Classic vs Hybrid Lashes: Which one is right for you?

Classic Vs Hybrid Lashes

Beautiful, seductive eyes with thick and curled eyelashes are the dream of many women. In the modern world of eyelash extensions, Classic vs Hybrid lashes have emerged as two popular options, each offering its own distinct beauty and unique advantages. But when faced with the decision to choose between Classic and Hybrid eyelash extensions, which one will you choose? Join KTV Lashes to learn about the differences and advantages and disadvantages of these two types of eyelashes to make the best decision for the natural beauty of your eyelashes.

What are classic lash extensions?

What Are Classic Lash Extensions

Classic lash extensions are a great way to enhance the thickness and length of your natural lashes. By connecting each false eyelash to your natural eyelashes at a 1:1 ratio, you will instantly get thicker and more beautiful eyelashes. You can choose the curl type, length and thickness to suit your eye shape and eyelash extension style to create the most perfect pair of classic eyelash extensions.

What are hybrid lash extensions?

What Are Hybrid Lash Extensions

Hybrid lash extensions, also known as mixed eyelash extensions, are considered a perfect solution for those who want natural and attractive eyelashes. This eyelash extension method combines classic eyelash extension techniques and volume eyelashes, using both natural eyelashes and volume eyelashes to create vibrant and eye-catching eyelashes. Hybrid eyelash extensions offer flexibility for creating different eyelash looks, from natural to bold, from cute to bold. You can create different eyelash styles depending on your personal preferences and style.

Compare classic vs hybrid lash extensions

Hybrid vs classic lashes are two different eyelash extension methods, each with its own strengths and suitable for personal needs and style.

1.  Classic eyelash extensions

– This method uses a false eyelash to attach to each natural eyelash.

– Helps create thicker eyelashes, with natural curls.

– Creates a softer and more natural feeling than hybrid eyelash extensions.

– Suitable for those who want to increase the thickness and natural curl of their eyelashes.

2. Hybrid eyelash extensions

– Hybrid eyelash extension technique has a harmonious combination of classic eyelashes and volume eyelashes.

– Use volume eyelashes to create thickness and classic eyelashes to create natural curls for the eyelashes.

– Helps create fuller and more attractive eyelashes than classic eyelashes.

– Provides flexibility in creating eyelash styles from natural to bold and individual.

– Suitable for those who want attractive and outstanding eyelashes. In addition, hybrid eyelash extensions also give you many choices of eyelash styles to help you experience and transform with many different eyelash extension styles.

In short, classic eyelash extensions will focus on creating natural thickness and curl for the eyelashes, while hybrid eyelash extensions provide diversity and customization in eyelash extension styles. Therefore, choosing the classic or hybrid lash extensions method will depend on each person’s wishes and style.

Factors to consider when choosing between classic vs hybrid lash extensions

Compare Classic Vs Hybrid Lash Extensions

When choosing between classic vs hybrid lashes, there are several factors that you should consider:

Naturalness and thickness of eyelashes

– Classic eyelash extensions: Helps create a more natural feeling, with slight curl and relative thickness. Therefore, when choosing classic eyelash extensions, you should choose eyelash thickness with a diameter of: 0.05, 0.07 to 0.1 mm because this type of eyelash is not too thick. In addition, you need to pay attention to choosing a gentle curl such as: A (J), C, D or CC to help your eyelashes have the most natural curl.

– Hybrid eyelash extensions: Helps create stronger thickness and curl to the eyelashes, giving a fuller and more attractive effect. Therefore, in addition to the thickness and curvature options like classic eyelash extensions, you can choose eyelash extensions with greater thickness such as 0.12, 0.18, 0.2 mm and stronger curvature such as DD, M, L, etc.

Durability and longevity of eyelashes

– Classic eyelash extensions: Usually have a longer lifespan and can last 4-6 weeks or more than 6 weeks before needing maintenance.

– Hybrid eyelash extensions: Due to the use of both classic and volume eyelashes, the lifespan may be 3-4 weeks shorter and require more frequent maintenance.

Styles and purposes of eyelashes

– Classic eyelash extensions: Suitable for those who want to create a thicker and more natural curl for their eyelashes. Suitable for daily eye beautification purposes without needing to use mascara or false eyelashes.

– Hybrid eyelash extensions: Meets the need to create diverse eyelash styles, from natural to outstanding and individual. Suitable for all occasions from daily work, to parties or even at home.

Depending on your personal preferences and intended use, you can choose between classic vs hybrid lashes. It’s important to learn about your techniques and personal preferences to ensure the choice is right for your needs.

Who should get classic eyelash extensions?

Who Should Get Classic Eyelash Extensions

  • People who want to create a natural and gentle look for their eyes: Classic lashes often create a more natural and gentle look than other types of eyelash extensions. This makes the eyes attractive without making too strong an impression.
  • People with weak eyelashes and want to increase thickness: Classic lash extensions are the right choice for people with weak natural eyelashes who want to increase thickness without losing the natural look. Classic lashes are chosen so that the weight and curl match your natural lashes, helping to create a more naturally beautiful eye.

Who should get hybrid eyelash extensions?

Who Should Get Hybrid Eyelash Extensions

  • Those who want to combine charm and prominence but still maintain a natural feeling for the eyes: If you want thick and soft eyelashes but still retain the natural look, hybrid eyelash extensions will be  an ideal choice. This technique uses classic lashes to create a natural curl and uses volume lashes to add volume. The result is lashes that are soft and smooth, yet still thick and full of life.
  • People who want to create depth and style effects for the eyes: If you want to have diverse and changing eyelashes to become more new, hybrid eyelash extensions will help you achieve that. This technique allows for a combination of classic and volume eyelashes, helping you create unique eyelash styles with many different colors and lengths. You can create multi-dimensional eye effects, from natural and subtle to bold and bold.

Should I choose classic vs hybrid lashes?

Should I Choose classic vs hybrid lashes

When deciding between classic vs hybrid lashes, there are several factors you need to consider:

Personal preferences and eyelash extension style

Choosing the type of eyelash extensions depends on your personal preferences and style. If you prefer a more natural lash look and just want to increase your natural volume and curl, classic lashes may be the right choice. Meanwhile, if you want variety with different eyelash styles and multi-dimensional effects, hybrid eyelashes may be a better choice.

Experience of eyelash extension artist

The professionalism and skill of the person performing your eyelash extensions is also an important factor you need to consider. Through consulting and evaluating the eyelash artist’s skills, you can decide which eyelash extension technique they are more experienced and proficient with. This will help ensure the best eyelash extension results for you.

Budget and price of eyelash extension services

Your budget also plays an important role in deciding whether to choose hybrid vs classic lashes. Normally, hybrid lashes will be more expensive than classic lashes because both classic and volume lashes are used. Consider your budget and determine whether you are willing to pay more for a more complicated eyelash extension technique.

Therefore, the decision to choose between classic lashes vs hybrid lashes will depend on personal preference, experience of the eyelash extension artist and personal budget. You can consult with your eyelash artist and present factors to ensure you choose the eyelash extension method that suits your needs and priorities.


If you want to create more natural eyelashes, just want to increase the thickness and natural curl, classic eyelashes are a good choice. If you want a variety of eyelash styles, with stronger natural thickness and curl, hybrid lashes may be the right choice.

Consult an eyelash extension specialist and practitioner for detailed information about each type of eyelash. Consider the advantages and disadvantages of each type of eyelash. Identify your personal goals and interests, considering your daily tasks and special occasions you often attend. Most importantly, experiment and experience both classic lash extensions and hybrid lash extensions techniques to help you transform many different eyelash extension styles and help you create many beautiful and new looks for your face.