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The Best Premade Lash Fans

Caring for your eyes and beautifying your lashes is not just a trend but also an art, where sophistication and quality both play an important role. In the ever-evolving world of beauty, choosing the best premade lash extension fans not only brings impressive eyelash extension results but is also the secret to creating attractive eyes. Join us to discover the TOP 6 best premade lash fans from KTV LASHES, where quality and creativity converge, bringing the ultimate beauty experience to everyone passionate about the art of beauty.

What are premade lash fans?

What Are Premade Lash Fans
Best premade fan lash extensions – KTV LASHES

Premade lash fans (also known as cluster lashes): Formed from combining 2 eyelashes, 3 eyelashes, 4 eyelashes… forming a bunch with a common root (eyelash root) and spread out tips. The roots of the eyelashes in an eyelash cluster will be bonded together with eyelash extension glue, creating a uniform eyelash structure and convenient for the eyelash extension process. The process of creating premade lash fans will help eyelash extension artists save a significant amount of time, it only takes about 20-30 minutes to complete a set of thick, bold eyelashes. This not only helps increase working efficiency but also brings quality products, quickly meeting the beauty needs of many customers.

The importance of premade lash fans in the beauty industry

The Importance Of Premade Lash Fans

Premade lash fans are becoming an important and undeniable eyelash extension trend in the eyelash beauty industry. For beauty experts and customers, the appearance of premade lash fans is not only a breakthrough in eyelash extension techniques but also poses many important advantages, reshaping the way we perceive and apply the art of beautifying eyelashes. Here are some important points about the importance of eyelash extensions in the eyelash beauty industry:

1. Save time for both experts and customers

Premade lash fans are made with perfectly arranged eyelashes. This helps minimize the time it takes beauty professionals to apply eyelash extensions, while also creating an efficient and convenient eyelash extension experience for customers.

2. Uniform quality and beautiful appearance

Because they are manufactured using specialized technology and meticulously hand-processed, premade lash fans ensure uniformity and high quality. This helps create eyes with naturally beautiful eyelash extensions, while also highlighting the beauty of the eyes in a more subtle way.

3. Diverse types and styles of eyelashes

Premade lash fans are available in many different types of eyelash extensions from: 2D, 3D, 4D, 5D,…, nD, with a variety of lengths 0.03, 0.05, 0.07, 0.1, 0.18, 0.2,… , various curvatures C, CC, D, DD, L, M, U, J,… and many different colors such as black, brown, yellow, pink, red, green, blue , white, purple,…. This brings flexibility and variety to eyelash extension specialists, helping them create stylish and unique eyelash extension designs.

4. Safe and comfortable to use

Premade lash fans are usually made from light, soft and skin-safe materials such as: real mink fur, faux mink fibers, silk lashes, high-quality PBT synthetic fibers,…, helping to reduce the burden on real eyelashes and creates a comfortable feeling for the eyelash extension wearer.

5. High durability

Premade lash fans extensions are often able to maintain the durability and beauty of eyelash extensions and keep their shape for a long time, bringing satisfaction and trust from customers.

6. Suitable for all subjects

With a variety of types and designs, premade lash fans are suitable for all types of customers, from those who want to do eyelash extensions at home to professional eyelash extensionists in the beauty industry.

Premade lash fans not only help improve the service quality of beauty experts but also bring comfort and satisfaction to customers, laying the foundation for advanced eyelash beauty trends in today’s era.

KTV LASHES – The best factory producing premade lash fans today

In the world of eyelash extensions, where the art of beautifying eyelashes is growing strongly, KTV LASHES has emerged as a reputable and trustworthy address for those who are looking for the lash fans best premade products. Known as the leading eyelash extension factory, KTV LASHES is not only a supplier of the best fan for eyelash extensions but also a symbol of quality, creativity and professional service.

1. Outstanding quality

Premade Fan Ktv Lashes Outstanding Quality

With a team of leading experts and modern production technology, KTV LASHES is committed to providing the best premade lash fans with outstanding quality. Each eyelash fan is personally cared for, from the material selection process to the final processing stage, to ensure that customers receive the most perfect product from the professional skills of KTV Lashes technicians.

2. Diversity and creativity

Premade Fan Ktv Lashes Diversity Creativity

KTV LASHES constantly strives to innovate and bring diversity to the eyelash extensions market. You will easily choose for yourself available eyelash extensions with diverse curls, lengths and colors, helping to create unique and stylish eyelash extension designs.

3. Save time and effectively apply eyelash extensions

Save Time Apply Eyelash Extensions

With the convenience of premade fan lash extensions from KTV LASHES, eyelash extension workers can save a significant amount of working time, while still ensuring the best results for eyelash extensions. This helps increase work efficiency and brings satisfaction to both experts and customers.

4. Committed to quality and dedicated service

Ktv Lashes Committed To Quality Dedicated Service

KTV LASHES not only provides quality products but also commits to customers with dedicated service. Flexible return policy, professional technical support and dedication to every detail have helped KTV LASHES build trust from customers. In particular, KTV Lashes also processes all types of eyelash extensions according to customers’ requests, helping them get the eyelash extension products they expect.

With the above outstanding features, KTV LASHES is not only a leading best premade lash fans factory but also a reliable partner for all beauty experts and eyelash beauty lovers around the world.

Criteria for selecting premade lash fans

Criteria For Selecting Premade Lash Fans

When choosing to buy premade lash fans, there are some important criteria that you should consider to ensure that you are choosing a quality product that suits your needs. Here are some important criteria:

1. Size and weight of premade lash fans

  • Size: Choose available eyelash fans sized to suit your or your client’s eyes, helping to create the most natural and comfortable look for eyelash extensions.
  • Weight: You should choose lightweight eyelash fans to reduce the burden on real eyelashes and create a comfortable feeling when applying eyelash extensions.

2. Eyelash material and production technology

  • Material of eyelash extensions: Check the materials used to make eyelash extensions, ensure they are safe, do not cause skin irritation and are comfortable to use. Some of the most popular eyelash extension materials today that you can refer to are: PBT synthetic fiber imported from Korea, soft and light silk lash fiber, thin and light real mink fur, faux mink fiber that holds the curl well. and durable,…
  • Manufacturing technology: Choose premade lash fans manufactured using advanced technology to ensure high quality and durability.

3. The shape and curvature of the premade lash fans

You should choose eyelashes with natural curvatures such as: J, C, CC, D that suit your eye structure and bright face. You can choose sharp eyelash curls such as: L, M, DD to truly reflect your unique, impressive eyes and create a striking and attractive look.

4. Suitable for eyelash extension design and style

You should choose 2D, 3D, 4D, 5D,…, nD lashes that suit your eyelash extension style and personal eyelash extension preferences. Premade lash fans also come in many different sizes to create unique eyelash extension designs that suit each part of the eyes.

By considering the above criteria, you will be able to choose the most suitable premade lash fans, giving you confidence and natural beauty every time you use it.

TOP 6 Best Premade lash fans from KTV LASHES

1. Single Loose Premade Fan

2. Mix Loose Premade Fan

3. Single Rapid Premade Fan

4. Mix Rapid Premade Fan

5. Premade Fan Bold XL Book

6. Premade Fan XL Book

Commitment to quality and sales policy of KTV LASHES

Sales Policy Of Ktv Lashes

Return and warranty policy

KTV LASHES is committed to providing a flexible return policy, helping customers feel secure when choosing products. If there is any problem with quality or size, customers can rest assured to return it within a certain period of time.

All KTV LASHES products have a quality warranty. This means that if any manufacturing errors or quality issues appear, customers will be guaranteed support and repairs from the manufacturer.

Technical support and training for users

  • Professional technical support: KTV LASHES provides professional technical support for both beauty professionals and beginners in the field of eyelash extensions. Their support team will help resolve any queries and technical issues quickly and efficiently.
  • Professional training: KTV LASHES prides itself on providing professional training programs, helping to improve skills and knowledge for both beginners and experienced people. This helps ensure that all users can get the most out of their products.
  • Clear instruction documents: KTV LASHES provides detailed and clear instruction documents, helping users clearly understand how to use the product and the steps to perform eyelash extensions professionally.

With a commitment to quality and a full sales policy, KTV LASHES is not only a reliable address for shopping but also a reliable partner for support and development in the field of eyelash beauty.

Opportunities and applications available for KTV Lashes in the beauty industry

The trend of using premade lash fans in beauty is increasing

The Trend Of Using Premade Lash Fans

The demand for using premade lash fans is increasing in the field of eyelash extensions thanks to the following advantages!

  • Save time and improve eyelash extension performance: Beauty facilities are increasingly focusing on saving time during the eyelash extension process. Using Premade lash fans will help optimize eyelash extension time, increase work efficiency and facilitate serving more customers in a short period of time.
  • Uniform and natural quality of eyelash extensions: Premade eyelash extensions are manufactured using high technology, ensuring the quality of each lash fan is uniform and natural. This helps beauty establishments maintain high standards of beauty and quality of eyelash extension services.
  • Diversity of designs and colors: premade lash fans have many different designs and colors, creating many choices for customers. This helps beauty establishments meet a variety of customer requests, from natural eyelash extension styles to individual and creative eyelash extensions.

Create many partnerships and associate with beauty experts

Create Many Partnerships And Associate

  • Technical support and training: Connecting with beauty experts, KTV LASHES will provide technical support and in-depth training for them. This helps beauty experts master the skills of using Premade fan lashes and make the most of new eyelash extension technologies.
  • Share experiences and feedback: Building good collaborative relationships with beauty professionals provides opportunities to share experiences and feedback. This cooperation helps KTV LASHES better understand the actual needs and aspirations of users.
  • Product development on demand: The association with beauty experts helps KTV LASHES flexibly the product development process. Contribution from this professional eyelash extension community plays an important role in creating products that meet the trending needs of the eyelash extension market.
  • Create an experience sharing community: Beauty experts can come together to create a knowledge sharing community, where new eyelash extension trends, beauty techniques and useful information are exchanged, helping the entire eyelash extension industry to be developing and updating.

By taking advantage of the above opportunities and partnerships, KTV LASHES not only helps beauty establishments optimize services but also promotes the development of the professional eyelash extension community.


The Best Premade Lash Fans
The Best Premade Lash Fans

In the eyelash extension market, the TOP 6 Best Premade lash fans product lines from the KTV LASHES brand have made an impression on many customers. Product highlights include high quality, ease of use, variety of styles, colors, thickness and eyelash sizes. Thanks to these factors, KTV Lashes’ Premade lash fans not only help users save time but also bring outstanding efficiency in the eyelash beautification process.

KTV LASHES’s available eyelashes have been highly appreciated in the eyelash beauty industry thanks to many important factors. First, product quality is always given top priority. KTV LASHES not only uses high-quality ingredients but also adheres to strict manufacturing processes to ensure each product meets the highest quality standards.

In addition, KTV LASHES always innovates and improves available eyelash lines to meet the increasingly diverse needs of customers. We constantly research and develop to bring the most advanced and effective eyelash extension tools.

In addition, KTV LASHES also always cares about customer satisfaction and after-sales support. We create many good customer care programs, ready to listen and solve any questions or problems that customers encounter.

With these points of pride, it is no surprise that KTV LASHES’ Premade lash fans products receive high praise in the eyelash beauty industry. We are committed to continuing to provide quality best premade lash fans that meet customer needs, and remain a trusted partner for beauty salons and professionals in the eyelash beauty industry.