The Best Single Lash Extensions in 2024

The Best Single Lash Extensions In 2024

Single lash extensions are the most popular choice for beautifying women’s natural lashes. In particular, this is the eyelash extension product line that every eyelash extension technician must have to best meet all customers’ eyelash extension needs. In this article, we will learn about the best Single eyelash extensions for Classic and Volume lashes, as well as provide suggestions to help customers choose the most suitable Single lash extensions.

Best Single lash extensions for Classic lashes

For Classic lashes, there are two best choices: Classic Premium Faux Mink and Classic Pro Silk Lashes. The Classic Premium Faux Mink line delivers natural lashes with tapered tips, while the Classic Pro Silk Lashes deliver a softer, more seductive effect.

Detailed information about Single Classic lash extensions at KTV Lashes:

  • Thickness: 0.10/0.12/0.15/0.18/0.20
  • Curl: C, CC, D, DD, M, L
  • Length: 5mm – 22mm
  • Price: 3.5$/tray

Classic Premium Faux Mink

Single Lash Extensions For Classic Faux Mink

KTV factory’s mink lashes are of premium quality, extremely durable and sturdy, the materials imported from Korea and Japan. Among them, Classic Premium Faux Mink is very popular in classic and hybrid lash extension techniques.

Outstanding characteristics of Classic Premium Faux Mink by KTV Lashes: Super black, Super soft, Ultra natural, No kink on the top of lashes, making fans very very easy.

Classic Pro Silk Lashes

Single Lash Extensions For Classic Pro Silk

Classic Pro Silk Lashes use A – Classic silk protein, which is a natural polymer fibrin extracted from silk. It is much lighter and softer than synthetic lashes and minks. The outstanding advantages of Classic Pro Silk Lashes are: No Shine – Ultra Soft – Super Black – Natural look eyelashes.

Classic Colour Lash Tray

Single Lash Extensions For Classic Color

To make your Classic lash extensions stand out and attract, you cannot ignore our Classic Color Lash Tray product line. This Single lash is made from high-quality PBT material with softness and diverse eye-catching colors, giving customers many choices from pastel colors such as Pink, Purple, to outstanding colors such as yellow, Red, Blue, and Green,… Using colored lashes from KTV Lashes, we promise not to bring a feeling of clumping or discomfort to natural eyelashes, combined with classic lash extension techniques to ensure the eyelashes are not sticky or obstructing vision.

Best Single lash extensions for Volume lashes

If people like big, round, full and interesting eyes, Volume lash extensions are the perfect choice. In terms of the best Volume Single lash extensions, Volume Premium Faux Mink and Volume Pro Silk Lashes are both the best choices. These single volume lashes are extremely gentle and soft, easily create volume and easily apply to your natural lashes to create the effect of full, smooth lashes.

Detailed information about Single Classic lash extensions at KTV Lashes:

  • Thickness: 0.03/0.05/0.07
  • Curl: C, CC, D, DD, M, L
  • Length: 5mm – 22mm
  • Price: 3.5$/tray

Volume Premium Faux Mink

Single Lash Extensions For Volume Mink

Volume Premium Faux Mink is the perfect single lash extension line to create professional lash fans. Volume Premium Faux Mink has matte black, soft, no kink and with high-quality glue tape makes creating fans quick and easy. KTV LASHES is proud to offer the high-end Single lash extensions product line made from the best quality PBT synthetic fiber material on the market to help create soft, gentle, natural and attractive eyelashes.

Volume Pro Silk Lashes

Single Lash Extensions For Volume Silk

Volume Pro Silk Lashes are also the most popular product in the eyelash extension market, they help create thin, light base lashes that are extremely absorbent, making them the perfect choice for new eyelash extension artists.  Helps them speed up the completion of work and saves customers time on eyelash extensions.

Volume Colour Lash Tray

Single Lash Extensions For Volume Colour

Combining colored lashes when connecting volume and mega volume lashes will help technicians and customers express their unique beauty and creativity. To create lash fans with new and unique colors, technicians will use Single Volume Color Lash Tray products of different colors to create even and beautiful handmade lash fans that meet the preferences of colored lash extensions that your customer wants. Volume Color Lash Tray is used a lot in popular eyelash extensions such as: volume eyelash extensions, mega volume, katun, cat eye eyelash extensions,… Customers should choose bright colored eyelash extensions such as purple, red, blue, pink to help their eyes look more prominent, impressive and attractive.

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How do I choose the Best Single lash extensions?

How To Choose Single Lash Extensions

How do you choose the best Single Lash extensions for your clients? It’s important to consider the natural appearance and density of each client’s lashes.

  • If your lashes are sparse and thin, Single Classic Lash Extensions products such as Classic Faux mink and Classic Pro Silk, or Classic Color Lash Tray may be the ideal choice, as they provide full, beautiful lashes, more natural and attractive look.
  • If the customer already has thick eyelashes but wants to add fullness and attractive curl to the eyelashes, choose Single Volume Lash Extensions products made from Volume Faux mink or Volume Pro Silk materials, or you can choose Volume Color Lash Tray to create impressive beautiful eyes.

How to create eyelash extensions from Single lash extensions?

How To Apply Single Lash Extensions

  • First, prepare Single eyelash extensions with lengths, thicknesses and curvatures suitable for the customer’s eyelash extension needs.
  • Then, use tweezers to separate each lash or each cluster of eyelashes from the eyelash line.
  • Next, dip the eyelash root into specialized glue, remove excess glue from the eyelash root, then apply that eyelash to a real eyelash. If a cluster of eyelashes is pulled out of the eyelash line with tweezers, you should hold the tweezers to spread out the tip of the eyelashes, then dip the root of that cluster of eyelashes in specialized glue and apply it to a real eyelash.
  • Continue the process of applying eyelashes or eyelash clusters to each real eyelash, until the eyelashes reach the desired thickness and curl.

How to apply single lash extensions?

How To Apply Single Lash Extensions (1)

After choosing the type of eyelash extensions that suits the customer’s wishes, the next step is to apply eyelash extensions properly. To help create a classic lash effect or volume fan from eyelash extensions single lashes, this is a very popular technique in the eyelash extension process. Below is the procedure to properly apply single classic lashes or volume fan lashes for eyelash extension techniques:

  1. Prepare eyelash extension tools: Need to prepare single classic or volume lashes depending on the eyelash extension technique the customer has chosen, glue for single lashes and necessary eyelash extension tools such as lower eyelash pads ((Gel) eye pads), Eyelash Extension Tape, eyelash extension tweezers and eyelash separation tweezers (eyelash tweezers).
  2. Clean eyelashes and eyes: First, make sure the client’s eyelashes and the area around the eyes are clean, ready for eyelash extension application.
  3. Create an eyelash extension chart: Advise customers on eyelash extension methods that suit their eye shape and preferences. Next, draw an eyelash extension diagram for the eyelash style they desire.
  4. Attach eyelash extensions and natural lashes: Use tweezers to separate each lash from the single classic lash extensions line or separate each lash from the single volume lash extensions line to create volume lashes. Then, dip the base of the eyelashes into specialized eyelash extension glue and brush off the excess glue. Then, use eyelash extension tweezers to apply classic or volume fan lashes to each natural eyelash root. Do this process until you achieve your desired lash results.
  5. Check and correct: After attaching the single lash extensions to your natural lashes, check to see if they are even and beautiful. If there are any imperfections, you can adjust them by adding more eyelashes or editing unsatisfactory extensions, and complete the eyelash extension process, helping to bring customers the most even and beautiful lashes.

Can you apply single lash extensions under the lashes?

If you’re not sure if Single lash extensions can be applied to your lower lashes, the answer is yes! Single lash extensions can be applied to both the upper and lower lashes of your natural lashes, depending on the style of lash extension you want. Eyelash extensions on the upper and lower lashes will create a more complete, prominent and attractive eye.

How to remove single lash extensions?

How To Remove Single Lash Extensions

Finally, in removing Single lash extensions, it is important that you use specialized eyelash extension removal solutions that do not harm natural eyelashes. Using a special remover designed specifically for eyelash extensions will ensure the safe removal of eyelash extensions without causing damage to the natural eyelashes and eye area.


Through the best lash extensions from KTV LASHES manufacturer revealed above, Single lash extensions are a versatile choice to beautify natural eyelashes. Whether your client prefers a classic or full-bodied look, there are plenty of options available to them. By choosing the right type of eyelash extensions single and learning how to apply eyelash extensions correctly, you can create many beautiful, impressive and lasting eyelash extension results. Invest in the best Single lash extensions to enhance the beauty of your client’s lashes!