What are 8mm lashes? Criteria for choosing the best 8mm lashes

8mm Lashes

With growing beauty trends, eyelashes have become one of the important factors that help enhance the beauty of the eyes. And in the world of eyelash beauty, eyelash size and thickness are important factors in creating attractive eyes. In this article, KTV Lashes will introduce to you 8mm lash extensions product – one of the most popular eyelash sizes today. Let’s explore and learn more about beauty tips with 8mm lashes to get truly attractive and impressive eyelashes!

What are 8mm lashes?

What Are 8mm Lashes

How long are 8mm lashes? 8mm lash extensions are simply the size of false eyelashes that are 8mm long. This is one of the popular eyelash sizes in the eyelash extension industry and is favored by many people. When using 8mm lashes, you will feel your eyelashes are thicker and longer, creating naturally beautiful eyelashes but still attractive.

8mm lashes are suitable for people with thin, sparse eyelashes and want to add fullness to their eyes. These 8mm lashes are also suitable for those who want a gentle change to their eyelashes and refine their appearance without being too fussy.

To achieve 8 mm lashes, you can use 8mm false eyelashes with eyelash types such as 3D, 4D, 5D,…, nD to suit your needs and personal style to have attractive eyelashes!

#9 Criterias for choosing to buy 8mm lashes

The size of 8mm lashes may be suitable for your needs, but you need to consider the following 9 criterias to choose to buy beautiful 8mm lashes with the best quality.

1.  Material 8mm lashes

You should choose eyelashes made from synthetic fibers or faux mink eyelashes or silk eyelashes because they will be highly durable and help protect your eyes from bacteria and do not cause eye irritation.

2. Color 8mm lashes

8mm lashes can have many different colors, depending on the user’s preferences and desires, the eyelash color should be chosen to match skin color and hair color to create a natural and harmonious look for the face.

3.  Eyelash curl and durability

8mm lashes have a variety of different eyelash curls for you to choose from such as: C, CC, D, DD, M, L,… If the curl retention ability of these eyelashes is good, it will help create a beautiful effect and last longer for your eyes. Please check the curl of 8mm lashes before purchasing to ensure quality.

4. Thickness of 8mm lashes

8mm lashes should have uniform thickness to create a natural look and not cause a heavy feeling to the eyes.

5. Selling price of 8mm lashes

Users need to consider the selling price of 8mm lashes and compare different products to choose the most reasonable price.

6. Brand of 8mm lashes

You should choose 8mm lash extensions from reputable and trustworthy brands or originating from famous large-volume factories in countries specializing in producing eyelash extensions such as KTV Lashes in Vietnam to ensure quality and safety of use.

7. Reviews and recommendations from other users

You should consider reviews and recommendations from other users to have a better overview of the 8mm lash extensions you want to buy. You can look up on shopping websites, product review sites or ask for advice from trusted acquaintances.

8. Easy to remove and use

If the false eyelashes are 8 mm, they can be easily removed and can be directly attached to your real eyelashes to save time and effort during the daily beauty process. If you have 8mm lash extensions, you should choose to buy products that can easily separate each 8mm lash or each 8 mm lash fan from the eyelash tray, then dip it in glue and conveniently attach it to the customer’s real eyelashes.

9.   Warranty and return policy

Buying eyelashes should have a warranty and a reasonable return policy from the supplier, to ensure the user’s rights in case of quality problems.

Note, in addition to the above criterias, choosing to buy 8mm lashes needs to suit each person’s needs and personal style. It is necessary to consider individual requirements to choose the most suitable product.

Outstanding advantages of KTV Lashes’ 8mm lash extensions

Outstanding Advantages Of 8mm Lash Extensions

Why should you buy 8mm lashes at KTV Lashes lash extension factory? Let’s learn in detail about the outstanding advantages of KTV Lashes 8mm lash extensions to help you choose the place to buy quality eyelashes at the best price today!

  • Professional quality: KTV Lashes’ 8mm lash extensions are manufactured with advanced technology and professional eyelash creation process from a team of highly skilled technicians, ensuring the best quality with long-term durability.
  • Natural design: KTV Lashes’ 8mm lash extensions are designed in the most natural proportions, creating a light feeling and naturally beautiful eyes. The thickness and curvature of the eyelashes are meticulously considered with many options for you to choose to create attractive and sharp eyes.
  • Easy to use: KTV Lashes’ 8mm lash extensions are designed into many convenient product designs, easy to separate and use. This helps save time and effort in the daily beauty process.
  • Safe material: KTV Lashes’ 8mm lash extensions are made from synthetic materials or natural eyelashes, and do not cause eye irritation or inflammation.
  • Ability to keep curl for a long time: KTV Lashes’ 8mm lash extensions have the ability to keep curl for a long time, helping to create a natural and attractive effect for the eyes. With a variety of 8mm lashes curls for you to choose: C, CC, D, DD, L, M.
  • Variety of colors: KTV Lashes’ 8mm lash extensions have many color options, from basic black to other soft and striking colors. Users can choose colors that match their skin color and hair color, creating naturalness and harmony.
  • Softness: KTV Lashes’ 8mm lash extensions have high softness, helping to create a comfortable feeling and not causing a heavy feeling to the eyes. This contributes to smoothness and comfort during the eyelash application or eyelash extension process.
  • Reasonable price: KTV Lashes’ 8mm lash extensions are very cheap compared to the current eyelash market thanks to low labor costs but still bring the best quality to users. Reasonable prices help customers save money on their daily beauty routine.
  • High aesthetics: KTV Lashes’ 8mm lash extensions are meticulously designed and have natural proportions, creating outstanding beauty for the eyes. Using these 8mm lashes helps you increase your confidence and attract the attention of people around you.
  • Very dedicated and enthusiastic after-sales support: KTV Lashes has a very good after-sales support system, can provide usage instructions, product support and meet the needs of online processing orders following customer’s request. This helps customers feel secure and confident in the process of buying and using KTV Lashes’ 8mm lash extensions.

KTV Lashes’ 7 best-selling 8mm lashes today

At KTV Lashes factory, there are many 8mm lashes product designs for you to choose from with many of the most popular eyelash curvatures today such as: C, D, CC, DD, L, M. In particular, KTV Lashes also accepts processing individual 8mm lashes according to customers’ individual order requirements such as: Mixing different curvatures, mixing different eyelash lengths or mixing color eyelashes,… helping customers buy eyelash products that they desire. Below are the 7 best-selling 8mm lashes from KTV Lashes that you should not miss!

1. Premade fan 3D, 4D, 5D, 6D, 8D, 10D

2. Handmade fan 8D, 10D (Promade fans)

3. Colour lash tray 8mm

4. Volume Premium Faux Mink 8mm

5. Volume Pro Silk Lashes 8mm

6. Classic Premium Faux Mink 8mm

7. Classic Pro Silk Lashes 8mm

The most accurate 8mm lash extensions instructions for beginners

Here are basic instructions for applying 8mm lashes in the simplest way. However, to achieve good and safe results, you should learn more and practice before doing:

Step 1. Prepare

  • 8mm lash extensions: Choose eyelashes with a curl and color that suits your eyes and the style you desire.
  • Eyelash extension glue: Use specialized glue for eyelash extensions to ensure safety and durability.
  • Eyelash separation tweezers and eyelash extension tweezers: These two tools help you connect 8mm lashes more conveniently.

Step 2. Clean your eyelashes

  • Wash and dry your eyelashes gently before starting 8mm lash extensions to ensure the best eyelash extension results.

Step 3. Separate the 8mm lashes from the eyelash tray

Separate The 8mm Lashes From The Eyelash Tray

  • Take an 8mm lash line out of the lash tray and separate each 8mm lash or 8mm lash fan from the lash line to proceed to the next step.
  • If you have separate 8mm lash fans, just take each lash fan in the tray/box, dip it in a moderate amount of glue and attach it directly to your real eyelashes.

Step 4. Use specialized eyelash extension glue

Use Specialized Eyelash Extension Glue

  • If the 8mm false lashes are applied by hand, you will put a moderate amount of eyelash extension glue on the base of the eyelashes. Use the sharp end of the glue brush to touch the base of the lashes with the glue applied to remove excess glue and ensure the glue spreads evenly on the base of the lashes.
  • If it is 8mm lash extensions, use eyelash extension tweezers to dip the eyelash root of each 8mm eyelash or each 8mm eyelash fan into eyelash extension glue, then remove the excess glue and proceed to attach to your real eyelashes.

Step 5. Connect 8mm lashes to real eyelashes

Connect 8mm Lashes To Real Eyelashes

  • Use your hand to hold the real eyelash in place to attach the 8mm lash extension or 8mm fan to the correct position on your real eyelashes.
  • Gently release the eyelashes after attaching the eyelash extensions to your real eyelashes and wait a few seconds for the glue to dry.

Step 6. Repeat the process of attaching eyelash extensions to real eyelashes

  • Continue doing the above process until you have completed the desired pair of eyelash extensions.
  • Make sure the 8mm lashes are applied evenly to the real eyelashes and are not too thick or light compared to other eyelashes.

Step 7. Note after completing eyelash extensions

  • When you are done adding the 8mm lash extensions, carefully brush the eyelashes with a specialized brush and ensure hygiene. Especially avoid eye and eye-skin contact with glue.

Closeup image of KTV Lashes’ 8mm lashes

8mm lashes can be an interesting highlight to create natural beauty and charming eyes. The eyes are the windows of the soul and when the face is covered with delicate 8mm lashes, it not only creates attraction but also enhances the features and personality of each person. Eyelash extensions lash 8mm are not too long, not too short, but it is enough to add depth and perfect appeal to your eyes. Whether you want to create a natural, gentle look or captivating eyes, 8mm eyelashes can be the ideal choice for you. With the thickness and the ability to keep the curl for a long time, you will get a pair of beautiful eyelashes as expected.