but only uses a few eyelashes to apply to the natural eyelashes along the lower lash line to create a highlight for the eyes to look more impressive and attractive.

How do I choose the Best type of eyelash extensions?

Based on the structure of natural eyelashes

How Do I Choose The Best Type Of Eyelash Extensions 1 (1)

To choose the right type of false eyelashes and eyelash extension technique, you should consider the structure of your natural eyelashes.

  1. If your natural eyelashes are sparse and weak, you can choose classic or hybrid eyelash extension techniques to help your eyelashes look thicker and more attractive.
  2. If you have naturally long and strong eyelashes, you can choose between volume or mega volume extension techniques. For the Volume eyelash extension technique, a number of lash fans from 2D to 6D will be used. Meanwhile, the mega volume lash extension technique will use lash fans from 7D (corresponding to 7 eyelashes per fan) or more. Larger lash fans will have a higher thickness to help create a thick, bold and vibrant effect for the eyes.
  3. For short lashes, you can choose between volume, wispy or bottom lash extensions (false eyelashes used for lower lashes). Volume lash extensions can help increase the thickness and length of short eyelashes. Wispy eyelash extensions help create a natural effect while still adding length and prominence to the lashes. As for Bottom lash extensions, they will help enhance the impressive beauty of the lower lashes.

Based on different eye shapes

How Do I Choose The Best Type Of Eyelash Extensions 2 (1)

  1. Single eyelids: If you have single eyelids, volume eyelash extensions are the ideal choice to enhance your beauty. Because monolids are often a bit small, you can choose a slightly larger length and thickness of the volume lashes to help your eyes look bigger and rounder.
  2. Lined/droopy eyelids: For lined/droopy eyelids, you should choose eyelashes that are not too thick and long to open up the eyes. Use eyelid tape to shape the eyelids and choose eyelashes with alternating long and short fibers to create definition for the eyelids. For this eye shape, the volume eyelash extension technique is most suitable.
  3. Diamond-cone shaped eyes: For this eye shape, hybrid, volume or mega volume eyelash extensions with eyelashes with impressive curvature (D, DD, L) will help the eyes look big and round and enhance the eye shape. In particular, pay attention to connecting the longest eyelashes at the highest part of the eye contour to create a highlight.
  4. Deep-set eyes: Long volume eyelash extensions with moderate curl (C, CC) is the most suitable choice for deep-set eyes, helping to create depth and attraction. This combination will make the eyes attractive to all eyes.
  5. Round eyes: For round eyes, choose eyelashes that are not too long, thin and moderately curved to keep the eyes looking pristine and shiny, avoid over-curving them so as not to enlarge the eyes. Classic, hybrid and wispy eyelash extension techniques are the best choices for round eye shapes.
  6. Almond-shaped eyes: Almond-shaped eyes are suitable for almost all types of eyelash extensions from classic, volume to mega volume. At this point, you can rely on the customer’s goals and preferences to choose the appropriate eyelash extension technique. Whether it’s a glamorous or natural style, it can be easily transformed.

Based on eyelash extension type, personal preferences and style

How Do I Choose The Best Type Of Eyelash Extensions 3

Based on your desired eyelash extension style and preferences, you can choose the lash Extension Style that suits you. Below are some of the most popular Eyelash Extension Styles today that you can choose to renew your eyelashes:

  1. Natural: This style of eyelash extensions focuses on gently enhancing the thickness and length of the eyelashes, creating the most natural and youthful beauty of the eyes. Classic and hybrid eyelash extension techniques are the perfect choice for Natural eyelash extension style.
  2. Cat Eye: This type of lash extension is created thanks to the impressive curve and slope at the end of the eyelid (outer corner of the eye), creating a seductive and attractive look, similar to the beauty of cat eyes. Volume and mega volume eyelash extension techniques are great choices for cat eyes.
  3. Open Eye: This style of eyelash extensions creates larger eyelashes and opens up the eye area, creating a more open and radiant look. Classic, Hybrid and Wispy eyelash extension techniques are the best choices to help create big, round eyes.
  4. Baby Doll: Doll-style eyelash extensions increase the curvature and thickness in the middle to the outer corner of the eye, creating innocent and extremely adorable eyes like Korean girls. Wispy or classic eyelash extensions are best suited for gentle, seductive Baby Doll eyelashes.
  5. Squirrel: Squirrel eyelash extension style helps create a unique feeling for the eyes, with uneven length eyelashes in different positions of the eyelashes, creating an attractive and unique look. Volume and mega volume eyelash extensions are the two most suitable eyelash extension techniques for this Squirrel style of eyelash extensions that you should not ignore.
  6. Kim K (Kim Kardashian’s eyelash style): This is a long, dense and black eyelash extension style, bringing a seductive and attractive look according to the aesthetic taste of famous star Kim Kardashian. Mega volume eyelash extensions and the combination of Bottom eyelash extension technique will be the perfect combination to create an impressive Kim K eyelash extension style.

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In the creative world of eyelash extensions and different eyelash extension techniques, choosing the right eyelash extension method and types of eyelash extensions will help you open a new door to unlimited beauty for your eyes. Your journey is not only choosing between eyelash extension techniques and the right eyelash extension style, but also a journey of searching and discovering about yourself. You have the right to be creative and transform your eyelashes the way you want. Let your eyes tell the story of grace and art, because in this diversity, the beauty of your eyes will shine like a unique and limitless work of art.