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Promade Lashes Fan

Are you one of the eyelash extensions business units, eyelash extensions artist or individual customers looking for a simple and effective eyelash extension solution to create the most sparkling and seductive eyes? Promade lash fan is one of the top choices for those who want to have eyelash extensions to own thick and beautiful eyelashes without spending too much time and effort.

You don’t have to be skilled and spend hours creating each slim lash fan before applying eyelash extensions for a client. Now, promade lash fans have been completely handcrafted from the hands of experienced technicians to create complete “lash fans”. Therefore, promade lash fans are very popular with eyelash extensions establishments or individual customers. Let’s learn and discover from A- Z

What are promade lash fans?

What Are Promade Lash Fans

Promade lash fans are handmade lash fans that use heat to bond the lash roots together to create each complete lash fan. Instead of having to spend a lot of time and skill creating each lash fan to attach to real lashes, promade lash fans help you save more time and effort in attaching lashes. With promade lash fans, the lash fans are already finished and can be attached directly to real lashes to create full and seductive lashes. Currently, promade lash fans are very popular among beauticians and customers because of the convenience and efficiency that promade lash fans bring.

What are the outstanding advantages of promade lash fans?

What Are The Outstanding Advantages Of Promade Lash Fans

Currently, promade lash fan is an extremely reliable eyelash extension product for women, because promade lash fan has the following outstanding uses and advantages:

  1. Save time and effort on eyelash extensions: With promade lash fan, there is no need to spend time and skill to create each eyelash fan, must ensure the correct criteria such as: number of lashes/1 fan, fan size, lash style, … Instead, promade lash fans are pre-made and can be attached directly to the customer’s real lashes, helping eyelash extensions save more time and effort for the client.
  2. Create thickness and density for each lash: With promade lash fans, the lash fans will be attached to each real lash, can use multiple promade lash fans of different sizes to attach at the same time on the real lashes to create thickness and density for each client’s eyelash extensions.
  3. Creates even and soft lashes: If you choose promade fans lashes made with high-quality synthetic, mink or silk lashes, they will help create softer and more regular lashes.
  4. Long-lasting eyelash extensions: Promade lash fans are made entirely by hand and are usually made of high-quality lash materials, so their durability is much higher than other eyelash fans.
  5. No damage to real eyelashes: Attaching promade eyelash fans to real eyelashes when applying eyelash extensions does not hurt the real eyelashes, so there is no risk of damaging the inherent natural eyelashes.
  6. Convenient for beginners to learn eyelash extensions: Promade lash fan is very convenient for those who are just starting to learn and practice eyelash extensions, making it easier for them to apply eyelash extensions.
  7. Save cost of eyelash extensions: With promade lash fans, there is no need to buy many different types of eyelash extensions to create a beautiful pair of eyelashes, saving costs for customers.
  8. Wide range of Promade lash fan products: Promade lash fans are manufactured in many different sizes, curvatures and thicknesses, giving customers many options to create a pair of lashes to suit their own needs.
  9. Create naturally beautiful eyelash extensions: With promade eyelash fans, you can create a beautiful natural eyelash without being too fussy or too flashy.
  10. Easy to store and use: Promade lash fans are very easy to maintain and use, just keep them in a cool and dry place.

What is the difference between Premade, Promade and Handmade lash fans?

Premade Vs Promade Lash Fans

Promade fans and premade fans will definitely have many differences. As follows:

Premade lash fan

Premade lash fans are machine-made mi fans. To form a fan lash, the base of the lashes will be glued together with a minimal amount of glue. For inexperienced eyelash extensions, it is easier to use premade lash fan extensions for customers than using promade lash fans.

Promade lash fan

Promade Vs Premade Fan Lashes

Promade lash fans are handcrafted lash fans using heat to bond the lash roots together creating each lash fan. The price of promade lash fans is usually higher than premade lash fans.

=> The difference between premade lash fan and promade lash fan: is the way to connect the eyelash pins to form a lash fan. Premade lash fan is machined and the lashes are glued together. This makes the premade lash fan have a thicker base. The promade lash fan is handmade and the lashes are connected by heat, so it has a thinner and more pointed base. The two types of Premade and Promade lash fans are sometimes confused because of this small difference.

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The Best types of ProMade lash fans

The Best Types Of Promade Lash Fans

  1. PROMADE VOLUME LASH FANS: Helps create impressive thick, curved lashes, suitable for girls with strong personalities.
  2. XL & XXL PROMADE FAN TRAY: XL PROMADE FAN TRAY is a product with lash fan bands affixed to the label with specifications from 400-1000 fans depending on the different type. When transporting XL Tray fans, it will avoid maximum damage and ensure aesthetics to help take product photos and promote the brand. For lash fans XXL TRAY will have a capacity of twice as many fans as XL TRAY.
  3. LOOSE PROMADE FAN SINGLE & MIXED: Loose Promade Fan Singles are discrete fan mies that are separated from the fan wire. In each box, the lash fans only have the same length. Loose Promade Fan Mixes are separate fans that are separated from the fan wire, but in one box, the fans will have many different lengths, making it easier for eyelash extensions technicians to use multiple fan lengths to create eyelash extensions and impress customers.
  4. ULTRA PROMADE FAN / RAPID PROMADE FAN: are the lash fan straps that are not labeled with the same label as XL or XXL TRAY. But with the Ultra Promade fan / Rapid Promade fan box, it will help to hold more lash fan strings. One box can hold 1000 – 3000 Promade lash fans, this is a great way to help you buy large quantities of Promade lash fans but still save maximum on shipping costs.
  5. ULTRA-SPEED PROMADE FAN SINGLE & MIXED: Ultra-Speed Promade Fan Single box contains fans of the same length. As for the Ultra-Speed Promade Fan Mixed box, which includes lash fans of many different lengths, eyelash extensions can be used by many different fan lengths to create a unique pair of eyelash extensions for clients.
  6. COLOUR PROMADE FANS: In order for the eyelash extensions to stand out and make a difference, it is recommended to mix colored eyelash fans with other eyelash fans to increase the uniqueness, increase the shine of the eyelashes. Color eyelash extensions will help women become more personal and help create attractive eyes, captivating every look.
  7. NARROW PROMADE FANS: These eyelash fan lines are usually made from very thin, light materials, narrow eyelashes and a narrow lash fan with a spread of usually 1mm. Thanks to the feature that the narrow lash fans have a narrow spread, when attaching eyelashes, it will avoid the situation of causing confusion among fans.
  8. SPIKE PROMADE FANS: are the lash fans that are handcrafted from 4-5 fans together in a closed fan. If we do like that, we will have 1 spike generated. To create fan spikes, you can use the available narrow fans.
  9. WISPY PROMADE FANS: If you want to have the thinnest, smoothest and most impressive eyelashes, you should use a Wispy lash fan. Wispy fan is a hybrid eyelash extension created from a combination of individual lashes or closed fans with different lengths and curvatures. That way will help you get voluminous lashes with impressive long spikes.

Instructions on how to extend the most basic promade lash fan

To own beautiful lashes according to your style and personality, women in addition to choosing their favorite promade fan lines, let’s immediately learn the 4 most basic steps to extend promade fans lashes below:

1. Choose the right type of lashes, the size of the promade lash fan

First, you need to clearly determine what events you are eyelash extensions for. Because if it’s a big event that requires heavy makeup, choose the promade lash fan with larger size, more curvature and fan size from 5D or more. And if you like natural eyelash extensions, to make your eyes look more beautiful and attractive every day, you should choose small-sized fans from 2D, 3D, 4D, 5D… made from synthetic lashes, mink or silk.

2. Clean and prepare the eyelash extension tool

After you have selected the promade lash fans with the size and style of your lashes to suit your needs and preferences, you need to clean the tools that support eyelash extensions like tweezers, eyelash extension glue, etc. This helps to ensure the hygiene of your eyes. Prepare all the necessary tools during the eyelash extension process: Prepare different sized eyelash fans if you want to mix them when applying, cleaning paper, mirror, eyelash comb, …

3. Applying Promade lash fans

Types Of Lash Extensions Today
Applying Promade lash fans

When applying eyelash extensions, you need to make sure you have a big enough mirror and do it in a location with enough light. Attaching carefully and skillfully promade lashes to real lashes using eyelash extension glue to help an even and beautiful lashes.

4. Instructions on how to take care of promade  lash fans

Once you’re done with eyelash extensions, close your eyes for about 10-15 minutes to let the glue dry. In addition, closing your eyes and waiting for the glue to dry also helps you relax your eyes after a period of eyelash extensions. In particular, do not wash your face immediately after applying eyelash extensions.

The secret to taking care of promade lash fans at home must be remembered

How To Take Care Of Eyelashes

To have beautiful and long-lasting eyelashes after joining, you need to take care of them every day.

Avoid rubbing your eyes with your hands

Avoid rubbing your eyes with your hands to avoid eyelash loss. If you feel itchy eyes or accidentally have something in your eyes, use saline eye drops to relieve the itching.

Be careful when washing your face

When washing your face, pay attention to gently wash it with cold or warm water. Never rub the washcloth too hard into your eyes.

Abstain from water for 12 hours after eyelash extensions

After applying promade lash fans, you should abstain from water for at least 12 hours. This helps your lashes last longer.

No mascara and eyelash makeup remover

Once you’ve applied the promade lash fan, you don’t need to use mascara anymore because the lashes already have curl and thickness. In addition, do not use eyelash makeup remover to make the eyelashes last longer.

Wear glasses to the street in the early days of eyelash extensions

In the early days of eyelash extensions, women could wear glasses when going out to take care of their eyelashes to be more beautiful and durable. This helps prevent dirt from getting into the eyes and makes the cleaning process easier.

Limit the use of eyelash extensions nutrients

When using promade lash fans for eyelash extensions, you should limit the use of eyelash extensions nutrients. Because this lash fan has the advantage of being durable, you just need to gently wash your face and properly clean it to keep the durability of your eyelashes.

Brush your lashes after each day

Prepare an eyelash comb to brush your lashes after each day. This helps you have smoother, tangle-free, and more beautiful curved lash extensions.

Don’t forget your miles according to the schedule

Calendar lash miles are a secret to help women have even and beautiful lashes every day. Because any kind of lash fans after attaching for a long time will not retain the original beauty.

KTV Lash Factory – the best quality promade lash fans wholesale

If you are looking for a wholesale address for promade lash fans, don’t miss KTV Lash Factory. Because KTV Lashes is the wholesale address for many types of good quality promade lash fans with the cheapest prices on the current market. When buying promade lash fans at KTV lashes you are completely assured of the quality and price of the product, because:

The Best Quality Promade Lash Fans Wholesale

  • KTV Lashes specializes in manufacturing and supplying a large number of eyelash extensions, especially promade lash fans that are handcrafted by hands of technicians with long experience in the profession.
  • The company’s promade lash fan products are guaranteed to be of high quality, durable and beautiful. Committed to promade lash fans made from guaranteed materials, with absolute safety such as: synthetic eyelashes, mink eyelashes, silk eyelashes, … Say no to imitation goods, poor quality goods.
  • KTV Lashes’ promade fan lashes are very diverse in type, design, size and curvature. Therefore, KTV Lashes confidently serves all the search requirements of customers, eyelash extensions businesses or eyelash extension artists about a certain type of promade lash fan. In particular, KTV Lashes accepts to process all kinds of promade lash fans according to the exact number and types of fans required by the customer.
  • Do you want to have natural thick eyelashes or want to show off your sharp eyes with full, curled eyelashes, attractive, attractive colored eyelashes, etc. KTV Lashes will satisfy you and bring them to you. You have the most favorite types of promade lash fans.
  • Especially, if you want to become a lash extensions wholesale with the best price in the market, don’t hesitate to contact KTV Lash Factory for an extremely preferential wholesale price policy.
  • If you want to buy KTV Lashes’ promade lash fan products retail but at the cheapest price, please order at KTV Lashes’ website. Because the price on the website is very good compared to the current global eyelash extension market. The larger the quantity you buy, the better the discount will be for you.
  • If you do not know which types of eyelash extensions to buy, which are hot in the market, or want advice on the types of eyelash extensions that are suitable for each style, method and type of eyelash extensions, you will be advised by the experts. KTV Lashes experts give you free and enthusiastic advice.
  • Especially, support to ship worldwide quickly and ensure products reach customers.
  • Goods return policy is also very clear. Customers can exchange or return the product if the product is not the right model, size and material that they have ordered.

The best seller KTV Lashes Promade lash fan products in the current

Pro-made lash fan is a new generation lash fan creation technique that brings today’s highest quality lash fans, which will not make your eyelash extension clients fall in love with them. Let’s explore KTV Lash’s most popular promade lash fans!

1. Promade fan

Promade Fan

  • XL Promade fan Tray: 3D, 4D, 5D, 6D, 8D, 10D, 12D, 14D
  • XXL Double fan Tray: 3D, 4D, 5D, 6D, 8D, 10D, 12D, 14D
  • Loose fan Single (1000 FANS): 3D, 4D, 5D, 6D, 8D, 10D, 12D, 14D
  • Loose fan Mixed (1000 FANS): 3D, 4D, 5D, 6D, 8D, 10D, 12D, 14D
  • ULTRA-SPEED Fan Single: 3D, 4D, 5D, 6D, 8D, 10D, 12D, 14D
  • ULTRA-SPEED Fan Mixed: 3D, 4D, 5D, 6D, 8D, 10D, 12D, 14

2. Color Promade fan

Color Promade Fan

  • XL Tray: 6D, 8D, 10D
  • Loose fan Single (1000 FANS): 6D, 8D, 10D
  • Loose fan Mixed (1000 FANS): 6D, 8D, 10D
  • ULTRA-SPEED Fan Single (1000 FANS): 6D, 8D, 10D
  • ULTRA-SPEED Fan Mixed (1000 FANS): 6D, 8D, 10D

3. Spike Promade fan

  • XL Promade fan Tray: 7D, 9D
  • XXL Double fan Tray: 7D, 9D
  • Loose fan Single (1000 FANS): 7D, 9D
  • Loose fan Mixed (1000 FANS): 7D, 9D
  • ULTRA-SPEED Fan Single 7D, 9D
  • ULTRA-SPEED Fan Mixed: 7D, 9D

4. Narrow Promade Fan

Narrow Promade Fan Lashes

Hope can help you have more promade lash extension fans products for business. And help your revenue increase to a new level from wholesale and retail of promade  lash extension fans or using a variety of promade lash fans for your eyelash extension service.

So, surely the information that we provide above has helped you understand what is promade lash fan? This is a handmade lash fan that uses heat to bond the lash roots together to create each individual lash fan. This type of fan is usually very durable and creates beautiful natural lashes that are suitable for many different eyelash extensions styles. Don’t miss KTV Lashes’ most popular collection of promade lash fans to help you choose the best quality promade fans bulk at the cheapest prices on the current market.

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