Review TOP 10 Best Current Lash Vendors On The Market

Lash Vendor

The eyelash extension profession is currently one of the very “HOT” industries in which women are extremely popular. Therefore, finding quality Lash Vendors in the market is often of great interest. In the article, we will help you review some of the most reputable eyelash extension supplies available, so that you have a more intuitive view of the wholesale eyelash extension market.

What are lash vendors?

Eyelash extensions are becoming a beauty trend across the globe and are extremely loved by young people. Therefore, the trend of eyelash business is focused on promoting eyelash wholesale stores to meet the needs of customers, considering this as the opportunity with the most potential for development in the field of beauty today.

Accordingly, Eyelash supplies or Lash Vendors act as an important link for the supply chain of goods to eyelash extension stores, beauty establishments, … help partners’ eyelash extension services achieve the best efficiency. You can collaborate with 1 or more suppliers to ensure a stable source of eyelash extensions at competitive prices in the current eyelash extension market.

How to find the most reputable Lash Extension Vendors?

Today, when the eyelash market is always sought after by customers and partners. Thanks to the development of technology 4.0, finding eyelash vendors has also become easier. Eyelash supplies companies are growing more and more to create market share as well as affirm the quality of eyelash extension products that are very hot in the global market.

Below, we will suggest you the 2 best ways to find the best and most reputable eyelash vendors:

1. Search for reputable eyelash vendors on search engines

Searching engines such as Google, Microsoft Bing have become effective assistants of shop owners or eyelash extensions businesses. This is also a simple way for you to find quality eyelash suppliers at the best price in seconds.

Search For Reputable Lash Vendors On Search Engines
Find quality eyelash dealers worldwide via Google

However, you need to be selective in the TOP 10, TOP 5 or TOP 3 of the highest rated eyelash wholesaler to contact to exchange information about eyelash extensions as well as prices before starting to cooperate with suppliers. Because this will help you get a good source of quality eyelashes at the cheapest negotiable price possible.

If searching via Google, enter an approximate keyword such as:

  • “good lash vendors”, “best wholesale lash vendors”, “best lash vendors”, …
  • “lash vendors Usa”, “lash vendors Vietnam”, “lash vendors China”, …
  • “Where can I find a vendor for eyelashes?”
  • “What should I look for in a lash vendor?”

In addition, it is very effective to use Google Maps or images to find the nearest eyelash vendors to you. This way, you will find the right address and learn about quality eyelash products in a practical way so that you can start your eyelash extension business.

Besides Google and Bing, many people also find eyelash vendors through famous local search engines such as – China, – Russia, especially Alibaba. In particular, shop owners and businesses often choose to post “questions – RFQs” on Alibaba instead of searching for keywords to actively exchange directly with good-priced eyelash extension supply vendors.

2. Search for eyelash vendors on forums, social networks

Search For Lash Vendors On Forums, Social Networks

Through forums and social networks, you can find a lot of pages and groups related to the field of wholesale eyelashes and social networks will help you access quality and extremely affordable cheap eyelash vendors worldwide. With the help of experienced people in the eyelash industry in groups of Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, … In addition, going to trade fairs related to the eyelash extension industry is also an opportunity for you to find the best, quality eyelash vendors on the market.

Some conferences specializing in eyelashes you cannot miss are:

  • Bella Lash Trade Show – Year-round in the USA
  • International Esthetics Conference – New York / Las Vegas …

How to determine if the eyelash vendor is good?

There are many criteria to evaluate a good eyelash extension vendor including: price, product quality, customer service, customer preferential policies, … Specifically as follows:

1. Price from Lash vendors

The price of the product and the method of payment are two important criteria to help you decide if it is the best eyelash supply vendor. You should have a quotation list of many different vendors to make comparisons in case the quality is similar but the price is different, then you should consider and choose the cheapest eyelash wholesale vendors.

Accordingly, you let the eyelash wholesale vendors commit that the selling price of eyelash products should always be stable over time, and the price accuracy of invoices and orders should be at a small difference. In addition, the estimated cost should not vary significantly from the final order invoice.

Besides, when there is a change in eyelash price, the eyelash vendors must promptly notify you. An eyelash vendor who is using an installment or one-time payment method will let you know exactly if your eyelash wholesale business is stable or not.

2. Quality of eyelash products

The Most Popular Eyelash Extensions On The Market

To create high-quality eyelash extensions products, eyelash vendors must build a closed production process and ensure absolute safety. The most common materials used to produce eyelashes are:

  • Eyelashes made from hair
  • Eyelashes made from synthetic fibers
  • Eyelashes made from mink hair
  • Faux mink eyelashes
  • Silk eyelashes, …

3. Eyelash production process must be up to standard

Eyelash creative specialists will begin to prepare materials and tools to create eyelashes, then classify eyelashes according to the standard regulations of each type of model according to the specified size. To lashes sizes exactly as required by order, lashes will be cut on a flat cutting board, removing excess. The curl of the eyelashes will also depend on the requirements of the order and the process of curling the eyelashes. The curvature of false eyelashes is evaluated according to the following criteria: J, B, C, D, DD, CC, L, L + and M.

The specialist continues to choose a mold for the eyelashes, curls the eyelashes into the tool and tightly wraps the eyelash curler to put in the dryer. After obtaining the curled eyelashes according to the specified standards, the eyelash artist will cool the eyelashes and then transfer to the processing process. The step of gluing eyelashes on the blister/label (Label), or each eyelash extension fan requires the specialist to be skillful to create eyelash labels, different eyelash trays according to the requirements of each order. Includes 6 line, 8 line, 12 line label or most used 16 line label and last 20 line label. And fan eyelashes can be 2D, 3D, 4D, 5D, 6D, … corresponding to the requirements of each order.

The final inspection stage determines the quality of the finished eyelash product. The specialist will evaluate the straightness – curvature – evenness of each eyelash and return unsatisfactory products to the original part. Next, the eyelash vendors will put the product in a paper box/plastic box to create a finished, beautiful product.

4. The most popular eyelash extensions on the market should be imported for business

The Most Popular Eyelash Extensions On The Market (2)

We will suggest you some of the most popular eyelash extensions on the market that will have the potential to be profitable such as:

  • Mink and faux mink eyelashes: These two eyelash product lines have natural thinness and curl, and have a longer service life than traditional (classic) lashes.
  • Silk eyelashes (silk – silk): Silk eyelashes are most popular because of their lightness, elegant eyelashes that create charm for women’s eyes.
  • Eyelashes made from hair: This type of eyelashes has the same thickness as real eyelashes, is smoothed evenly and beautifully, with softness and gentleness, suitable for many eye styles. However, when attached to the eyes, it will not be as beautiful as faux mink eyelashes and synthetic eyelashes.
  • Synthetic eyelashes: This is the most popular type of eyelash extension today thanks to its shine, smoothness and beauty, there are many types of standards to suit all eyelash extension needs of customers and especially the price is also affordable. Businesses can choose this one to increase profit than ordinary eyelashes.

5. Customer care services of eyelash vendors

To evaluate quality eyelash vendors or not, you absolutely must not ignore the customer service policy. A reputable manufacturer will always ensure the best sales policies such as: satisfaction, caring process with partners in the most thoughtful and careful way.

6. Promotion program from Lash Vendors

Promotion Program Form Lash Vendors

Discount policies, incentives for products or orders, costly and no-cost delivery is also a criterion to evaluate whether the eyelash vendors are worth your long-term cooperation. Many manufacturers will offer sales and apply discounts or support their partners through exchange and training programs for partners.

Therefore, you must consider the above 6 issues from the supplier including before, during and after the transaction. Documents, goods policy, time – order production cycle, quantity of eyelashes in stock and warranty policy, complaints, …. After evaluating the operating structure of eyelash vendors, you will have an answer to whether or not they should import goods from that unit or not.

Should you choose Vietnamese, Chinese or American eyelash vendors?

Should You Choose Vietnamese, Chinese Or American Lash Vendors

The US and China are two large markets, possessing an abundant number of consumers, so eyelash vendors here run very actively. Most especially, the availability of materials and labor has created an opportunity for them to deploy a variety of eyelash designs to the market.

  • With Chinese companies, they can produce large quantities of eyelashes in a short and stable time with cheap prices. Partly thanks to the relatively low labor costs here. However, this will lead to a very high rate of competition between businesses, which significantly affects the quality of eyelashes sold in the market.
  • The US company’s eyelash products are more expensive than China, but the importer will not pay some import tax. The quality of the products here is undisputed, but the fast development rate makes eyelash styles quickly obsolete. In addition, the American company also has to deal with a Chinese competitor with low cost and good quality eyelashes.
  • Compared to the US and China, Vietnamese eyelash vendors are also on the verge of being more diverse in style as well as stable quality of eyelash products. The price of eyelash products vendors to the market is also very affordable, but they have to directly compete with manufacturers from China, so there are many limitations. However, the quality of eyelash products processed in Vietnam is of extremely good quality, uniformity, durability and extremely high safety, compared to the US market, the price is usually much cheaper. So, if you are looking for the eyelash supply market, don’t ignore the Vietnamese eyelash vendors.

Review the top 10 current eyelash vendors on the market

To give you more options, consider the TOP 10 brands that supply good eyelashes currently on the market!

  1. Bella Lash

Bella Lash

Haiteng USA Corporation is a famous eyelash vendor from the United States with collections known to the whole world. This unit has a variety of eyelash lines, but the product cost is quite high, so only high-income customer groups can access it.

  1. Lash Affair

Lashes Affair

Lash Affair is the world’s leading eyelash manufacturer specializing in pre-made fan lashes, volume lashes, classic lashes and hybrid lashes, cluster, natural, 3D, mega lashes, and more. Because the product is so outstanding and high quality, it is difficult for the mid-range customer group to come to.

  1. Ardell Lashes

Ardell Lashes

Ardell Lashes is also a name from the United States with more than 50 years operating in the eyelash industry. The brand is famous for its lines of standard quality and affordable false eyelashes. Ardell Lashes’ biggest challenge is preventing fake eyelashes from spreading globally.

  1. Lilly Lashes

Lilly Lashes

Also from the US, Lilly Lashes mainly supplies eyelashes to Hollywood artists. So it can be said that their products are of extremely trendy quality but the price is very high.

  1. Blinking Beauté

Blinking Beaute

Blinking Beauté eyelash vendors specialize in making products from artisans in the US. The unique design and high quality have become the strong point of Blinking Beaute eyelashes but due to the high price, it is difficult to reach many mid-range and low-end customers.

  1. Athena Lash Supplies

Athena Lash Supplies

Athena Lash Supplies is Vietnam’s newest eyelash extension brand and applies extremely modern eyelash production technology. This eyelash extension supplies creates a wide range of beautiful, aesthetic eyelash products at reasonable prices such as: ready-made fan lashes: 2D, 3D, 4D, 5D, 6D, 8D, 10D, 14D, colored eyelashes, Spike Promade Fan, volume lashes, classic hairs, Narrow Promade Fan, Handmade eyelashes, … Although this eyelash extension supply has only recently operated, the number of orders brought in is extremely large from countries around the world such as the US, UK, Canada, Australia ,…

  1. Vacosi

Vacosi Lashes

Vacosi is a brand name originating from Korea that is no stranger to young people through beautiful, impressive and trendy eyelash products. However, the price of Vacosi eyelashes is pushed up too high due to import invoices, shipping costs, … so there are quite a few consumers who can reach it.

  1. Starseed

Starseed Lashes

Eyelash suppliers from China are always favored because of their cheap prices and standard quality products. In particular, the name Starseed is an eyelash vendor that is sought after by young people, but doubts about the quality of eyelash products are still discussed quite a lot.

  1. SY Lashes- Eyelash Factory

Sy Lashes- Eyelash Factory

SY Lashes – Eyelash Factory is also in the Top 10 quality eyelash vendors. Eyelash products have a variety of designs and packaging designs that are highly appreciated and affordable. However, in terms of materials and quality, SY Lashes – eyelashes are still a question mark for every customer.

  1. KTV Lash Factory

Ktv Lashes Factory

KTV Lash Factory is one of the most famous eyelash factories in Vietnam. This supplier chooses to source a wide range of high-quality lash materials and promade eyelash designs entirely from the hands of professional technicians. In particular, the affordable price and customer care services are quite good, so KTV Lashes is always trusted and loved by customers around the world.

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Through the detailed information that we share, I hope you will find high-quality Lash Vendors, reasonable wholesale prices along with the best purchasing and customer care policies. You can choose between American, Chinese and Vietnamese eyelash suppliers, but that entails import costs, taxes, etc. Then, you should wisely choose for yourself the best eyelash manufacturer like eyelash extension suppliers in Vietnam, which will definitely help you optimize a lot of costs and ensure the most convenient delivery and supply process.