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17mm Lashes

17mm Lashes are becoming the top choice of many people when looking for perfection for their eyes. With impressive length, they create a seductive and attractive look at first sight. If you are looking for a new eyelash but don’t know what to choose, let’s learn about The best-selling 17mm lashes today to ensure you always have the beautiful eyelashes of your dreams in every situation.

What are 17mm lashes?

What Are 17mm Lashes

“17mm lashes” is a way to describe the size of the eyelashes, the unit of measurement for the length of the eyelashes used is millimeter (mm). Therefore, 17mm lashes are false eyelashes with a length of 17mm measured from the base of the eyelashes to the tip of the eyelashes.

These 17mm lashes not only provide impressive length and curl, but also help highlight your natural beauty and attractive eyes. Whether you’re planning to change your look or just want to try out a new type of eyelash, the 17mm lashes certainly won’t disappoint you. Let’s explore and choose for yourself the most suitable eyelash type, so that your eyes always shine and attract all eyes!

17mm lashes are the most popular today

17mm volume lashes

17mm Volume Lashes

17mm volume lashes are often created by combining many thin and light eyelashes in one eyelash fan, for example, 2D, 3D, 4D,…, nD  volume lash fans, with different lengths, thicknesses and curvatures. This is the best-selling type of eyelashes today, its purpose is to help create thick, curved eyelashes effects for attractive and impressive eyes.

17mm Classic lashes

17mm Classic Lashes

Classic lashes are individual eyelashes of uniform and natural length. In particular, 17mm classic lashes will have the same length of 17mm. The special feature of this classic lash extensions is that it will help the eyes look bigger and more attractive but still maintain the natural beauty like real eyelashes.

17mm Mink lashes

17mm Mink Lashes

Mink eyelashes are eyelashes made from real mink fur, famous for their softness and naturalness. 17mm mink lashes focus on using mink eyelashes with a length of 17mm, helping to bring luxurious and seductive beauty to the eyes when applying eyelash extensions.

17mm Faux mink lashes

17mm Faux Mink Lashes

Faux mink eyelashes are also a type of eyelash that is very popular with users because the eyelashes are made from synthetic fiber material, creating soft eyelashes no different from mink eyelashes. 17mm Faux mink lashes  will give you thin, light and extremely natural eyelashes.

KTV Lashes’ 7 best-selling 17mm lash lines

Loose & Mix Loose Premade fan lashes 17mm

Volume Faux Mink and Silk Lashes 17mm

Classic Faux Mink and Silk Lashes 17mm

Rapid & Mix Rapid Premade Fan 17mm length

XL Book & Bold XL Book Premade fan lashes 17mm

Promade fans lash 17mm (Handmade fan)

Colour lash tray 17mm

Detailed instructions on how to apply 17mm lash extensions for eyelash extension artists

How To Apply 17mm Lash Extensions

The eyelash extension process can require technique and expertise to ensure that the eyelash extension result is the most beautiful and safe for the customer. Below KTV Lashes will give you detailed instructions on the standard way to apply 17mm lash extensions:

Step 1: Prepare eyelash extension tools:

  • 17mm lash extensions product
  • Choose 17mm lashes with a thickness and curl that suits the customer’s eyelash style and preferences.
  • Make sure the eyelashes are soft, light, and made from safe materials, which can be mink, faux mink, or PBT synthetic fibers.
  • Prepare necessary tools for eyelash extensions:
  • High quality eyelash extension glue.
  • Tools such as: eyelash pads, eyelash extension tweezers, eyelash separation tweezers, makeup remover, cotton swabs,…

Step 2: Check the customer’s natural eyelashes

Assess the customer’s eyelash condition to determine the appropriate eyelash type and eyelash extension technique to advise them.

 Step 3: Clean your eyelashes before applying

Clean natural eyelashes and eyes with a cleaning solution or physiological saline.

Step 4: Proceed with eyelash extensions

– Use tweezers to pick up/separate eyelashes to remove each false eyelash or each lash fan from the eyelash box/line.

– Dip the base of the eyelashes into eyelash glue a thin enough amount, brush off excess glue.

– Place the false eyelashes on top of the real eyelashes so that the base of the false eyelashes sticks tightly to the real eyelashes.

– Gently hold the false eyelashes in place for a few seconds to make the eyelash extension glue adhere to the natural eyelashes.

– Repeat the above process for each lash/lash fan until you achieve the desired thickness.

– After all the eyelashes/lash fan have been connected, gently brush the eyelashes to let the glue dry quickly and ensure the eyelashes or eyelashes stick together.

Step 5: Complete the eyelash extension process

– Fix the eyelash extensions for 10-15 seconds to ensure the glue is completely dry.

– Avoid contact with water or liquid for 24 hours after eyelash extensions.

Note: eyelash extensions are a professional process and require technique and experience. If you do not have experience in this field, KTV Lashes recommends that you should come to professional eyelash extension experts to learn and practice fluently before applying eyelash extensions to your customers.

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KTV Lashes is famous for its high quality products, committed to bringing you natural eyelashes that do not cause irritation to your sensitive eyelashes. With 17mm lashes, it helps you create impressive eyes, enhancing the beauty of your charming eyes.

In particular, KTV Lashes is committed to reasonable and competitive prices, ensuring the best shopping experience for customers. In addition to product quality, KTV Lashes also offers many attractive incentives. Customers will be able to participate in promotions, discounts and receive special gifts. This will definitely satisfy even the most demanding customers.

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KTV Lashes’ 17mm lashes not only help you transform your eyes into a strong highlight, but also create a new world where you shine and are more confident than ever. Let KTV Lashes take care of and pamper your eyelashes, bringing great confidence.

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