What are Narrow Lash Fans? What to know about Narrow Fans

Narrow Lash Fans

To own thick and beautiful lashes and sharp and attractive eyes, many women have resorted to modern eyelash extension methods. In particular, there are many different types of eyelash extensions for you to choose from. So, have you ever had eyelash extensions with narrow lash fans? What is special about the narrow fan eyelash extension method compared to other types of lash fans? Let’s find out in detail with KTV Lashes about Narrow fan lashes!

The Hottest Eyelash Extensions
Narrow lash fan extensions are one of the hottest eyelash extensions of 2023

What are Narrow lash fans?

Narrow fan has a fairly narrow eyelash spread, usually the spread distance between the lashes is 1mm, thanks to this narrow eyelash spreading feature, when eyelash extensions will avoid disturbances between eyelash fans, so using narrow fans to expand eyelashes will help increase smoothness, soft for customers’ eyes and helps create fuller, sexier lashes.

What Are Narrow Lash Fans

Narrow fans have a long body, narrow eyelash legs should allow for a wider area associated with natural lashes, providing thickness and thickness at the base and top of the lashes, making the lashes longer and fuller. This lash fan is especially suitable for people who have a lot of natural eyelashes and want to have more uniform and fuller lashes.

Outstanding advantages of narrow lash fans

Narrow Lash Fans
Curved, bold and even lashes from base to tip provide a natural, attractive beauty to the eyes thanks to narrow lash fan extension.

The reason why the current eyelash extension methods using narrow lash fan become a very hot beauty trend of young people is due to the following outstanding advantages:

  • Narrow lash fan extensions give you a curvy, thicker, longer and bolder lashes. Your eyes will become fuller, sharper, sexier and more attractive thanks to the
  • These eyelashes are quite thin and soft, so when attached to the customer’s real eyelashes, it will always bring a natural feeling that is not hard, so it helps the eyes become deeper, and especially creates a perfect beauty for eyes that have had many real eyelashes before.
  • Due to the large bonding contact area, the eyelash extension method using narrow lash fans will be more durable than other conventional lash extensions.
  • This eyelash extension using narrow fan lash is suitable for many faces and eyes with different features. Therefore, anyone can choose this eyelash extension method.
  • Narrow fan lashes extensions usually take place very quickly, safely, the price is also very reasonable, suitable for many different eyelash extension criteria of many customers.

Comparison of narrow fans and wide fans eyelash extensions

Comparison Of Narrow Fans And Wide Fans Eyelash Extensions
Narrow fan eyelash extensions and wide fan eyelash extensions are both modern eyelash extensions that help you improve thin lashes.

Narrow lash fans and wide lash fans are both types of lash fans used to attach eyelashes to customers, which can help them improve their thin, weak lashes. However, each type of lash fan will have its own characteristics, uses, and eyelash extension styles are also diverse to suit different standards of a beautiful eyelash extension.

Wide fan eyelashes are types of fan lashes that have a short eyelash body, a wide base of lashes, and a fan’s upper body that spreads wider than narrow lash fans. Modern eyelash extension techniques such as volume lash extensions, classic lash extensions, hybrid lash extensions often use wide lash fans that will make lash extensions look more voluminous while making lashes softer and more natural. Using wide fan lashes also helps the eyes bring a clearer and lighter and more natural beauty than other types of lash fans.

Difference Wide And Narrow Fan Lash Extensions
The difference between wide fan lash extensions and narrow fan lash extensions

Unlike wide lash fans, narrow lash fans use longer lashes, smaller and narrower bases to make lashes thicker, longer, bold, curvy and fuller. The eyelash extension effect using narrow lash fans will make the eyes sharper, more impressive and more attractive. In particular, narrow lash fans are very suitable for those of you who have a lot of real eyelashes. Depending on the customer’s current eyelashes, the eyelash extension technician can advise the customer to choose the right lash extension fan for their eyes.

Which narrow lash fans should be right for you?

Outstanding Advantages Of Narrow Lash Fans
Eyelash extensions using narrow lash fans are a simple and safe beauty method for women.

Currently, there are many types of narrow lash fans on the eyelash extension market. In order for you to choose the narrow lash fan style that suits the eyelash extension style you like, you can refer to the eyelash extensions lines such as: Narrow lash fans 4D, Narrow lash fans 5D, Narrow lash fans 6D, Narrow lash fans 7D, Narrow lash fans 8D, Narrow lash fans 9D, etc. These lash fans have different thickness, so the effect after eyelash extensions will be significantly different. So you need to consider which type of narrow lash fans to use before deciding to apply eyelash extensions.

  • If you want to own a pair of eyes with moderate thickness lashes and want eyelash extensions that will bring natural and gentle beauty, you can choose Narrow fans from 3D to 5D
  • For those of you who love thick, curved lashes, bold and impressive eyelash contours, you can choose narrow lash fans 8D, 9D, 14D, 16D, etc. Thicker, more curled eyelashes, thereby giving you sharp, impressive and extremely attractive eyes…

Who should not abuse eyelash extensions with narrow lash fans?

Eyelash extensions using narrow lash fans are a simple and safe beauty method. Almost all women can use this method of eyelash extensions to improve the limitations of sparse, short, irregular eyelashes, thereby bringing more beautiful and attractive eyelashes. However, you should not overdo the method of eyelash extension using the narrow lash fans often to change the eyelash style, because eyelash extensions many times in a short time will easily cause real eyelashes to be damaged and broken a lot. According to health and beauty experts, you should only apply eyelash extensions once every 2 months.

For those who are allergic to the ingredients in the eyelash extension glue, false eyelash fillers, etc., or those who are prone to irritation, damage to the real eyelashes,… should not abuse the methods. In addition, if you are suffering from eye pain or corneal damage, you should not abuse the method of eyelash extensions using this narrow lash fan.

The fastest narrow eyelash extension guide

In order for narrow lash fan extensions to achieve the highest aesthetic effect and safest for customers, eyelash extensions artists usually perform the following basic steps:

Choose the right type of eyelashes and the appropriate narrow lash fan size

Choose Type Narrow Lash Fan

Eyelash extension technicians need to examine and discuss with customers before applying the method of eyelash extensions using narrow lash fans. Based on the wishes of eyelash extension customers to choose the type of eyelashes, the narrow fan size is the most suitable.

In addition, eyelash extension technicians need to rely on the characteristics of the customer’s eyes, face, and real eyelashes to give the most appropriate advice on eyelash type, eyelash style, eyelash extension material,… to create the best aesthetic effect for 2 eyelash extensions.

Clean and prepare eyelash extensions

After agreeing to choose the type of eyelashes, the size of the narrow lash fan is suitable for the customer, the eyelash extensions specialists will conduct proper eye hygiene. Specialized eyelash extension tools must also be fully prepared, ready, and disinfected according to standards to ensure the most convenient, safe and effective eyelash extension process.

Carrying out narrow fan eyelash extensions

Carrying Out Narrow Fan Eyelash Extensions
Depending on the face and natural eyelash characteristics, customers can use different types of narrow lash fans.

The staff will use specialized eyelash extension tweezers, glue, and a narrow number of fans to conduct eyelash extensions. The narrow lash fans usually have long bodies and small eyelashes that will be carefully attached to the real lashes of the customer. The fans are cleverly attached with the right amount of glue, according to the standards. Ensure that after performing narrow lash fan extensions, the customer’s eyelashes will be longer, thicker and have a more beautiful curvature. Normally, a narrow lash fan extension will be conducted in a period of 40 to 60 minutes.

Notes after narrow lash fan extensions

In order for the lashes to be even, beautiful and durable, after eyelash extensions using narrow fans, the eyelash extension technician needs to guide the customer to take care of the eyelash extension in a scientific and effective way. Some notes that customers need to put in their bags after eyelash extensions are as follows:

  • When applying eyelash extensions, customers should only blink gently, do not blink strongly to ensure that the eyelashes are fixed and do not fall or break.
  • When waking up, the client opens her eyes slowly to avoid having a strong impact on the eyelash extensions.
  • It takes a period of 24 hours to 34 hours to help the eyelash glue dry completely, helping the customer’s eyes to work more stable and durable after that.
  • In the period from 24 hours to 34 hours after eyelash extensions, customers should not use eye cream or serum because the eyelash glue is not yet dry. If using cream or serum during this time will cause the eyelashes to be misaligned, the glue will easily come off.

Instructions for maintaining the most durable narrow lash fan after eyelash extensions

Eyelash Extensions Using Narrow Lash Fans

According to beauty experts, in order for eyelash extensions to retain the best durability, eyelash fans do not fall or drift, eyelash extensions customers need to take measures to protect care after eyelash extensions such as:

  • Do not rub your eyes with your hands because it will cause the eyelash extensions to fall off, deviate, and the eyelashes will not be as aesthetically pleasing as the first time they were attached.
  • If customers use narrow lash fans, they should not use makeup remover for the eye area for 3 days of eyelash extensions.
  • To prevent eyelashes from falling out during sleep, the client should lie on their back instead of on their side.
  • After finishing eyelash extensions, customers should often wear glasses when going out to protect their eyelashes well.

How much does eyelash extensions with narrow lash fans cost?

Narrow Lash Fans Cost
Each different type of narrow lash fan extension will have a different service price

Before eyelash extensions, customers will be given specific quotes by eyelash extensions for each method of eyelash extension and each type of eyelash extension. If you want to use narrow lash fans, the staff of eyelash extension establishments will conduct a test of your real eyelashes and discuss specifically about the customer’s eyelash extension needs from which to choose the most suitable type of narrow lash fan. The price list of the eyelash extension service at each eyelash extension unit will be quoted as high or low depending on the type of eyelash and the method of eyelash extension that the customer chooses.

The more eyelash extension fans, the higher the price of eyelash extension service. Normally, at eyelash extension stores, the price of narrow lash fan extensions can range from $20 to $40. This is the lowest price for eyelash extensions on the current market, many narrow fan eyelash extensions will have higher service prices.

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KTV Lashes – The place that provides the most prestigious, best quality narrow lash fan in the current

The Best Quality Narrow Lash Fans
KTV Lash is the most prestigious retail and wholesale address of narrow lash fans

KTV Lashes is one of the leading eyelash extension manufacturers in Vietnam. The narrow lash fan lines at KTV Lash all ensure the best quality, committed to being safe for all users’ skin. Narrow lash fans are handcrafted from the hands of highly skilled technicians, so they are guaranteed to meet the standards of each model, size,… KTV Lashes brings a wide variety of narrow lash fans to the market with many extremely good and competitive prices.

With a team of highly skilled professionals, and advanced tools to help create narrow lash fans, KTV Lash will surely produce extremely quality products. Buying wholesale and retail narrow lash fans at KTV Lashes, you will receive many benefits such as:

  • Narrow lash fans at KTV Lashes provide your customers with beautiful, thick, bold lashes with a variety of curls, sizes and lashes
  • Using eyelashes, eyelash extension tweezers and KTV Lashes’ narrow fan glue will help ensure that the quality of eyelashes is safe and durable than other suppliers.
  • A team of enthusiastic and dedicated consultants will help businesses, owners of eyelash extensions or individual customers choose the type of narrow fans that best suits real eyes and eyelashes, bringing aesthetic effects as expected.
  • The selling price of narrow lash fans at KTV Lashes is extremely preferential and cheapest in the current market but still ensures the best quality as per your expectations.

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All the detailed information about narrow lash fans that we shared above, hope to help your customers better understand this type of fan eyelashes. From there, helping customers with eyelash extensions own fuller, more beautiful, attractive and attractive eyelashes. KTV Lashes is committed to bring you the best quality narrow fan lash extensions on the current market, don’t miss it!

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