3D Lash Extensions: Awaken Your Confident Beauty

3d Lash Extensions

Do you want to have thick and attractive lashes without having to spend a lot of time on makeup? 3D lash extensions may be the ideal solution for you. With simple implementation and quick eyelash extension technique, 3D lashes extensions are becoming a beauty trend favored by many women. This article shares details about 3D lashes, the 3D lash extension process and the benefits it brings. Let’s go into the details below to better understand this 3D lash extensions method and discover why 3D lashes can completely change your beauty.

What are 3D lash extensions?

What Are 3d Lash Extensions

What is 3D lash? This is a type of false eyelashes specifically designed to create a 3D effect that is deeper and more impressive than regular eyelashes. Instead of just one lash, 3D lashes, also known as 3D fan lashes, will be made up of 3 lashes with the base glued together and flared out at the tip. Each 3D lash fan usually has the same length and curvature, creating depth in perspective and thickness of the eyelashes.

Lash extension 3D technology requires specialized techniques and skills from the eyelash artist. Thanks to intelligent and delicate eyelash extensions, 3D lashes create a more natural and impressive look for the eyes. With a unique 3D effect, 3D lashes give you a brilliant and seductive look.

Outstanding advantages of 3D lash extensions

Outstanding Advantages Of 3d Lash Extensions

Enhances the thickness and length of eyelashes

3D lash extensions will help enhance the thickness and length of natural eyelashes, highlight your eyes and create the perfect beauty for your eyelashes, without using mascara. When applying lash extensions 3D, you should control the thickness and length according to your wishes to ensure your eyelashes are naturally beautiful and in harmony with your face.

The three-dimensional effect creates beautiful and attractive eyes

The three-dimensional effect of 3D lash extensions is created thanks to 3D lash fans attached to the customer’s real eyelashes, helping to create depth in the eyes, making the look more vivid and attractive. Therefore, 3D lash extensions will help you feel more confident and stand out, because your eyes become attractive and your face looks much more beautiful.

Brings a comfortable and natural feeling

Today’s 3D lash are mostly designed from high-quality, soft materials to give customers the most natural-looking eyelashes possible, no different from real eyelashes. The lash extension 3D process is also performed carefully and professionally, reducing the risk of eye skin irritation. Therefore, 3D lash extensions do not cause any heavy or uncomfortable feeling to the eyes, but instead, bring the most comfortable feeling to eyelash extension customers.

Instructions on how to choose 3D lashes that suit your eye shape and face

Choosing 3D lashes that suit your eye shape and face is very important to create a natural and harmonious look. Here are some guidelines to help you choose the right 3D lashes:

1. Determine your eye shape

If you have small eyes, choose 3D lash extensions with maximum length and slight curl to increase the roundness of your eyes.

For big eyes, you can choose long 3D lashes or use 3D lashes with different curvatures to increase the mystery and charm of your eyes.

2. Identify your face

For round faces, thick and curved 3D lashes will increase the length of the face.

If you have an oval face, choose long and uniform 3D lashes to increase length and add definition to your face.

For square faces, 3D lashes that are slightly curved and not too thick will help soften and create balance for the face.

3. Choose the right color

How To Choose Eyelash Extension Color

Choose the 3D lash color that matches your hair and skin color. If you have light hair and fair skin, choose black or light brown lashes. If you have dark hair and brown skin, try dark brown or black lashes.

Detailed 3D lash extension process for professional eyelash extension artists

Preparation and consultation steps before eyelash extensions

  • Advise customers on choosing suitable 3D lashes: The first step is to advise customers on types of 3D lashes, styles that suit their face and personal desires.
  • Check the health of the eyelashes and eye skin: Conduct a health check of the eyelashes and eye skin to ensure that the customer has no problems affecting the eyelash extension process.
  • Prepare tools and materials for 3D lash extensions: Make sure to have all the necessary tools and materials for the 3D lash extension process, from 3D lash sets, eyelash extension glue, eyelash separator tweezers, eyelash picker tweezers,  lower eyelash liners, makeup remover cotton,…

Detailed 3D lash extension process

Detailed 3d Lash Extension Process

  1. Clean eyelashes and eye skin: Start the process by cleaning eyelashes and eye skin to remove grease and dirt, creating favorable conditions for the eyelash extension process.
  2. Choose the right eyelashes: Depending on the style the customer wants, choose the appropriate 3D lashes in terms of curl, thickness and length.
  3. Apply eyelash extensions correctly: Use eyelash separation tweezers to remove each 3D lash fan from the lash line/lash box. Then, use tweezers to pick up the eyelashes, pick them up at the base of the eyelash fan, dip the base of the 3D lash fan into the glue and brush off the excess glue. Next, carefully connect the glue-dipped 3D lash fans to your real eyelashes. Similarly, use 3D lash extension technique to connect each 3D lash fan precisely to the real eyelashes to create a unique 3D effect until complete.
  4. Check and adjust: Check carefully after each eyelash extension step to ensure the 3D lashes are applied evenly and naturally. Adjust lash thickness if necessary to achieve perfect results.

The secret to ensuring the 3D lash extension process is safe and effective

  • Use safe eyelash extension glue: Choose quality and safe eyelash extension glue, ensuring it does not cause eye irritation.
  • Follow cleaning procedures: Follow cleaning procedures carefully to ensure safety and prevent any risk of infection.
  • Consulting after the eyelash extension process: Providing advice and instructions to customers on how to preserve and care for eyelashes after the eyelash extension process to ensure long-term durability and beauty.

The 3D lash extension process that KTV Lashes shares with you is not only a technique but also a dedication and professional eyelash extension art, ensuring customers experience not only safety but also beauty and confidence with the natural and impressive eyelashes.

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Care and maintenance of 3D lash extensions

Care And Maintenance Of 3d Lash Extensions

Tips for daily care of 3D lash extensions

  1. Avoid rubbing your eyelashes vigorously after extensions to avoid damaging your real eyelashes.
  2. Do not use an eyelash brush or curler to curl your eyelashes, instead, use a soft eyelash brush and brush gently from root to tip.
  3. Avoid touching your eyelashes if your hands are not clean or if you are using cosmetics that easily stain the base of your eyelashes.

Suitable care product for 3D lash extensions

  • Eyelash conditioner: Use eyelash conditioner after eyelash extensions to keep 3D lashes soft and prevent breakage. Choose eyelash oils that contain nutrients such as coconut oil, witch hazel, and vitamin E to provide moisture and nourish eyelashes.
  • Gently remove makeup: Use an oil-free and non-irritating makeup remover to remove dirt or cosmetics without affecting the 3D lash extensions.
  • Eyelash growth stimulating serum: Use eyelash growth stimulating serum daily to thicken real eyelashes and prolong the life of 3D lash extensions.

Note: Before using any product, be sure to read the ingredients and instructions carefully. If any signs of irritation or problems occur after use, discontinue use and consult a specialist.


3D Lashes are widely used in the beauty industry, especially in eyelash extensions. The special thing about 3D lashes is that it creates a very natural and soft eyelash effect, without causing a heavy or eye-sore feeling like other types of false eyelashes. You can clearly see the difference when applying 3D lash extensions, contributing to highlighting the beauty and charm of your eyes.

3D lashes are not only popular in the personal beauty industry but are also used in important events such as weddings, parties and any special occasions. You can customize the thickness, length, curl, and shape of your eyes by choosing 3D lashes that suit your personal preferences and style.

With 3D lashes, you can achieve a more dramatic and confident look. That’s why 3D lashes are increasingly becoming a hot trend and loved by many people today.

A pair of sharp and attractive eyes is always an important highlight in natural beauty. And 3D volume lashes extensions have become a great solution to create bigger, rounder, more attractive eyes. As an exciting new discovery, volume 3D lashes not only bring thick and naturally curled eyelashes, but also create an enchanting eye layer.

However, choosing 3D lashes that suit your eye shape and face is essential to create a harmonious look and make your own mark. With daily care tips and choosing the right care products, you will have a more attractive and confident look than ever. Let 3D lash extensions awaken your confident beauty, making you shine every day.