Eyelash Extension Style Chart: Consulting from A-Z

Eyelash Extension Style Chart

Eyelash extension is a very popular eyelash beautification method today. This is the process of adding false eyelashes to natural eyelashes to increase the thickness, length, and curl of the natural eyelashes. There are many styles of eyelash extensions to help you create sharp, seductive eyes and attract the opposite person. To help you confidently enter the world of eyelash extensions and choose the right eyelash extension style, we bring you a detailed guide from A to Z with the Eyelash Extension Style Chart. Let’s explore the new door and open perfect beautiful eyes from these in-depth consultations.

What is an Eyelash Extension Style Chart?

Eyelash extension style chart is a useful tool to guide and advise people from A-Z in choosing the right eyelash style for their eye shape and desired eyelash extension style. This helps ensure users have the most satisfaction and confidence when applying eyelash extensions to beautify their eyes. With the continuous development of the beauty industry, using accurate tools and advice like Eyelash extension style charts will help you have the most beautiful, outstanding and attractive eyelashes.

Eyelash Extension Chart

Choosing types of eyelash extensions with appropriate thickness, curls and sizes plays a very important role in creating the final result of eyelash extensions, whether it brings natural beauty and harmony with your face or not? What you need to pay attention to is: Lash extensions chart. This eyelash extension chart includes: length, thickness and curl, all of which must be carefully selected to create a set of eyelashes that are natural and suitable for each person’s eye shape.

Choosing lash extensions that are too thick, too long, or too curled can make your lashes look fake and unnatural. However, if you choose a smaller lash extension size, the eyelash extension results may not be significantly effective. Therefore, choosing the appropriate size of eyelash extensions is extremely important to ensure that the eyelashes are natural, beautiful and suitable for each person’s personal needs.

Choosing the appropriate lash extension size also depends on the shape and size of the eye. Long and thick eyelashes need larger sizes to create natural beauty, while short and sparse eyelashes need smaller sizes. In addition, it is also necessary to pay attention to the shape of the face to choose the appropriate curvature to create balance and harmony for the eyelashes.

What does the eyelash extensions style chart include?

The eyelash extension chart also known as the eyelash extensions style chart contains important information about eyelash curl, eyelash diameter, and eyelash length. Join us to learn more about this eyelash extension chart!

Lash Curls

Lash Curls

For lash curls, the eyelash extension chart lists all types of lash extension curls. This information helps you know how to apply each type of eyelash curler. The most complete eyelash curvature chart:

  • There are gentle eyelash curls like I, J, B curls, which bring naturalness and lightness to the eyes.
  • There are also attractive and outstanding eyelash curls such as C, D, U curls. U curl lash¬† is also known as mi DD curl.
  • There are also types of eyelash curls such as M, L, L+ curls, which create a striking and impressive shape for the eyes.
  • There are also EZ curls to help create a sharper eyelash extension effect.

Lash Thickness (Diameter)

Lash Thickness

An eyelash extension chart is indispensable for information about different eyelash diameters. Common diameters include 0.03, 0.05, 0.06, 0.07, 0.1, 0.12, 0.15, 0.20, 0.25 and 0.3. The diameter of the eyelashes corresponds to the thickness of the eyelashes, and the user can choose the diameter that suits the wishes and shape of the eyes.

Lash Lengths

Lash Length

The information you need to pay attention to most in the eyelash extension style chart is information about different size lash extensions. Because these eyelash sizes help create a lashes map to shape the eyelash style before performing eyelash extensions. Lash extension length sizes usually range from 4mm to 22mm, however larger sizes can also be available depending on personal requirements and choices. Users can choose the

How to choose the correct Lash Extension size?

Consider the length of your natural lashes

To choose the right Lash Extension size chart, there are several factors that need to be considered. First of all, measure the natural length of your real eyelashes to know how to choose the appropriate eyelash extension size.

  • For short natural eyelashes (8mm – 9mm): eyelash extension size from 6mm to 11mm will be a good choice, helping to create a thick and natural effect for the eyelashes.
  • For average natural eyelashes 10mm – 12mm: eyelash extension sizes from 10mm to 15mm will increase eyelash length, creating a striking look.
  • For natural eyelashes about 13mm long or longer: you can choose eyelash extension size from 12mm to 20mm or more with greater thickness to create an impressive and unique look.

Most importantly, you need to listen to your customers and learn about their preferences and expectations to ensure you choose the most suitable Lash Extension size.

Consider the purpose of use

If customers want the most gentle and natural eyelash extensions, you can choose an average eyelash length from 10mm to 12mm. If they want to create strong and attractive eyelashes, you can choose a long eyelash length from 15mm or more to create an extremely attractive “Glamazon” effect.

Perform testing and consultation

If you are not sure about the right lash size for each customer, do some testing on several layers of lashes and advise the customer on the most suitable choice. Thanks to expert advice and customer feedback, you can adjust your eyelash size to achieve the best results.

Remember, choosing the right Lash Extension size for each specific customer is a process of experience and practice that you need to go through. Most importantly, you always listen to your customers and learn about their personal preferences to achieve the results they desire.

How to choose the right thickness?

How To Choose The Right Thickness

1. The most suitable eyelash length for the volume eyelash extension method:

  • 0.03mm and 0.05mm lashes
  • 0.06mm and 0.07mm lashes

2. Eyelash length suitable for both Volume & Classic eyelash extension methods:

  • 0.10mm diameter lashes

3. The most suitable eyelash length for the Classic eyelash extension method:

  • 0.12mm lashes
  • 0.15mm lashes
  • 0.18mm lashes
  • 0.20mm lashes

4. The thick eyelash extensions that you can also choose for eyelash extensions suitable for edgy, strong, luxurious and personality eyelash extension styles.

  • 0.25mm lashes
  • 0.30mm lashes

However, choosing eyelash extension diameter should also depend on each customer’s personal eyelash extension preferences, the health status of their natural eyelashes, and the shape of their eyes. Therefore, customers should listen to opinions and advice from eyelash extension experts to ensure they choose the right eyelash extension diameter that is suitable and safe for their eyes.

What is Eyelash Extension Style?

Eyelash Extension Style is a term used to describe different styles of eyelash extensions when false eyelashes are attached to real eyelashes to create a unique eye look. Here are some of the most popular eyelash extension styles charts today that you should not miss:

What Is Eyelash Extension Style

  1. Natural: This style of eyelash extensions focuses on gently enhancing the thickness and length of the eyelashes, creating a natural and youthful look to the eyes.
  2. Cat Eye: This type of eyelash extension is designed to enhance the eyelash curve and angle at the end of the eyelid, creating attractive and attractive cat eyes.
  3. Kim K (Kim Kardashian’s eyelash style): This is a long, thick, black eyelash extension style that focuses on creating charm and appeal, following the famous aesthetic of famous star Kim Kardashian.
  4. Open Eye: This style of eyelash extensions focuses on increasing the size of the lashes and opening up the eye area to create an expanded and luminous look.
  5. Baby Doll (Doll): False eyelashes are designed in a doll style, to enhance the curl and thickness from the middle to the outer corner of the eye, creating an innocent and adorable look.
  6. Squirrel (Squirrel): This style of eyelash extensions focuses on creating uniqueness and originality, with the eyelashes attached to the natural eyelashes according to a lashes map with uneven eyelash length at the outer corner of the eye and near the eyelashes to create an attractive and individual look.

Each Eyelash Extension style gives the user a different look, reflecting their personality and personal style. Choosing the right eyelash extension style will help enhance each person’s natural beauty and express their own style.

How to Choose the Right Lash Style?

The Perfect Lash Styles For Every Eye Shape

To choose the right eyelash extension style chart, you need to consider your eye shape and makeup goals. If you want to create a natural look, you should choose medium to long eyelash extensions with naturally arranged lashes. For a seductive and vibrant look, thick and curled eyelash extensions are a good choice. And especially, you must choose the type of eyelash extensions that suits your eye shape to help create a natural, attractive or unique eyelash effect.

Below are ways to help you choose the right eyelash extension style for your current eye shape, let’s explore!

  1. For upside down eyes, we need to create balance and increase the prominence of the eyes. Lash lengths from 7-12mm are the best choice, helping to create interesting and classy eyes without making them look heavy or unnatural. To achieve the best results, you should experience natural lash mapping style.
  2. With downturned eyes, our goal is to make the eyes look both prominent and enhance the overall shape of the eye. Choosing eyelash extensions with a length of 6-12mm is the best choice, creating elongation and balance for the eyes without making the eyes look lower and more folded down. Squirrel lash mapping style is the best choice for downturned eyes.
  3. For round eyes, the goal is to lengthen and curve the eye. Choosing eyelash extensions from 7-15mm is the best choice, helping to create significant enhancement and draw attention to large, round eyes without making them look smaller and coarser. To create attraction and personality, you should choose a cat lash mapping style for round eyes.
  4. For almond-shaped eyes, we need to create balance and highlight natural beauty. Choosing an eyelash extension length of 7-11mm is the ideal choice, creating a natural and sophisticated look without making the eyes look too long or too thick. Use baby doll lash mapping style to enhance the roundness and charm of almond-shaped eyes.
  5. For the close-set eye look, the goal is to widen the distance between the eyes. Choose eyelash extensions between 7-11mm to create contrast and draw attention to the center of the eyes, without making them look too wide open. Cat lash mapping style will also suit this eye shape.
  6. With wide-set eyes, we need to create narrowness and focus attention in the middle of the eye. Choosing eyelash extensions from 7-12mm is the ideal choice, helping to create balance and appeal to the eyes without making the distance between the eyes look too distant. Doll eye lash mapping style is also a good choice for wide-set eye designs.
  7. Hooded eyes need to make the eyes look bigger and more defined. Eyelash extensions from 7-11 mm are a good choice, helping to create a round and full appearance, making the eyes look clearer and bigger. Natural lash mapping style will also create confidence and attraction for this eye shape.
  8. With Monolid eyes, we want to create eyes that open up and attract the eye. Choose eyelash extensions from 6-12mm to create larger eyes, and choose eyelash extensions with a prominent curl to create more depth to the eyes. Fox lash mapping style will be a suitable choice for Monolid eye style.
  9. Finally, with Deep-set eyes, we need to create a feeling of standing out and attracting attention. Eyelash extensions with a length of 8-15mm help create impressively long eyelashes to create confidence, without losing the natural beauty of deep eyes. Experience natural lash mapping style to create a new look for your Deep-set eye shape.

In addition, when deciding to choose the right eyelash extension style for your eye shape, you can also consult beauty experts to ensure that your choice is best suited to the features of your eyes.

Instructions for choosing the right type of eyelash extensions for each eye shape

Eyelash Extension Method

When choosing an eyelash extension technique to beautify your natural eyelashes, the first thing is to understand your eye shape to create the most harmonious and natural beauty for your eyes. Below are the most popular eyelash extension methods today that you should know:

  1. Classic eyelash extensions: This is the most basic and natural type of eyelash extensions. By connecting a false eyelash to a real eyelash in a 1:1 ratio, this eyelash style creates the most natural feeling, with perfect thickness and curl.
  2. Volume eyelash extensions: This type of eyelash extension uses many light and thin false eyelash fans that are attached to real eyelashes. This technique uses 2D, 3D, 4D, 5D and 6D eyelash extensions to create thickness and fullness of lashes. The result is lashes that look vibrant and beautiful.
  3. Hybrid eyelash extensions: Combining Classic and Volume eyelash extensions, Hybrid eyelash extensions create a harmonious combination of natural eyelashes and thickness from the fan. This helps create natural and full lashes, giving the eyes great beauty.
  4. Mega Volume eyelash extensions: With this type of eyelash extension, use false eyelashes that are thicker than volume eyelashes to create thickness, curl and vibrancy for the eyelashes. By using 7D, 8D, 10D and larger lashes, this lash style creates the perfect curve and brings attractive beauty to the eyes.
  5. Wispy eyelash extensions: This type of eyelash extension will help your eyelashes look more impressive. By combining lash fans of different lengths and curls, the Wispy lash style creates greater lash density and volume. Thanks to this, your eyelashes will look attractive with long and noticeable lashes on each lash.

These eyelash extension methods have become hot trends in the beauty industry and are great suggestions for you to change your eyelash style in a fresh and impressive way. Try it and enjoy the feeling of confidence and charm that these eyelash extensions give you!


In today’s modern life, taking care of and enhancing your beauty is becoming an indispensable trend. And in the list of elements that create perfect beauty, long, curved and thick eyelashes are an element that cannot be ignored. With the development of the beauty industry, eyelash extension has become a popular solution to get beautiful eyes quickly and easily.

However, choosing the right eyelash extension style can be difficult and confusing for many people. That’s why the eyelash extension style chart was born to navigate and advise users from A-Z. This panel provides an overview of lash types, including length, curl, and thickness. This helps users have an overview of different eyelash styles and decide on a style that suits their personal needs and priorities.

Not only does it provide guidance and advice in choosing an eyelash style, the eyelash extension style chart also plays an important role in improving the user’s beauty and confidence. Thanks to this adjustment chart, they can find the right eyelash extension style to enhance the natural beauty of their eyes. The length of eyelash extensions can create a natural or dramatic feel, the curvature of the eyelashes helps highlight the sharpness of the eyes and the thickness of the eyelash extensions helps create a bold and lasting effect for the eyelashes.

Through the useful information that KTV Lashes shared above, we hope to help you understand the eyelash extension style chart in the most detailed way and help you choose the type of eyelash extensions that best suits eyelash extension needs of each customer.