U Curl Lashes and Everything You Need to Know

U Curl Lashes

When it comes to beautifying our eyes, we often think of using mascara to thicken and curl our eyelashes. However, there is a new trend in eyelash beauty that you may not know about: U Curl Lashes. Considered an upgrade from D curl lashes, U Curl Lashes give you perfect curl lashes and all the eyelash extension benefits you expect. Today, we will learn everything you need to know about U curl lashes: from the process, the results, and how to maintain the curl long term. Get ready to explore the new world of charming and beautiful eyes!

Discover about U curl lashes

What Are U Curl Lashes

U curl lashes are known as an extremely curved version of D curl lashes. The name “U curl” comes from their 80° curvature, creating a particularly unique curve. With this curvature, U curl lash extensions will create a completely new look for your eyes, making your eyelashes stand out and extremely attractive. When you wear a sexy dress and high heels to attend luxurious parties, this is the ideal time for you to show off your charm and personality with U curl lashes.

Do you have straight, slightly downward-facing eyelashes or single eyelid eyes and want to find the right eyelash extension curl to create an attractive look and contribute to the beauty of your face to become harmonious and outstanding? You can’t ignore U curl lashes. This is the most suitable eyelash curvature for you. However, you should avoid using U curl lashes on eyes with deep eyelids, dark eyelids, or slightly drooping eyelids, because these characteristics of U curl lashes can cause irritation to the eyelids.

Outstanding features of U curl lashes

The outstanding feature of U curl lashes is the outstanding eyelash curvature, about 80° compared to natural eyelashes. With this curvature, the lashes will create charm and sophistication for your look.

The special thing about U curl lashes is that they stand out compared to natural eyelashes. No need to use mascara or other technologies, U curl lashes give you deeper, bigger, rounder and attractive eyes without having to wear a lot of makeup.

When using U curl lashes, you will make a strong impression with a variety of outfits and makeup styles. With charming eyes and outstanding curvature, you will be more confident in every move and attract everyone’s attention.

With these outstanding features, U curl lash extensions are becoming a new beauty trend and are loved by those who want to highlight their gaze and create a strong impression with their eyes.

The process of creating U curl lashes and the U curl lashes extension technique

The process of creating U curl lashes is often done by a professionist in the field of eyelash extension production.

Below is the basic process to create U curl lashes

The Process Of Creating U Curl Lashes

The basic process to create U curl lash extensions includes the following steps:

  1. Measure eyelash curvature U: Use the eyelash curl measurer to measure from the top of the eyelashes to the point of curvature. Make sure that the angle of curvature reaches the standard 80 degrees, and can be adjusted if necessary.
  2. Using heat to create U curvature: By using heat technique, each line of eyelash extensions is created with a standard U curvature according to set standards. Uses heat to curl your lashes without damaging or losing their shape.
  3. Separating U curl lashes: The lash technician will separate each U curl lashes from the U curl lashes lines created above. These U curl lashes can be used in classic eyelash extensions. If each eyelash cluster is separated from the U curl lashes line to create each eyelash fan, these eyelash fans will be applied in many lash extension techniques such as: volume, megavolume,…
  4. How to create each eyelash fan with U curvature: The technician will separate each eyelash cluster from the eyelash line and dip the roots of these eyelashes into specialized glue. This glue will hold the base of the eyelashes together. Then, remove excess glue so that it dries completely. The roots of the eyelashes, after being dipped in glue, will be glued together and spread out at the tips, creating eyelashes with a complete U curve.

The most standard U curl lash extension technique for lash extension artists

Apply U Curl Lash Extension

  1. Cleaning: First, natural eyelashes will be cleaned and completely dried before starting the U curl lash extension process.
  2. Choose false eyelashes: The staff will choose U curl lashes with a length, thickness and color that matches the customer’s natural eyelashes and lash extension style. This eyelash extension material is mainly made from high quality PBT synthetic fiber with good durability and bendability.
  3. Prepare the necessary tools: In addition to choosing the type of eyelash extensions that the customer wants, the eyelash artist needs to prepare other necessary tools for the eyelash extension process to take place quickly and conveniently. Some indispensable lash extension items such as: lower eyelash pads, specialized eyelash extension glue, eyelash extension tweezers, eyelash separator tweezers, cotton swabs,…
  4. Applying eyelash extension glue: The staff will dip the root of each eyelash or the root of each U curl lashes into specialized glue, then remove the excess glue at the root of the eyelashes. Next, use lash separation tweezers to separate the customer’s natural eyelashes on both sides and leave one real eyelash in the middle. Then, apply glue-dipped eyelashes/fans to the real eyelash and fix it for a few seconds. Let the glue dry and the eyelash extensions adhere tightly to the natural eyelashes. Continue, applying eyelash extensions to each natural eyelash until you achieve the desired eyelash shape and length.
  5. Check and repair: Once the eyelash extensions have been successfully applied, the staff will check and repair any unsatisfactory or irregular eyelash extensions. In this way, staff can create beautiful, natural U-curl lash extensions according to each customer’s requirements.

Note that the process and technique of creating U curl lashes may have different variations depending on the lash extension manufacturer and the eyelash extension skills of the staff. Therefore, it is important that you research and choose a reputable, experienced and professional beauty facility to ensure the best U curl lash extension results.

Application of U Curl Lashes

Suitable for any type of eyelashes

U Curl Lashes are usually suitable for a variety of eyelash types, including straight, curled, and short eyelashes. This creates a great deal of flexibility in use and is suitable for many people with different eyelash styles.

Suitable for single eyelid

With eyes with a single eyelid, U curl lashes can create an enlarging effect, making the eyes bigger, brighter, and more eye-catching. This type of eyelashes helps increase the depth and shape of the eyes, creating naturally impressive and attractive eyes.

Great choice for special occasions and beautiful dresses

U curl lashes are often popular on special occasions such as wedding parties, important events, or when having the opportunity to wear beautiful dresses. With its natural and characteristic curvature, U curl lashes help create a seductive and attractive look, highlight the beauty of the eyes, and help your face become attractive in the events you attend.

Therefore, Curl U lashes are not only suitable for many different types of eyelashes but are also the ideal choice for those who want to create a special and seductive beauty for their eyes, especially on important occasions and when wearing beautiful outfits.

How to care for U Curl Lashes to maintain curly and beauty

How To Care For U Curl Lashes

To keep your U curl lashes always curled and beautiful, you need to take special care steps. Here are some ways to maintain and preserve the curl of U curl lashes:

  1. Choose the right care products: Use high-quality mascara and adhesives that are non-irritating and oil-free to avoid softening the adhesive and reducing curl.
  2. Check the ingredients in the product: Avoid products containing oils, silicones and other ingredients that can cause loss of eyelash curl. Choose products that contain lash conditioners and moisturizing ingredients to maintain the softness of your lashes.
  3. Limit your use of waterproof mascara: Waterproof mascara can dry out your lashes and reduce curl, so use them sparingly, especially on unnecessary occasions.
  4. Avoid high temperatures and humidity: U curl lashes can be affected by high temperatures and humid environments. Limit direct exposure to sunlight and keep your eyelashes dry and avoid humid environments.
  5. Brush your eyelashes daily: Use a soft eyelash comb to brush gently every day. This helps maintain the tangle and uniformity of the lashes, and also helps stimulate blood circulation, enhancing eyelash health.
  6. Do not get lash extensions continuously: To give your eyelashes time to recover and avoid eyelash weakness, leave at least 1-2 months between eyelash extensions.
  7. Use eyelash serum or oil: Apply eyelash serum or oil regularly to provide nutrients and keep lashes soft and retain their natural curl.
  8. Perform periodic checks: Check periodically to ensure that the lashes are not falling out too much and that the adhesive remains firmly in place to maintain the U curl lash.

By taking these care measures, you can keep your U curl lashes naturally beautiful and durable for a long time.

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Notes and limitations when applying for U curl lash extensions

Notes When Applying U Curl Lash Extensions

Not suitable for eyes with deep eyelids

U curl lashes have a large curvature and create a remarkable effect for the eyelashes, but are not suitable for eyes with deep eyelids. This can make deep eyelids become more emphasized and unbalance the overall face. You should consult an eyelash extension specialist before deciding to get U curl lashes extensions if you have deep eyelids.

Risk of eye irritation

As with any eyelash enhancement treatment, U curl eyelash extensions can also cause eye irritation. Contact with glues or chemicals can cause skin irritation or allergies. You should do an allergy test before performing the procedure and should use high-quality eyelash extension products that are tested for eye skin safety and appropriate eye care products to reduce the risk of irritation.

How to care for and remove damaged U curl lashes

To maintain the curvature and prominence of U curl lashes, care should be taken to carefully and remove broken eyelashes and deformed eyelashes. Use mascara containing nutrients to protect and nourish your eyelashes. Avoid vigorous rubbing of your eyes when removing makeup. If you want to remove U curl lashes, go to a professional beauty facility to ensure the eyelash extension maintenance process is safe.  Avoid pulling on eyelash extensions yourself because it can damage natural eyelashes.

Remember to note and follow up the above limitations and take proper care to protect your eyelash extensions and natural eyelashes when using the U curl lash extension technique.


U curl lash extensions have become a popular beauty trend recently. The U curl lashes create charm and prominence for the eyes, helping to enhance natural beauty and attract attention. The process of creating U curl lashes requires professionalism and technique such as: measuring eyelash curvature, using heat to create curvature, separating each U curl lashes techniques for creating U curl lash fans,… You can explore many unique eyelash extension styles with U curl lashes and make your eyes more attractive than ever.

Just believe in your own differences and experiment with U curl lash extensions, you will find the eyelash extension styles that best suit your personal style. Don’t be afraid to refresh your appearance with U curl lashes.