The Best Promade Lash Fans (Handmade Fans) in 2024

The Best Promade Lash Fans

The year 2024 is an important mark for the eyelash extension manufacturing industry, especially the Promade Lash Fans product line (also known as Handmade Fan lashes). In an era of constantly developing technology, the popularity of automatic methods of producing eyelash extensions has become a common trend. However, handmade lash extension products are created thanks to the meticulousness and sophistication of professional technicians with many years of experience, which technology cannot replace.

With the goal of bringing the most perfection and essence to women’s beautiful eyes, KTV Lashes has constantly innovated to bring the Best Promade lash fans collection in 2024. Created entirely by professional technicians, each Promade lash fan of KTV LASHES is made 100% by hand, from choosing high-quality materials such as faux mink, pro-silk, Pro mink,… to specialized adhesives. Using high quality products, along with a meticulous and technically correct eyelash creation process.

Promade Lash Fans 1

One special and notable thing about our Promade Fan Lash is our commitment to the best quality on the market. Meticulousness and the guarantee of beautiful uniform eyelash spread, natural thin and light eyelash structure, comfortable to use, and good glue absorption at the eyelash roots, have been our top priorities in the process of creating all types of Promade lash fans. We are committed to bringing customers eyelash extensions that are not only beautiful but also the most comfortable and natural.

More and more women are looking for more natural beauty, and KTV LASHES’ Promade Fan lashes are the top choice. With the effort and dedication put into each lash fan, we are confident that Promade Fan lashes (Handmade Fans) will be the best product to help women express their own style and personality through each type of eyelash extension.

With recent successes and positive reviews from customers, we believe that our Promade Lash Fans (Loose Fans) will continue to be the best choice for beautiful and attractive eyelashes. In 2024, we believe that the TOP 5 Promade Fan lash products below will be prominent trends, and KTV Lashes will constantly improve and develop this completely handmade eyelash extension product line.

1. Promade Dark Fans – The Best Promade Loose Fans

Promade Dark Fans
Promade Dark Fans

The Promade lash fan product that we want to introduce to customers is Promade Dark Fans. This is the best-selling Handmade lash fan line at our KTV Lashes manufacturer. This product is 100% handmade by a team of highly skilled technicians. Each Promade Dark Fan has outstanding advantages such as a long eyelash shaft, thin and pointed parts, and good glue suction, helping to create the most beautiful and durable eyelash extensions.

Have a look at our Dark Handmade fan:

  • Super Black
  • Super soft
  • Basepoint
  • Matte fan lashes

Feel the difference with other products. These fans are evenly spread, and beautiful and will be even more amazing when you put it on your customer’s eyes.

Committing that our eyelash materials do not contain toxic substances such as Latex or Formaldehyde, KTV Lashes’ handmade lash fans are 100% vegan, ensuring absolute benignness for the eye skin of all customers.

Customers who want to have beautiful, thick, voluminous, and attractive eyelashes cannot miss KTV Lashes’ handmade volume lash products 8D, 10D, 15D, 20D, 30D. Promade lash fans are extremely soft and light. When using eyelash extensions, it will help create beautiful eyelashes and increase the ability to keep them longer than regular eyelashes.

A box of Promade lash fans has up to 1000 lash fans, customers can choose the length of the eyelash fans from 8mm to 20mm and the curvature from C, CC, D, DD to L, M. Thanks to the variety of lengths and curvature of this handmade lash fan makes eyelash extensions for customers easier and faster than ever.

2. Mixed Promade Dark Fans

Mixed Promade Dark Fans (1)
Mixed Promade Dark Fans

Mix Promade fans 3in1 of KTV Lashes provides customers with a trio of Promade lash fans with different or the same sizes for customers to choose from such as: Mix(10,11,12)mm, Mix(12,13, 14)mm, Mix(13,14,15)mm, Mix(15,16,17)mm, Mix(8,9,10)mm, Mix(9,10,11)mm,… Single(8) ,8,8)mm, Single(9,9,9)mm,… to help them experience eyelash extensions with many different sizes of eyelashes and create many impressive and unique eyelash extension designs to each of their customers.

Experience KTV Lashes’ Mix-Length Handmade Fans 3in1 products such as Mixed Promade Fan 8D, 10D, 15D and 20D, customers will be satisfied with these handmade lash fans because they are completely handmade by highly skilled employees, have the advantage of being thin, light and water resistant, helping these Promade lash fans adhere very firmly to customer’s natural lashes. When applying eyelash extensions, using Promade volume fans will help create thick, beautiful eyelashes and also have the ability to keep the shape long-lasting.

3. Colour Promade Fan Lashes (Colour Handmade Fans)

Colour Promade Fan Lashes

Color Promade Fan Lashes (Colour Handmade Fans) is a category of extremely beautiful, unique and creative handmade lash fan products that KTV LASHES wants to introduce to all customers who love eyelash extensions. Thanks to being created entirely by hand, these lash fans not only bring meticulousness and sophistication but also highlight the unique beauty of the eyes.

A notable difference of Color Promade Fan Lashes is the diverse and beautiful colors. Instead of just the usual black or brown eyelashes, these colored eyelashes are made up of eyelashes with eye-catching colors and are always updated with the latest color trends on the market. Vibrant colors such as green, blue, pink, purple and many other gentle pastel colors will help add vibrancy and personalization to everyone’s eyes.

Color Promade Fan Lashes are not only an eyelash beautification accessory but also a way for customers to discover and express their personality. Customers can choose lash fans with colors that match their outfit and makeup to create a unique highlight. Besides, using color promade lash fans also helps give customers confidence and a joyful spirit in daily life.

With KTV LASHES’s Color Promade Fan lashes 8D, 10D, 15D, 20D, 30D, customers can not only create a unique personal style but also participate in the continuous beauty trends of the eyelash extension industry.

4. Mixed Colour Promade Lash Fans

Mixed Colour Promade Lash Fans

Mixed Color Promade Lash Fans 3 in 1 or 5 in 1 will be unique and notable product lines in the eyelash beauty industry. Created entirely by hand, these colored eyelashes bring meticulousness and sophistication, highlighting the unique beauty of each customer’s eyes.

The special feature of Mixed Color Promade Lash Fans is the rich and diverse colors in one product box. The lash fans are designed with different colors in the same eyelash box, with the option of three or 5 different lash fan colors in one eyelash box, to be convenient to use and meet the customer’s color eyelash extension needs. The use of color in lash fans helps create interest and highlights for the user’s eyes.

Mixed Color Promade Lash Fans not only highlight unique beauty but also allow each individual to create their own style and personality. People can choose promade lash fans with colors that match their outfits to create confidence and creativity in expressing their own style.

Mixed Color Promade Lash Fans products are not only for beauty experts, but also for those who want to experiment and discover the new beauty of their eyes. Whether you have a rebellious and individualistic style, or wish to create a unique look for yourself, Mixed Color Promade Lash Fans will be the perfect choice for personal expression and creativity.

5. Narrow Promade fans

Narrow Promade Fans

Narrow Handmade fans 8D, 10D, 15D, 20D and 30D, are KTV Lashes’ premium lash extensions, 100% created by our professional eyelash extension technicians. Materials used to make these high quality promade lash fans include pro-silk lashes and diamond black glue.

The meticulous process of selecting eyelash materials has helped us create Handmade lash fans that are thin, soft, light and highly durable. Let KTV Lashes provide your customers with beautiful eyelash extension products of the best quality, helping you save a significant amount of time from creating your own lash fans and helping your eyelash business achieve desired success.

Detail Information about Narrow Handmade fan 8D, 10D, 15D, 20D and 30D

– One Length Per Box or Mix lengths 3in1: 8mm to 22m.

– Curl: C, CC, D, DD, L, M

– Thickness: 0.05mm or 0.03 Diameter

– 1000 fans per box.

– Suitable for Mega Volume eyelash extension technique

How do I choose the Best Promade Lash Fans?

When choosing Promade lash fan products, people need to consider the following factors to find the type of lash fan that suits their eye shape, real eyelashes and desired eyelash extension style.

1. Promade lash fans quality

You should choose Promade lash fans made from high-quality, highly durable materials such as silk eyelashes, faux mink eyelashes (made from high-quality PBT synthetic fiber) or real mink eyelashes, to help people choose the type of fan. Eyelashes are naturally soft, thin and do not cause eye irritation.

2. Natural eye shape

Everyone can choose the type of Handmade lash fans from 8D to 30D and the size, length, and thickness of the eyelashes to suit each customer’s eye shape and natural eyelashes. If customers have short eye shapes and small, sparse eyelashes, they can choose Dark Promade 8D and 10D eyelashes to increase the density and thickness of their eyelashes. If customers want to create thick, sharp and outstanding eyelash effects, they can choose Dark Promade 15D, 20D and even up to 30D eyelashes. Thanks to the matte black, no shine, rich matte, deep black, pure black, but Dark Handmade lashes help them create a bolder and more attractive eyelash effect.

3. Eyelash extension style and personal preferences

  • If people want to increase the color intensity of their eyelashes but still maintain the natural beauty and thickness of natural eyelashes, Promade Dark Fans 8D, 10D will be a great choice.
  • If you want to change the color of your eyelashes, choose handmade lash extensions with bright colors.
  • If the customer’s eyes are not single eyelids or drooping eyelids, they can try the experience of eyelash extensions with handmade narrow lash fans, to help the eyes look sharper and more attractive.

Benefits of Promade lash fans

Benefits Of Promade Lash Fans

Promade Lash Fan is 100% handmade from the skills of professional technicians, bringing many special benefits to users. Here are some important benefits that everyone should know about Promade fans (Handmade fans):

  • Save time: Promade lash fans are contained in each eyelash box of a specific size, helping eyelash extension artists easily choose the right type of lash fan and attach it to the customer’s eyelashes, thereby helping them save a considerable amount of time during the eyelash application process.
  • Uniform lash fans, good glue absorption: Because lash fans are handmade by experienced technicians, the quality and shape of each lash fan will be more uniform and beautiful than other types of lash fans. In particular, the glue absorption ability of handmade lash fans is much better than premade lash fans. This helps create professional and beautiful eyelash extension results.
  • Convenient for beginners: Promade lash fans are the ideal choice for eyelash extension beginners with an extremely simple method of applying eyelashes. People don’t need to learn the techniques of creating manual lash fans. Just use a Promade lash fan and dip it in a sufficient amount of glue, then apply to a natural eyelash, continuing the process until the eyelashes reach the desired thickness.
  • Diverse designs: There are many types of Promade lash fans available with a variety of sizes and curvatures, helping to create many different eyelash extension styles. Users can easily choose handmade lash fans that suit their style and personal eyelash extension desires.
  • Ensuring safety and comfort when wearing: Promade lash fans are often made from natural mink fibers, high-quality faux mink or silk eyelashes to help ensure absolute safety and benignity for the skin and eyelids, bringing a comfortable feeling when using.
  • Stable quality: With a strictly controlled handmade process, Promade lash fans provide stable and consistent quality in each lash fan created. Although it may seem more expensive than some other methods, the convenience and high quality of the Promade lash fans make its cost reasonable. Premade lash fans handcrafted with professional craftsmanship are not simply a product, but also a convenient and quality solution for beauticians and eyelash extension experts.

Promade fans vs Premade fans: which type is better?

Promade Fans Vs Premade Fans

Promade lash fans are 100% handmade, so each Handmade lash fan will be placed in a box individually. This helps ensure the naturalness and quality of each lash fan, helping each handmade lash fan to be used easily and quickly when applied to each natural eyelash.

Meanwhile, Premade lashes are both handmade and apply heat pressing technology to create each line of eyelashes. Each Premade Fan lash box will contain each eyelash line, the fan lash fibers are arranged evenly and beautifully on each eyelash line. Premade lash fans often have many options in length, thickness and curl, suitable for every person’s eyelash extension needs and style. However, to apply premade lashes to natural eyelashes, the eyelash technician will use tweezers to separate each premade lash fan from the eyelash line, so the eyelash extension process takes more time than using promade lashes.

In terms of selling price: the price of Premade lash fans is usually cheaper than Promade lash fans thanks to being manufactured using advanced technology and not requiring a complicated manual process like Promade lash fans.

Therefore, Fan Lashes Promade and Premade will have their own advantages to suit each person’s needs. Promade fan lashes create a more natural look and quality, but have a higher price and require manual effort. Premade lash fans are more convenient and come in many options, but quality and naturalness may be different. Depending on personal needs, everyone can choose the appropriate type of lash fan.


With the continuous development of technology and eyelash beautification style, Promade lash fans have proven their superiority and become a top choice for many people. And in 2024, KTV LASHES would like to send to our customers a collection of our top 5 best Promade lash fan products. With a commitment to quality and diversity, KTV LASHES has brought customers the most beautiful, natural and durable Promade lash fans on the eyelash extension market today.

Meticulously and delicately handcrafted by the skills of professional technicians, KTV LASHES Promade lash fans not only bring natural beauty but also show sophistication and creativity in eyelashes. Customers will find Promade lashes suitable for all eye shapes and eyelash extension styles, from natural and thick eyelashes to boldly colored lashes.

KTV LASHES always focuses on customer satisfaction and trust. We are committed to providing customers with the best, reliable Promade lash fans that meet all their needs. With meticulous attention to detail, variety of colors and shapes, KTV LASHES not only creates high quality handmade lash fan products but is also a reliable partner in enhancing beauty and confidence of customers.

Experience the best Promade lash fans of 2024 from KTV LASHES and discover a new world of charming and natural eyelashes. With the perfect combination of demand and quality, customers cannot help but love the perfection and confidence that our Promade lash fans bring.

Visit the KTV LASHES website or Facebook page to learn more about the best Promade lash fans of 2024 and to place your order. Let KTV LASHES be your trusted companion in your journey in finding the perfect beauty of your eyelashes.