Lash Accessories Set to Perfectly Create Premade Fans

Lash Accessories Set To Create Premade Fans

To create the perfect picture for the customer’s eyes, owning a set of Premade fan lash accessories is not just an option, but a necessary technique for all professional eyelash extension technicians. Therefore, if you enter the eyelash extension profession with enthusiasm and passion, aiming for the most beautiful eyelash extension results for customers, then owning the Full Lash Accessories Set will create perfect Premade lash extensions, helping customers enjoy the most wonderful beauty of their eyelashes.

Personal eyelash trays, eyelash extension glue, glue cup, eyelash line base, eyelash extension tweezers, lash sponge, Easy Fan Tape 3M and blue eyelash extension tape are not only just necessary tools for lashes extensions, but also important eyelash extension accessories for you to enter the world of eyelash beauty for all your customers. Let’s explore and enjoy the luxury and professionalism of this eyelash extension kit, so that each eyelash extension attached to the customer’s natural eyelashes becomes perfect and attractive like a sophisticated and captivating work of art.

Are you looking for accessories to create Premade volume lash fans? From eyelash extensions, eyelash tweezers, glue to glue cups, lash sponges, we have all the eyelash extension accessories you need to practice eyelash extensions or perform eyelash extensions on your customers. Let’s explore the list of the most necessary accessories to create the most perfect handmade lash fans:

1. Volume lash trays

Volume Lash Trays
Volume Lash Trays – Lash Accessories Set

Volume lash trays are one of the Lash Accessories To Create The Perfect Premade Fan. In general, individual lash extension trays, especially volume lash trays, play an important role in the process of creating attractive and seductive eyes. The variety of curves, sizes, and materials has created a constant source of inspiration for beauty experts.

Using individual eyelash extension trays not only saves time during the eyelash extension process but also gives flexibility to technicians. This helps them create volume or classic eyelashes with naturalness and even thickness. These benefits not only promote work efficiency but also ensure satisfaction and trust from customers.

With volume lash trays, eyelash extensions have become more diverse and creative. They are not only a support tool but also a constant source of inspiration to explore and develop the art of beautifying the eyes, creating beautiful, sophisticated and classy eyelashes.

2. Glue

Glue – Lash Accessories Set

To get the best eyelash extension results, applying eyelash extension glue properly is very important. First, pour a small puddle of glue onto a flat surface, like a glue cup or a cold gem. Dip the eyelashes into the center of the glue puddle to ensure the eyelashes get the right amount of eyelash extension glue. Change the glue every 20-30 minutes, to ensure you always use fresh glue.

To avoid drying or sticking, store the glue properly. Place the glue bottle upright in a cool, enclosed place, out of reach of home heating and cooling systems. This helps preserve the glue in its best condition. In addition, you should replace the glue after about 7-8 weeks or when the glue begins to stick.

Complying with the above regulations will help you achieve the best results when applying eyelash extension glue, while ensuring the durability and naturalness of the final result.

3. Glue Cup

Glue Cup
Glue Cup – Lash Accessories Set

The glue cup is not only a convenient tool but also a powerful companion during the eyelash extension process. Specially designed for eyelash glue application, these compact cups not only help you maintain cleanliness and convenience, but also optimize your eye beauty routine.

With glue cups, storing and using glue becomes more convenient and flexible than ever. You can easily place the glue cup on the Lash Station, Crystal Lash & Glue Tile, or Lash Applicator Headband for convenience during work. In particular, the single nature of the glue cup allows you to use just the right amount of glue, avoiding waste and keeping the glue fresh.

These compact glue cups not only save on glue but also keep the glue from oxidizing quickly. One drop of glue can be used for more than 20 minutes, helping you optimize your working time without worrying about glue quality. At the same time, the glue cup should only be used once, which is very convenient. Each use not only saves cleaning time but also ensures hygiene and safety for the customer’s eyelash extension process. Simple, effective and convenient, the disposable glue cup is truly an indispensable assistant for professional eyelash extension artists.

4. Mica line eyelash base

Mica Line Eyelash Base
Mica Line Eyelash Base – Lash Accessories Set

Eyelash Line Sticker – Mica Eyelash Extension Printing Stand is a useful item for applying eyelash lines of different lengths and curvatures. This brings convenience to beauty technicians and allows different types of lashes to be combined to create lashes suitable for each individual customer. Using the Eyelash Sticker base helps create professional and impressive lashes.

With the in-line feature, the Eyelash Sticker base helps workers not to get confused between eyelash sizes, while also bringing convenience during the eyelash extension process.With thick mica material, the product is highly durable and unlike thin types on the market. The flat plastic surface of the Eyelash Sticker base helps create stability and precision during the eyelash extension process. This product is suitable for both classic and volume lash extensions.

5. Tweezers

Tweezers – Lash Accessories Set

Tweezers are not only an important tool but also the secret to helping you create beautiful eyelash extensions. When using the Volume Tweezer tip, pull the lashes in an outward motion to create delicate lashes, then use eyelash extension glue to create amazing fans. It is important to keep the handle steady and proper control to create fans with perfect, even extension.

This process is not just a technique but also a creative journey, from choosing the tip of the tweezers to lifting the beautiful fan and dipping it in glue. Although you may not immediately achieve perfection on the first try, be patient and keep practicing. The symmetry and sophistication in each Premade lash fan will be a worthy result of your efforts. Let your eyelash extension art be as delicate and unique as the lashes you are creating.

6. Lash Sponge

Lash Sponge
Lash Sponge – Lash Accessories Set

Lash Sponge is a simple but very useful tool for the process of creating volume fans. Just soak the sponge in water, it will expand and become a circular pad, ready to use.

Using this sponge to arrange the volume lash fans is really easy. After creating each lash fan, place them on the sponge.

Outstanding features of Sponge Foam:

  1. The perfect surface to arrange the lash fans created from the eyelash line, before performing the process of applying the lash fans to the customer’s real eyelashes.
  2. It is the perfect place for you to easily take each lash fan with different lengths, curls and thicknesses and apply it to real eyelashes to suit each eyelash extension style that the customer desires.

Using Sponge will help you easily create great results in eyelash extensions, bringing convenience and quality to creating volume fan lashes.

7. 3M Double Sided Easy Fan Tape

3m Double Sided Easy Fan Tape
3m Double Sided Easy Fan Tape – Lash Accessories Set

Having trouble creating the perfect lash fans? Are your lash strips losing their grip and flexibility? Don’t worry anymore! 3M Double Sided Tape will help you, providing the perfect choice to create lash fans quickly and easily!

  • Peel off a strip from the roll and stick it onto your eyelash palette.
  • Place eyelashes on the adhesive strip
  • Gently touch the lash strip with tweezers to create a Premade lash fan from your hands.

8. Green tape for Eyelash Extension

Green Tape For Eyelash Extension
Green Tape For Eyelash Extension – Lash Accessories Set

Green tape for eyelash extensions. This is an indispensable accessory during the eyelash extension process. Use this tape to adhere your lower eyelashes or to secure your eyelids before performing the eyelash extension procedure.

Advantages of green tape:

– Ideal for eyelash extensions in the sensitive eye area.

– Easy to tear by hand.

– Waterproof, hypoallergenic and breathable.

– Removes without causing pain to eye skin and lower lashes.

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With the full set of lash fan accessories above, you can create natural and perfect Premade lash fans. With single eyelash trays, glue, glue cup, mica line eyelash base, tweezers, eyelash cotton, double-sided 3M tape to easily create lash fans by hand, you will have all the types of eyelash fans needed to make them. Professional eyelash extension process.

A full set of lash accessories not only helps you do the job easily and accurately, but also helps create beautiful lashes. With single lash trays, you can create natural and delicate lash fans. Glue and glue cups will help ensure durability and good adhesion, and the mica line eyelash base will help facilitate the process of creating Premade lash fans.

Not only that, tweezers and tape also play an important role in the eyelash extension process. Tweezers help you easily remove and handle eyelashes, while double-sided 3M tape and blue tape help protect your eyes and natural eyelashes when applying eyelash extensions to real eyelashes.

With the full set of eyelash extensions accessories above, you will have all the eyelash extension tools needed to create beautiful and professional Premade lash fans. Show off your talent and create eyelash extensions on each of your customers’ eyelashes!