Classic eyelash extensions – The most beautiful & natural eyelashes

Classic Eyelash Extensions

Classic eyelash extensions have become a popular beauty trend in recent years. With the ability to create naturally thick and beautiful eyelashes, this method has attracted the attention of many women. If you are looking for the secret to having the most beautiful, thick and natural-looking eyelashes, let’s learn about classic eyelash extensions and the classic eyelash extension styles that are popular today!

What are classic eyelash extensions?

What Are Classic Eyelash Extensions

Classic eyelash extensions are a perfect method to enhance the thickness and curl of natural eyelashes. With the classic technique, a false eyelash will be attached to each natural eyelash, creating a thicker and more beautiful eyelash. You can choose from many curl styles, lengths and thicknesses suitable for each eyelash paste to create the classic eyelash style you desire.

Structure and process of creating eyelash extensions classic

Classic eyelash extensions are the process of attaching a false eyelash to a natural eyelash at a 1:1 ratio, meaning each natural eyelash will have an additional false eyelash attached. The false eyelashes are dipped in glue and then applied to your natural eyelashes. This method is different from strip cluster lashes, which are attached to the eyelid skin. Classic eyelash extensions are also known as individual lashes or 1:1 ratio eyelashes.

Outstanding advantages of classic eyelash extensions

Outstanding Advantages Of Classic Eyelash Extensions

  • Classic lash extensions are the traditional style of eyelash extensions and are the most popular choice for women because they provide natural eyelash results, do not cause heavy eyes and do not harm natural eyelashes if applied properly.
  • You can choose classic eyelashes from many different materials such as PBT synthetic fibers, silk eyelashes, mink eyelashes, faux mink eyelashes,… with length, thickness and curl style to suit your preferences. Because these eyelash materials are all of good quality and ensure absolute safety on your natural eyelashes and eye skin.

Classic eyelash extensions are the most popular

In the world of classic eyelash extensions, there are two most famous and popular types of eyelashes: classic natural (natural) and classic wispy (soft).

Classic natural eyelash extensions

Classic Natural Eyelash Extensions 56

Classic natural eyelash extensions help create a natural lash strip, similar to your natural lashes but thicker and curlier. These natural classic eyelash extensions are similar to natural eyelashes but upgraded to a new level, creating eyes that appear thicker and more attractive.

Classic wispy eyelash extensions

Classic Wispy Eyelash Extensions 56

Classic wispy eyelash extensions are a classic style of eyelash extensions that bring a soft and gentle look to the eyes. With a combination of thick and thin lashes, this style creates a soft, curly, and natural effect. As a result, the lashes look much more sexy, sweet and feminine.

These two classic types of eyelash extensions are very popular because of their ability to create thick, long and naturally beautiful eyelashes without causing a heavy feeling on the eyes. You can choose the eyelash extension style that suits your style and personal preferences to have gorgeous and seductive eyes that are still gentle and natural without being too sharp.

How long do classic eyelash extensions last?

Classic eyelash extensions usually last 4 to 6 weeks depending on how you care for them. Normally, if you get classic eyelash extensions at a reputable eyelash extension facility, the usage time is up to 6 weeks or more. If you do classic eyelash extensions at home, the classic eyelash extensions last about 4-5 weeks. To maintain long-term durability, care and maintenance of eyelash extensions is also very important. You can go to the nearest eyelash extension facility to ask eyelash extension artists to check and maintain your classic eyelash extensions.

Top 5 most beautiful and impressive classic eyelash extension maps currently

The lash extensions classic method combines eyelash sizes with lengths from 8mm to 15mm, also known as number 8 to number 15 eyelashes. Among these, size 11 (11mm) is the most popular choice because of the length. It fits most eyes, creating an elegant, soft and natural look. With size 11 eyelash extensions, your eyes will become harmonious and attract attention in a subtle way.

Classic Eyelash Extension Map No 1
Classic eyelash extension map No.1
Classic Eyelash Extension Map No 2
Classic Eyelash Extension Map No 2
Classic Eyelash Extension Map No 3
Classic Eyelash Extension Map No 3
Classic Eyelash Extension Map No 4
Classic Eyelash Extension Map No 4
Classic Eyelash Extension Map No 5
Classic Eyelash Extension Map No 5

Instructions for the classic eyelash extension process for beginners

Here, KTV Lashes would like to guide you to make the most beautiful and durable classic eyelash extensions:

Step 1: Prepare eyelash extension tools

  • Prepare the number of classic eyelashes according to each eyelash size, each eyelash size (lash length) should belong to one eyelash line and prepare classic eyelashes according to the customer’s desired curl and thickness.
  • Lower lash liners
  • Special adhesive tape for eyelash extensions
  • Specialized eyelash glue
  • Prepare 2 types of tweezers: straight tweezers (classic eyelash extension tweezers) and curved F or A-shaped tweezers.

Step 2: Clean your eyes and eyelids with a gentle makeup remover for sensitive eye skin.

Step 3: Fix the lower and upper eyelids

  • Customers close their eyes, then use a piece of specialized tape or an eyelash liner to hold the lower lashes in place.
  • Along with that, you can use pieces of tape to gently stretch the upper eyelid, helping the upper lashes not stick to the lower lashes and ensuring the tape does not touch the lashes of the upper lashes.

Step 4: Create a classic eyelash extension chart suitable

Create A Classic Eyelash Extension Chart

Create a classic eyelash extension chart suitable for each customer’s desired eye shape and eyelash extension style.

Step 5: Proceed with classic eyelash extensions

  • Use straight tweezers to pick up 1 classic eyelash (can use straight tweezers to separate/separate natural eyelashes into 2 sides).
  • Use the remaining eyelash extension tweezers to separate the eyelashes into two sides and fix the natural eyelash in the middle. This is the natural eyelash that will be applied to the classic eyelashes.
  • After separating the natural eyelashes that need classic eyelash extensions, dip the classic eyelashes in specialized eyelash extension glue, remove excess glue and gently apply classic eyelashes to the natural eyelashes. Leave the classic lashes in place for 2 seconds so that the classic lashes adhere tightly to the natural lashes.
  • Similarly, connect classic eyelashes to natural eyelashes at a 1:1 ratio and follow the eyelash extension chart with appropriate eyelash size, eyelash curl, and eyelash thickness until completed.

Step 6: Finish

  • Check all eyelash extensions to make sure the eyelash extensions are even and that the classic eyelashes are firmly attached to the natural eyelashes.
  • Edit the classic eyelashes to achieve the best results according to the customer’s wishes.
  • Complete the classic eyelash extension process. Within the first 24 hours after applying eyelash extensions, avoid contact with water and touching the eyelash extensions so that the extensions adhere tightly to your natural eyelashes.

What rules should you pay attention to when applying classic eyelash extensions?

To perform the classic eyelash extension procedure simply and quickly, you should follow the basic rules.

  1. First, attach 1 classic eyelash to the natural eyelash with a distance of 0.5mm from the skin along the eyelash line to avoid causing discomfort to the customer. Applying eyelashes too close can cause eye pain and swelling. However, do not leave the distance between classic and natural lashes too far, as this can cause the extensions to easily fall out due to the accumulation of dirt and oil.
  2. Ensuring the extensions are tightly attached to the natural lashes with a adhere length of at least 2 mm is also important to avoid the accumulation of dirt and excess oil.
  3. Additionally, when applying eyelash extensions, make sure to place each lash perpendicular from the eyelid and parallel to the natural eyelash. This will create a natural and comfortable feeling for the customer’s eyes.

With these simple rules, the classic eyelash extension process can be done easier and faster than ever.

The difference between classic eyelash extensions and volume eyelash extensions

Difference Between Classic Vs Volume Eyelash Extensions

The difference between classic eyelash extensions and volume eyelash extensions is not only based on the way they are applied but also on the results and effects they create.

Classic eyelash extensions are the most basic eyelash extension method, in which each real eyelash is attached with a false eyelash. This method creates a more natural and thicker look for the eyelids, but still maintains the natural beauty. Classic eyelash extensions look very natural and are easy to perform, not requiring high technique. Besides, classic eyelash extensions are low cost and easy to care for. However, this method takes a long time to implement, does not create a full effect and requires regular maintenance.

Volume eyelash extensions are a method developed from classic eyelash extensions, in which many eyelashes of the same size are attached to one real eyelash. This method allows creating thickness and length for the eyelids. Volume eyelash extensions create the effect of long and thick eyelashes, full of attraction but not heavy on the eyes. Volume eyelash extensions also allow customization of thickness and length according to personal preferences and the execution time is faster than classic eyelash extensions. However, volume eyelash extensions are expensive, require more skill and experience, and can cause real eyelash breakage for people with weak eyelashes.

Therefore, classic eyelash extensions and volume eyelash extensions both have advantages and disadvantages. Choosing which eyelash extension method will depend on each person’s personal preferences and conditions. You should consider your eyelash extension needs and budget to choose the most suitable eyelash extension method!

The most popular classic eyelash extensions styles current

Classic eyelash extensions, also known as one by one eyelash extensions, is one of the most popular eyelash extension methods. There are many different styles and looks that can be achieved with classic eyelash extensions, including:

Classic natural eyelash extensions

Classic Natural Eyelash Extensions 56 Jndak

This look focuses on enhancing natural lashes by adding classic lashes of the right length and thickness to each of the client’s natural lashes. It brings a sophisticated, natural look and is suitable for all daily activities.

Classic cat eye eyelash extensions

Classic Cat Eyelash Extensions

This eyelash extension style is intended to create a cat eye effect, by attaching longer classic lashes to the outer corner of the eye. It gives the eyes a sharper look and lengthens the corners of the eyes, making them more attractive.

Classic fox eyelash extensions

Classic Fox Eyelash Extensions

This look is inspired by the fox eye trend, which involves placing longer lashes in the center and outer corners of the eye to create a more attractive and open look. It helps create wider and sharper eyes than natural eyelash extensions and cat eye eyelash extensions.

Hybrid lash extensions vs classic

Hybrid Lash Extensions Vs Classic

In addition to classic eyelash extensions, there is also a technique called hybrid eyelash extensions, which combines both classic eyelash extensions and volume eyelash extensions. Hybrid eyelash extensions involve applying a combination of individual lashes (classic) and lash fans (volume). This technique allows for more customization and flexibility in creating different lash looks, from natural lashes to a more voluminous and dramatic lash.

Some related questions:

How many eyelashes does a set of classic eyelash extensions require?

Normally, when applying classic eyelash extensions, you will need to attach 80 to 100 eyelashes for each eye. A complete set of classic eyelash extensions will last from 30 minutes -2 hours depending on the type of eyelashes and classic eyelash extension style that the customer wants.

Classic eyelash extensions usually use what thickness of eyelashes?

  • The most common lash thickness for classic lash extensions is 0.15.
  • Eyelash thickness 0.10 will be suitable for thin and weak eyelashes. If customers love natural beauty, thickness 0.12 will also bring a very natural and pleasant look to the owner.
  • Lash thicknesses of 0.15 and 0.18 are often used for relatively strong lashes who want fuller lashes.
  • Do not use classic eyelash extensions with thickness 0.20 & 0.25 because it will make your lashes look denser. However, you can use eyelash fans with a diameter of 0.20 and 0.25 because the technique of creating thick volume eyelashes is becoming more sophisticated and helps them not be too heavy for the customer’s natural eyelashes.

Who should get classic eyelash extensions?

  • Customers with many and thick eyelashes, let classic eyelash extensions make you more confident. With a large number of eyelashes, applying the classic technique also helps you create beautiful and natural eyelashes. You will not only have thick eyelashes but also satisfy your beauty and confidence every time you look in the mirror.
  • However, for customers with weak eyelashes, thin and easily falling eyelashes, applying volume eyelash fans may not be an appropriate choice. The pressure from this style of eyelash extensions can increase the condition of your weak and easily falling eyelashes. In this case, classic eyelash extensions are still the best solution. This technique not only helps you have natural eyelashes but also does not cause excessive damage and pressure to the eyelashes.

Whether your eyelashes are many or few, strong or weak, choosing classic eyelash extensions is still an ideal choice. Not only does it ensure naturalness and sophistication, but it also helps protect your eyelashes from negative impacts. Trust and give love to your eyelash specialist, so you can enjoy your beauty and express yourself at your best.


On the market today, classic eyelash extensions are not only a makeup method but also a delicate beauty art, helping to enhance a woman’s natural charm. The secret to having thick and beautiful eyelashes is not only in the technique, but also comes from taking care and protecting your own eyes.

Choosing the right eyelash extension for your eyes and face will be the deciding factor between perfection and dissatisfaction. At the same time, choosing to use high quality and safe products also plays an important role in maintaining the health of your lashes.

Remember, beautiful eyelashes are not just about appearance, but also about how we take care of ourselves. Don’t forget to follow basic beauty steps such as cleaning your eyelashes before going to bed, not using poor quality products, and especially not pulling your eyelashes too hard.

Behind those sparkling eyes is confidence and a positive demeanor. Understand the needs and desires of yourself or your customers to utilize classic eyelash extensions in the most creative way, turning your eyes into a charming highlight on your face.