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3d Lashes

3D Lash Extensions are one of the most prominent beauty trends today. With a thick, curved and long 3D lashes effect, the false eyelashes are attached to your real eyelashes, helping to create naturally beautiful but also very sexy and impressive eyelashes. KTV Lashes is proud to be a leading 3D lashes beauty supply in the lash extensions industry, always meeting customer expectations by providing high quality 3D lash extensions at the most reasonable prices.

If you are looking for a high-end 3D lashes wholesale with the best price today, let KTV LASHES be your reliable partner. We are happy to assist you with all your 3D lash requirements and guarantee that you will receive complete satisfaction from our products.

What is 3D lashes?

What Is 3d Lashes

3D lashes, also known as 3D lash fans, are made from 03 false eyelashes. These three lashes have the base of the eyelashes glued together with specialized eyelash glue and spread out at the tip to look like a fan. When connecting each 3d lash fan, it will help create a thicker, deeper, darker and more prominent eyelash effect than connecting each individual eyelash.

Best-Selling Premium 3D Lashes at KTV LASHES

1. Single Loose Premade Fan Lashes 3D

Single Loose Premade Fan 3d

2. 3D Lashes Mix Loose Premade Fan

Mix Loose Premade Fan 3d

3. Single Rapid Premade Fan 3D

Single Rapid Premade Fan 3d

4. Mix Rapid Premade Fan Lashes 3D

Mix Rapid Premade Fan 3d

5. 3D Lashes Premade Fan XL Book

3d Lashes Premade Fan Xl Book

6. 3D Lashes Premade Fan Bold XL Book

Premade Fan Bold Xl Book 3d

7. Narrow Premade Fan XL Book 3D Lashes Extensions

Narrow Premade Fan Xl Book 3d Lashes Extensions

8. Narrow Premade Fan XL Bold Book 3D Lashes Extensions

Narrow Premade Fan Bold Xl Book 3d Lashes

Outstanding features of 3D lashes that KTV Lashes provides

The 3D effect is naturally beautiful but very attractive

Depending on the thickness, length and curvature that the customer desires, KTV Lashes will create precise 3D lash fans according to each customer’s requirements. You can be completely assured because our 3D lashes are created by highly skilled technicians. The 3D lashes shape is very beautiful and will help create a natural and attractive 3D effect.

High-quality materials with clear origins

KTV Lashes commits that our 3D lashes are all made from high-quality eyelash materials imported 100% directly from Korea. With materials such as: high-quality PBT synthetic fibers, silk lashes, faux mink lashes,… The advantages of creating 3D lashes that are thin, light, soft and natural, helping to bring the most comfortable feeling to the customers when applying eyelash extensions and do not cause a heavy feeling to the eyes. KTV Lashes’ eyelash extension products always receive 100% customer satisfaction because of the safety and durability of the eyelashes, helping 3D lash extension customers maintain beauty and confidence for a long time.

Diverse in designs and styles

In addition to the 6 types of 3D lashes that KTV Lashes introduced above, customers can freely choose the lash thickness, lash length as well as the lash curvature they desire, KTV Lashes’ 3D lash extensions products all have can meet almost all your search needs. Thanks to the uniqueness and creativity in eyelash extension designs, from natural, elegant eyelash styles to unique, outstanding eyelash styles,… helping KTV Lashes serve all the styles of eyelash extensions of customers.

Best incentives and price policies for 3D lashes on the market

Fast and convenient delivery service will be prioritized for all orders, helping customers save time and shipping costs. The incentives and price policies for KTV Lashes’ 3D lashes below not only create favorable conditions for business partners but also create favorable conditions for individual customers and large shopping units. Let’s find out!

Competitive selling price on the market

The price of 3D lashes from KTV Lashes is designed to compete with similar products on the market, helping to attract customers’ attention. Thanks to cheap labor from Vietnam, the selling prices of eyelash extensions at KTV Lashes are very competitive in the current eyelash extension market. Although the price is cheap, the quality that KTV Lashes brings is extremely valuable, committed to the highest quality products, long lasting color, soft and smooth eyelashes and do not harm your eye skin.

Many special discount policies

KTV Lashes regularly offers customers special discount policies during festivals, anniversaries or simply to express gratitude to regular customers. In addition, KTV Lashes has a flexible policy in adjusting prices from time to time, helping to ensure the attractiveness and competitiveness of the product.

Attractive discounts

Ktv Lashes 3d Lash Extensions Diverse In Designs

For large orders, KTV Lashes can apply special discounts, helping customers save costs and increase profits.

Dedicated and thoughtful customer care and consulting service

In addition to providing free and dedicated consulting support to all customers, we also provide private consulting services and special support for customers with large orders, ensuring they receive the best care.

Fast and convenient delivery

Fast and convenient delivery service will be given priority for all orders, helping customers save time and shipping costs.

The process of ordering and delivering 3D lashes is simple and fast

Instructions on how to order from KTV Lashes

  1. Visit our website or contact our customer service team directly at hotline +84 942 34 34 93 to get information about the types of 3D lashes we provide and prices. In addition, you can send them a message at fan page: https://www.facebook.com/ktvlashes or via email:  infoktvlashes@gmail.com.
  2. Select the 3D lashes model and quantity you want to order.
  3. Submit your order request through the website or contact us by phone or email.
  4. The customer service team will contact you to confirm the order and agree on other details such as price, payment method and delivery address.

Order processing time and product delivery

  1. After the order is confirmed, we will process and prepare the goods.
  2. Order processing time usually takes place within 1-2 business days, depending on the quantity of the order.
  3. Once the goods have been prepared, we will use reputable shipping services to deliver the goods to you.
  4. Delivery time also depends on the delivery location and shipping service you choose. Normally, delivery takes 3-7 business days.

Return policy and customer support

  1. We are committed to providing high quality 3D lash products and quality assurance. However, if you receive an unsatisfactory product or have any problems, please contact our customer service team immediately.
  2. We will assist you in returning products or refunding according to our return policy.
  3. For support and answers to any questions, you can contact our customer care team via phone, email or our website.
  4. We are committed to putting customers’ interests first and are always ready to support you in the process of purchasing and using our products.

Hopefully the above information has answered your questions about the ordering process, delivery and customer support policy of KTV Lashes. If you have any further questions, please contact us.

Committed to absolutely safe quality 3D lashes

1. Commitment to product quality

Preparation Before Eyelash Extensions

  • High quality imported materials: KTV Lashes is committed to using high quality 3D lash materials imported from Korea to ensure absolute safety and no irritation to eye skin.
  • Sophistication in the production process: The 3D lash production process ensures quality with a team of highly skilled technicians and advanced technology, helping to ensure that each eyelash or each lash fan is produced with best quality.
  • Commitment to absolute safety: According to information about the safety testing process of each type of 3D lashes, KTV Lashes commits to not containing toxic chemicals.

2. Positive feedback from customers

Positive reviews about quality: On KTV Lashes’ fanpage, we also regularly share positive reviews from previous customers about the quality of KTV Lashes’ 3D lashes, which you can refer to and trust to choose our products.

3. Clear and transparent warranty policy

KTV Lashes commits to return the product completely free of charge if there are quality problems or design errors during transportation. Our commitment to absolutely safe 3D eyelash quality is not only a promise but also proven by actual eyelash extension techniques and positive feedback from previous customers. This helps create trust and reputation of the KTV Lashes eyelash extension factory in the beauty product market.

Contact information for KTV Lashes factory

Contact Information For Ktv Lashes Factory

  • KTV eyelash extension factory address: Ha Quang Bac Block, Dien Duong Ward, Dien Ban Town, Quang Nam Province, Vietnam
  • Phone number: +84 942 3434 93
  • Email: infoktvlashes@gmail.com
  • Website: https://ktveyelashfactory.com/

We always put customers’ interests and satisfaction first. The team of experts at KTV Lashes are not only knowledgeable and experienced in 3D lash extensions, but also ensure compliance with the safest and most advanced techniques in the industry.

Our 3D lash products not only meet standards of softness, naturalness and durability, but are also made from high-quality materials that are safe for the eyes. We are committed to providing customers with the most beneficial and comfortable eye experience when using 3d lashes.

We don’t just stop at providing quality products, we also enjoy building trustworthy and long-lasting relationships with our partners and customers. Thanks to that, we have built a solid reputation in the eyelash extension industry.

With companionship, dedicated support and absolute quality 3D lash products, KTV Lashes ensures absolute satisfaction and trust for partners and customers. Come join us and experience the difference with premium 3D lashes from KTV Lashes.