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The picture of each person’s soul is opened through the eyes, and long, thick and curved eyelashes are the details that determine your attractiveness and confidence. Let’s learn about a special eyelash size that is most popular with customers today – 18mm Lashes.

The unique length of this type of false eyelashes is not only a challenge for your eyes but also an opportunity for you to express your unique personality and impression. Creating great beauty and attracting eyes at first sight, 18mm lashes are the perfect highlight for your appearance. Let KTV Lashes, a professional provider of eyelash extensions, introduce the 18mm lashes trend that is attracting the attention of modern women!

Introduction to What are 18mm lashes?

What Are 18mm Lashes

“18mm lashes” simply means false eyelashes with a length of 18mm. False eyelashes, also known as false eyelashes, are beauty products used to increase the length, thickness and curl of eyelashes. The popularity of false eyelashes has created a variety of sizes, from shorter lashes to longer lashes like 18mm. Long eyelashes help create big, round and attractive eyes, highlight natural beauty and increase attraction.

You should choose the size of false eyelashes that suits your eye line and face for best results. As for 18mm lashes, they are often chosen by customers who want to create strong, outstanding, individual and impressive eyes.

Reasons to buy 18mm lashes at KTV Lashes

Buying 18mm lashes at KTV Lashes can bring many benefits and positive experiences to customers. Here are some reasons you should choose 18mm lashes at KTV Lashes:

Premium quality

KTV Lashes is famous for its excellent quality eyelash extension products. Their 18mm lashes are made from high-quality PBT synthetic fiber imported directly from Korea, helping to create thick and attractive eyes.

Diverse in designs

Reasons To Buy 18mm Lashes

KTV Lashes offers a variety of 18mm false eyelashes with a variety of thicknesses (0.05, 0.07, 0.10, 0.12, 0.15, 0.18, 0.20) and different curvatures (C, CC, D, DD, L, M,… ), suitable for many individual preferences and eyelash extension styles.

Many incentives and promotions for wholesale and retail customers

There are often promotions and special offers for customers buying eyelashes at KTV Lashes. This helps you save costs and get the best value for the money you pay. You can follow our promotions at the fan page:

Professional customer care service

KTV Lashes always puts customers first and provides the most professional and thoughtful customer service. Our dedicated consultants will help you choose the type of eyelashes that suits your needs and answer all your questions.

Fast and safe delivery

KTV Lashes’ delivery process is designed to be the fastest and most convenient to ensure the product reaches customers quickly and safely, keeping 18mm lashes from being damaged during transportation.

Received countless positive reviews from customers

KTV Lashes has received many positive reviews from customers about the quality of products and services we provide. This is a certification for the reputation of the KTV LASHES brand in the beauty industry in general, and the eyelash extension industry in particular.

Flexible return policy

KTV Lashes regularly applies a flexible return policy, helping customers feel secure when shopping and ensuring you are most satisfied with your product.

Choosing to buy 18mm lashes at KTV Lashes not only means you invest in your and your customers’ beauty, but also receive excellent incentives and services from a brand that many people trust.

KTV Lashes’ best-selling 18mm lash extensions

Single Loose & Mix Loose Premade fan lashes 18mm

Volume Lashes 18mm

Classic Lashes 18mm

Single Rapid & Mix Rapid Premade Fan Lashes 18mm

18mm Lashes XL Book & Bold XL Book Premade fan

Handmade fans lash 18mm (Promade fan)

Colour lash tray 18mm

Instructions for applying 18mm lashes properly and quickly

Instructions For Applying 18mm Lash Extensions

The 18mm lash extensions process requires precision and patience to ensure beautiful and safe results. Below are detailed instructions on how to apply 18mm lashes properly and quickly:

Step 1: Prepare

– Check eyelashes: Make sure your eyelashes are clean and free of oil, grease or dirt, helping the glue stick better.

– Prepare tools: eyelash extension glue, eyelash extension tweezers, 18mm eyelashes. It is also a good idea to have a comfortable pillow to help you/client lie down comfortably.

Step 2: Choose eyelash extensions according to the customer’s preferences and eyelash extension style

– Length selection: For lashes 18mm, you choose false eyelashes of corresponding length to achieve natural eyelash extension results that are in harmony with your eyes.

– Choose the curvature and thickness of the eyelashes that match the eyelash extension style that the customer wants, for example classic eyelash extensions, volume eyelash extensions, mega volume eyelash extensions,…

Step 3: Proceed with eyelash extensions

– Dip glue: Use eyelash extension tweezers to pick up an eyelash/lash fan, then dip the eyelash root into a sufficient amount of glue and brush off the excess glue.

– Gently place the false eyelashes onto the natural eyelashes and gently hold them in place for a few seconds to make the glue stick tightly.

Step 4: Repeat the eyelash extension process until completed

– Continue the eyelash extension process for all false eyelashes attached to the real eyelashes, keeping the thickness and curl uniform on both eyes.

– Check the technique and ensure that all false eyelashes (18mm lashes) are tightly attached to real eyelashes without causing discomfort.

Note: If you are newer to eyelash extensions, it may take some time to get used to and improve your technique. Be patient and practice regularly to become an expert in eyelash extensions.

How to preserve 18mm lash extensions for a long and beautiful

Preserve Lash Extensions 18mm

To preserve lash extensions 18mm in a long-lasting and beautiful way, you need to pay attention to some important things below:

  1. Avoid water: Limit eyelash contact with water if possible. Water can loosen the glue and deform the shape of the eyelashes.
  2. Avoid direct sunlight: Store 18mm lashes in a cool, dry place and avoid direct sunlight. Sunlight can discolor and dry out false eyelashes.
  3. Care when not in use: When not using 18mm lashes, place 18mm lashes in a special container or storage box to protect from dust and light.
  4. Periodically check eyelash extensions: Check 18mm lash extensions regularly to keep them in the best condition and ensure symmetry between both eyes.
  5. Preserving eyelash extension glue: Close the lid of the eyelash extension glue bottle after use to prevent the glue from drying out and losing adhesion..
  6. Regularly clean eyelashes: Use a soft makeup brush to gently remove dirt or cosmetics from eyelashes. This helps keep eyelash extensions clean.

By following the above instructions, you will help to effectively preserve your 18mm lashes, keeping them beautiful and usable for a long time.


When caring for and beautifying your eyes, 18mm lashes are not only a part of your appearance, but also a delicate highlight that creates special appeal. They are more than just false eyelashes, they are doors that open to a world of glamor and sophistication.

18mm lashes are not only a symbol of length and curl but also an inspiration for the confidence and strength of modern women. With each 18mm lash, the eyes become more interesting.

Eyes “decorated” with 18mm lashes not only attract attention at first sight but are also a statement of natural beauty and charm. It is a combination of delicate eyelash extension techniques and creativity in choosing length, creating a work of art on the face.

With 18mm lashes, it not only adds charm but is also a way of personal expression, reflecting a woman’s personality and strength. Each eyelash is like a punctuation mark in your story, adding beauty, confidence and charm.

Ultimately, 18mm lashes are not only a beauty accessory, but also a symbol of confidence, strength and charm. Let your eyes tell your own story, and 18mm lashes are the key to opening a beautiful world of confidence and charm.