Best Quality 9mm Lash Extensions at KTV LASHES

9mm Lash Extensions

False eyelashes are one of the most popular products in the beauty and makeup industry. With moderate length and thickness, 9mm lashes can create naturally beautiful eyelashes or create attractive eyes with a curled and thick effect. Thanks to the diversity in eyelash styles and colors, 9mm lashes suit every customer’s preferences, face and style. So where should you buy reputable, best-quality 9mm lashes? Let’s learn in detail about: 9mm lashes and why you should buy 9mm lash extensions from KTV Lashes!

What are 9mm lashes?

What are 9mm lashes

9mm lashes are eyelashes with a thickness of 9mm, mainly made from high-quality synthetic silk, mink or silk. Thanks to the soft, smooth and 9mm thick lash structure, 9mm lashes will help your eyes become more sparkling and attractive.

KTV Lashes’ 9mm lashes are designed and manufactured according to a special process with highly skilled technicians to help bring a thick and curled effect to every customer’s eyelashes.

Applying 9mm lashes or 9 mm eyelash extensions can help you be more confident and stand out with your vibrant and attractive face.

Why are 9mm lash extensions so popular with women?

9mm length fits real eyelashes

9mm lashes have a length that matches the natural length of real eyelashes, creating a natural feeling and not too fussy. This helps enhance the natural beauty of the eyes without causing too much difference compared to natural eyelashes.

9mm lash extensions are suitable for many eye shapes

9mm lash extensions have the ability to create curling and thick effects for many different eye shapes. Regardless of whether you have narrow eyes, bulging eyes, slanted eyes or eyes that are too big, 9mm lashes still help you create the right eyelash structure and shape to highlight the natural beauty of your eyes.

Reuse easily

9mm lashes can be applied or removed easily and safely. You can use them for a long time or replace them when necessary without damaging your eyes or real eyelashes.

Conceal your eyelashes perfectly

If you have sparse or uneven lashes, 9mm lashes will help you hide these imperfections perfectly. With the thickness and diverse curvatures such as C, D, CC, DD, L, M,… created by 9mm lashes, your real eyelashes will become more beautiful and cover the disadvantages of thin and short eyelashes.

8 criterias for choosing to buy the most standard 9mm lash extensions

8 Criterias For Choosing To Buy 9mm Lash Extensions

When choosing to buy good quality 9mm lashes, pay attention to the material, thickness and curl, durability, ease of use, natural effect, trustworthy brand, value and expert advice. A good product will help you have a set of natural and beautiful eyelashes that are also durable and safe for your real eyelashes. Therefore, when choosing to buy good quality 9mm lashes you should consider the following criterias:

  1. Lash material: You should choose false lashes made from high-quality synthetic fibers. Good quality 9mm lashes will be soft, light and will not irritate the skin.
  2. Lash thickness and curl: Consider lash thickness and curl. 9mm lashes should have a moderate thickness such as 0.05, 0.07, or 0.1mm, enough to create a soft and natural effect for the eyes.
  3. Durability: You should buy lashes that have high durability so that they can be used for a long time without breaking or damaging the eyelashes.
  4. Easy to use: When applying eyelash extensions, choose 9mm lash fans that are easy to connect to real eyelashes and do not cause pain or damage to real eyelashes. If you apply 9mm lashes yourself, you should choose to buy specialized eyelash glue and use a moderate amount of glue to help the lashes be attached to the eyelashes faster and more accurately.
  5. Naturalness: Most 9mm lashes are designed to create a natural effect, similar to real eyelashes. You should choose eyelash extensions with a length of 9mm, thickness and curvature suitable for natural eyelashes to create a natural and not too-fussy feeling for your eyelashes.
  6. Trusted brand: Choose eyelash extensions or false eyelashes from reputable brands that are highly appreciated by many customers. Additionally, you can consult beauty experts in advance or read reviews and recommendations from previous users.
  7. Product value with quality: You should consider the value of the 9mm lashes you receive with the actual quality you use. Look at the low price and pay attention to the quality of the product. You should choose to buy 9mm lashes that are reasonably priced and worth your long-term investment.
  8. Advice from experts: If possible, you should learn and consult with beauty experts or professional eyelash extension technicians on which 9mm lashes are of the best quality. They can advise on materials, technology and other factors to help you choose the best quality 9mm lashes as expected.

The most worth buying 9mm lash extensions from KTV Lashes

9mm Lash Extensions

  1. Premade fan 3D, 4D, 5D, 6D, 8D, 10D, 12D, 14D
  2. Handmade fan 8D, 10D, 15D (Promade fans)
  3. Colour lash tray 9mm
  4. Volume Premium Faux Mink 9mm
  5. Volume Pro Silk Lashes 9mm
  6. Classic Premium Faux Mink 9mm
  7. Classic Pro Silk Lashes 9mm

7 Reasons to buy 9mm lash extensions from KTV Lashes

7 Reasons To Buy 9mm Lash Extensions

9mm lash extensions from the KTV Lashes brand are the best choice for those who want to have beautiful eyes and attractive eyes with a natural thick and curled eyelash effect.

  1. Prestigious brand: KTV Lashes is the most famous brand in the eyelash extension manufacturing industry in Vietnam, not only trusted and chosen by many beauty experts and customers in Vietnam but also around the world.
  2. Premium quality 9mm lashes: KTV Lashes’ 9mm lashes are always guaranteed 100% good quality. KTV Lashes factory uses high-quality synthetic fibers imported directly from Korea and created by a team of highly skilled technicians, helping to create soft, smooth and durable 9mm lashes and 9mm lash fans.
  3. Creates the most natural eyelash effect: Designed according to standards to create the most natural eyelash effect for all customers, helping everyone’s eyes become more beautiful, deeper and more attractive. Thanks to the 9mm lashes that are neither too short nor too long and the standard eyelash thickness of 0.05, 0.07, 0.1.
  4. Modern technology: KTV Lashes applies the most advanced technology to making eyelashes, ensuring perfectly uniform eyelash curl and thickness. The eyelashes are naturally stacked, creating a naturally thick and curled effect. In particular, KTV Lashes’ ready-made eyelash extensions will be processed directly by a team of highly skilled technicians, bringing customers the best quality ready-made 9mm lash extensions.
  5. Diversity of designs and products: KTV Lashes offers a wide variety of 9mm lashes with different curls and thicknesses to suit the needs and preferences of customers.
  6. Durable and easy to use: If you use KTV Lashes’ 9mm lash extensions product, it will help you or your technician easily apply and remove eyelashes, saving time and effort in the use and maintenance of eyelash extensions. Furthermore, 9mm lashes are very durable and guaranteed not to irritate the skin and eyes.
  7. Reasonable price: Although KTV Lashes’ 9mm lashes have good product quality, the price is still quite reasonable, and suitable for all spending levels of consumers.

For the above reasons, buying 9mm lash extensions at KTV Lashes is a good choice for those who want to have beautiful eyes and attractive eyes.

Instructions for properly 9mm lash extensions for beginners

When performing eyelash extensions for yourself or a client, you need to be patient and skillful, especially when you are just starting to learn and experience. Below, KTV Lashes will guide everyone to apply 9mm lashes in the simplest and fastest way:

Step 1: Prepare

Prepare 9mm Lashes

– Prepare 9mm lashes, eyelash extension glue, eyelash separation tweezers and eyelash extension tweezers.

– Thoroughly clean hands and tools before starting.

– Place a mirror in front of you to conveniently view and check the eyelash extension process.

Step 2: Prepare specialized eyelash extension glue

Prepare Specialized Eyelash Extension Glue

– Take a small amount of eyelash extension glue to use.

– Make sure that the amount of glue used is enough for all 9mm lashes or 9mm lash fans you plan to apply.

Step 3: Take the lashes out of the eyelash box or eyelash line

Take The Lashes Out Of Eyelash Line

Use eyelash separator tweezers to remove each 9mm lash fan or 9mm lash strand from the eyelash strip (lash box) and then gently dip the eyelash root into the eyelash extension glue.

Step 4: Proceed to apply each eyelash

Proceed To Apply Each Eyelash

– Use your other hand to hold the real eyelashes in place, then place the false lashes right at the base of your natural eyelashes.

– Repeat the above process for each lash, starting from the tip and moving down to the end.

– Ensures 9mm lashes are applied naturally and without causing pain or discomfort

Step 5: Check the results of eyelash extensions

Check The Results Of Eyelash Extensions

– Use a mirror to check and touch up any lashes as needed to ensure they are even and natural.

– If necessary, add some other 9mm lashes to increase the thickness and length of the eyelashes as desired.


– Once you have completed the eyelash extensions, wait for the glue to dry completely before doing any activities.

– Avoid contact with water for at least 24 hours after eyelash extensions to ensure glue adhesion.

– Check and adjust eyelashes as desired when necessary.

– If you are not confident or unfamiliar with eyelash extensions, ask for help from professional eyelash extensionists.


Ktv Lashes’ 9mm Lashes

Eyelash extensions are an indispensable beauty trend in the beauty industry today. With a variety of designs and product quality, KTV Lashes’ 9mm lashes are receiving attention and love from many customers.

Owning a set of thick and curled eyelashes has always been the dream of many women. With KTV Lashes’ 9mm lashes, you can make that dream come true. Whether you want a natural and sophisticated look or want to create striking and sexy eyelash extension styles, KTV Lashes’ 9mm lashes will be the perfect choice.