What is M Curl Lashes? Discover the art of beauty with M curl lashes

What Is M Curl Lashes

When it comes to the art of beautifying the face, people often think of refining facial skin, adorning lips or thickening and lengthening eyelashes. However, in the beauty industry, a beauty trend that has always existed over time and is of interest to many women is creating the right eyelash curl for eyelash extensions – This is a technique for making beautiful natural eyelashes without having to use mascara or eyelash curler.

M curl lashes, also known as feminine curls, are gradually becoming a new highlight of eyelash extension art. Join KTV Lashes to discover the art of beauty with M curl lashes and create a difference in your eyes. The art of beauty comes not only from makeup, but also from small details such as the curvature of eyelash extensions. Let us help you discover naturally big, round, attractive eyes with M curl lashes.

What are M lash lashes?

What Is M Curl Lashes

M Curl – 70 degree curvature, one of the types of eyelash curlers that gives you more beautiful, delicate and attractive eyes. With precise and meticulous curves, M curl lashes bring a strong and seductive look, evoking the perfect beauty and elegance of a modern woman.

The notable difference in M curl lashes comes not only from its curvature, but also from the proportion and height of each eyelash. Lashes m curl create dense black eyelash extensions that stand out on the eyes and enhance natural beauty without having to spend a lot of time applying makeup to your eyelashes.

M curl lashes extensions are the perfect choice for women who want to shine and attract attention. So, let M curl lashes be the highlight of your strong and seductive beauty.

The art of beauty with M curl lashes

Eyelids play an important role in creating the natural beauty of the face. The eyelids are not only a part of the eye’s protective structure but also contribute significantly to the overall appearance. This may explain why many people focus on beautifying their eyes. Radiant, shining eyes not only make the face lively but also increase the attractiveness of the viewer.

One of the techniques to beautify your eyes that you should not miss is eyelash extensions with M curl lashes. The M curl lash extensions will help your real eyelashes become thicker, more uniform and more attractive, helping your appearance look much more impressive, fresh and youthful.

In addition, M curl lashes can create a positive impression in communication. The look from beautiful eyes and the attraction of beautiful eyes can increase attractiveness in relationships with people. Therefore, M curl lashes are not only an eye beautification tool but also an important factor in creating a woman’s confident and attractive beauty.

The most standard methods of creating M curl lashes at KTV Lashes

The Art Of Beauty With M Curl Lashes

KTV Lashes factory has applied advanced processes to create eyelash extensions with the most standard M curvature today. This process includes the following steps:

  1. Professional eyelash curvature measurement: The technician uses an eyelash curvature ruler to measure from the top of the eyelashes to the point of curvature, ensuring that the curvature angle reaches the standard 70 degrees.
  2. Using heat to create curl: By using heat technique, each eyelash extension is created with standard curvature according to set standards.
  3. Separating lashes m curl: The eyelash technician will separate each M curl lashes to be used in classic eyelash extensions or separate each M curl lashes from the eyelash line to create each M curl lashes used in volume and mega volume eyelash extensions. ,….
  4. How to create M curl lash fans: The technician will take each separated eyelash cluster above and dip the roots of each eyelash into specialized glue. Then, remove excess glue to ensure it dries completely. After dipping the glue at the base of the eyelashes, they will stick together and spread out at the tips, forming an eyelash fan with a complete M curvature.

Pictures before and after M curl lash extensions

Pictures Before And After M Curl Lash Extensions

Instructions for care and maintenance of M curl lashes

Caring for and maintaining M curl lashes is very important to keep your eyes naturally beautiful and attractive. Below are detailed instructions on how to care for and maintain M curl lashes:

  • Clean your eyelids properly: Use a gentle, oil-free makeup remover to remove cosmetics from the eye area without harming the curl of your eyelids. Limit the use of oil-based makeup removers, as they can soften the adhesive and reduce the curl of your lashes.
  • Use quality glue and mascara: Choose high-quality glue and mascara that do not contain ingredients that irritate or weaken your eyelashes.
  • Remember to use waterproof mascara if needed, but limit your use of it frequently to avoid drying out and reducing the curl of your lashes.
  • Do not get eyelash extensions continuously: To give your natural eyelashes time to recover and not be weakened by continuous eyelash extensions, leave at least 1-2 months between extensions.
  • Perform daily beauty steps: Use eyelash serum or oil to provide necessary nutrients, help enhance curl and at the same time keep eyelashes soft and strong. Use a lash comb to keep them tangle-free and even.
  • Avoid high temperatures and humidity: Avoid direct sunlight and high temperatures, as it can weaken the adhesive and cause loss of eyelash curl. Avoid humid environments, as water can make your eyelashes heavy and lose their curl.
  • Perform regular maintenance checks: Check periodically to ensure that the lashes are not shedding too much and that the adhesive remains tight.

By taking these steps to care for and maintain M curl lashes, you can keep your eyes naturally beautiful and contribute to enhancing your attractiveness and confidence.

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Not only is it a new beauty trend, M curl lashes also express your personal style. Creating curls in the eyelashes helps enhance women’s feminine beauty and confidence without having to use daily beauty products.

The interesting thing is that M curl lashes not only bring natural beauty but also last many times longer than using mascara. M curl lashes can last from 6-8 weeks with durability, safe and benign for the skin and not harmful to the health of natural eyelashes.

M curl lashes are an attractive beauty trend. With M curl lashes, women can confidently show off their feminine beauty without having to use mascara every day. Taking care of your eyelashes after creating M curl lash extensions is also extremely important to maintain the effectiveness and health of your eyelashes. Try it out and discover the charm of M curl lashes today. You can go to beauty salons to experience the M cur lash extension technique!