TOP 3 Premium Premade Mink Lash Fans

Premade Mink Lash Fans

Eyes are the windows to the soul, and we always want to open that window in the most beautiful way. And to help you do that easily, we are proud to introduce to you the Top 3 Super Black Mink Premade Lash Fans from KTV Lashes – The top quality eyelash extension manufacturer in Vietnam.

In today’s beauty world, owning attractive eyelashes is not only a trend but also an indispensable need. And to meet this, we have selected extremely special and impressive Premade mink fan product lines. Below are the Top 3 Premade Mink lash fan products not to be missed at KTV Lashes manufacturer, promising to bring you the most attractive and outstanding eyes.

1. Mink Premade fans Loose

Mink Premade Fans Loose

KTV Lashes introduces to customers a best-selling product among Premade Mink lash fans, which is: Mink Premade fans Loose (Single or Mixed). These Premade mink lashes are made from premium quality matte black mink hair. Mink lashes in Mink Premade fans Loose are very soft, thin and absorb glue well, ensuring the creation of the most naturally beautiful eyelashes and the adhesion of the lash fan is very good, helping the eyelash extensions adhere longer on natural eyelashes.

Mink Premade fans Loose products are available in each box that will contain up to 1000 Fans. Customers can choose from Premade lash fans from 3D to 14D to meet their personal needs and preferences.

In addition, KTV Lashes’ Mink Premade fans Loose also has a variety of lengths and curls, suitable for many different eyelash shapes. Each box of Mink Premade Loose fans has a specific length and curvature or can combine different lengths according to customer requirements. Length options range from 8mm to 20mm, and optional curvatures include C, CC, D, DD, L and M.

With Mink Premade fans Loose, customers can create beautiful and natural eyelashes that suit their style. This product not only commits to quality but also offers diversity and flexibility in creating different eyelash extension styles.

2. Mink Premade Fan XL Book Tray

Mink Premade Fan Xl Book Tray

Mink Premade Fan XL Book Tray types from 3D to 14D of KTV Lashes will help eyelash extension experts and eyelash extension beginners to perform eyelash extensions in the most convenient and easy way. Each KTV Lashes Mink Premade Fan XL Book Tray can hold up to 1000 lash fans. In addition, you can choose eyelash thickness (0.03, 0.05, 0.07), eyelash curl (C, CC, D, DD, M, L) and eyelash length (8mm – 20mm) to suit the eyelash extension needs of each customer. This allows you to create eyelash extensions that are beautiful, sophisticated, edgy and dramatic.

3. Mink Premade Fan Lash Rapid Tray

Mink Premade Fan Lash Rapid

KTV Lashes’ Mink Premade Fan Lash Rapid Trays product line is hand-crafted, giving you each beautiful and highly durable lash fan. We created each single Rapid lash line containing Premade Premium Mink lashes and placed them in each box, similar to how you handcraft each Premade mink lashes yourself.

This product will help you save time to create perfect handmade Mink Premade lash fans for your customers. You just need to take the Mink Premade lash fans from the eyelash line and apply the customer’s real eyelashes.

A box of Mink Premade Fan Lash Rapid Tray from KTV Lashes contains up to 1000 beautiful lash fans, enough for at least 5 sets of thick eyelashes. The special thing is that this eyelash box design allows you to store more eyelash fans and can hold from 1000 fans to 3000 fans without worrying about damage. This saves you a lot on shipping costs. Single Rapid Mink Premade fans have 6 different curvature and length options from 8mm – 20mm, helping you create many different styles of eyelash extensions while still helping your eyes look most natural and attractive.

What’s special about Premade Mink lash fans of KTV Lashes?

Mink Premade fans products of KTV Lashes manufacturer are made from high quality mink hair, bringing many outstanding advantages such as:

  • Soft mink lashes, a beautiful black color, help create natural and sharp eyelashes for the eyes. Mink lashes are also very light, and do not cause a heavy or uncomfortable feeling when attached to real eyelashes.
  • KTV Lashes’ Premade mink lashes have the ability to bloom steadily and steadily. This provides excellent and even eyelash extension results for all lashes. Another special feature is that the base of the mink fans is quite small, helping to create an extremely natural, gentle eyelash extension result that does not cause a heavy feeling to the eyes.
  • Premade Mink lash fans also have good glue retention ability. Good glue retention ensures that the mink fans will not come apart during use.
  • KTV Lashes eyelash extension manufacturer offers a wide selection of Premade Mink lash fans. Customers can choose from 3D to 20D mink eyelash effects depending on their wishes and personal eyelash extension style. In addition, our premade mink lash fans also have diverse thicknesses from 0.03, 0.05, 0.07,… and eyelash curls range from mild curls C, CC, D to strong curls DD, L, M, giving customers many choices that best suit their needs.

Premade Mink lash fans of KTV Lashes have special advantages such as super soft lashes, beautiful black color, even and stable lash fan opening, small lash fan base, strong adhesion with glue, and many options for diverse eyelash sizes. This product is worth a try for your beautiful and outstanding eyes.

Why should you buy Premade Mink Lash at KTV Lashes?

Premade Mink Lash Fans Of Ktv Lashes

Choosing Premade lash fans is not only the first thing we think of when we want to have attractive eyes, but also an important decision in terms of quality and comfort. In a market full of options, why should you choose Premade Mink Lash fans at KTV Lashes manufacturer? Let’s explore the following reasons:

  • Natural Mink quality: We are proud to be wholesale premade mink lash fans that produce Premade lash fans with high-quality natural Mink material. The eyelashes are light and soft, bringing a comfortable feeling to the eyes every time you use them.
  • Diversity and professionalism: You will never be limited by our diverse collection of premade mink lash fan products. From Loose Mink Premade fans to Mink Premade Fan XL Book Tray, along with Rapid Mink Premade Fan Lash Trays, we will satisfy all your mink lash extension needs.
  • Strict quality control: The production process of our premade mink lash fans is strictly controlled to ensure every product meets the highest standards. Professionalism and dedication in every step of creating beautiful and uniform premade mink lashes are our strengths.
  • Flexible and competitive price list: With a commitment to bringing the best value to customers, our Mink Premade Lash Fans product price list is designed to be flexible and competitive. You will always find the right fit for your budget.
  • Professional customer support service: Our customer support team is ready to answer all questions and assist you in the product selection process. We make your satisfaction our top priority.
  • Prestige and trust: KTV Lashes is not only the No. 1 eyelash extension manufacturer in Vietnam, but also a symbol of prestige and trust in the eyelash beauty industry. High appreciation from customers and partners is proof of our quality.

When choosing Premium Premade Mink Lash Fans at KTV Lashes, you not only invest in the product, but also experience the professionalism and class in every detail of the product. Let us accompany you on your beauty journey, creating attractive and classy eyes.