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Equip your eyelash salon with the most necessary and professional Individual lash extensions from the KTV LASHES factory. We understand that individual lash supplies will help your customers experience the best and highest quality eyelash extensions service. With diligence and dedication in each production of Individual lashes, we are sure to bring you the highest quality individual lash extensions. When you decide to purchase individual lash extension supplies or eyelash extension tools from our manufacturer, you are definitely investing in products with outstanding quality and bringing the best eyelash extension results to your customers.

Not only ensuring quality, KTV LASHES also pays special attention to diversity and options for customers. From classic individual false lashes to special individual lashes such as volume lashes, color lash trays, we are committed to having all the necessary individual lash extensions to meet the needs and eyelash extension style of the client.

With KTV LASHES, you will definitely find the individual lashes and other quality eyelash extension products you need to bring perfect eyelash extension results in your work. Additionally, we are committed to providing you with an easy and convenient purchasing experience, so you can focus on serving your customers best.

Don’t let convenience and quality become an obstacle to your success. Equip your eyelash salon with professional individual lash extension supplies from the KTV LASHES manufacturer today to bring your customers an outstanding quality eyelash extension service.

What type of individual lash extension supplies should your eyelash salon use?

What Types Of Individual Eyelash Extension Supplies
What Types Of Individual Eyelash Extension Supplies?

Your eyelash salon can use the following types of individual lash extension supplies:

  1. Classic individual eyelash extensions: This is the most basic type of individual lash extension supplies. Use tweezers to remove each lash from the eyelash strip and attach that classic lash one at a time to the customer’s real eyelashes with glue. Classic eyelash extensions will help create the most natural look and help add thickness and length to the lashes. Classic individual eyelash extensions are suitable for those who want a gentle and natural feeling for their eyes.
  2. Volume individual eyelash extensions: This is an Individual eyelash extension that creates a thicker effect than classic individual eyelash extensions. By using tweezers to separate more eyelashes and dip the roots of these eyelashes into the glue to create each fan to apply to each natural eyelash, helping to create thickness and charm for the eyes. Volume individual eyelash extensions are made up of groups of light and small eyelashes, helping to create a soft and natural lash fan. This type of eyelash is suitable for people who want an attractive and outstanding look.
  3. Color individual eyelash extensions: This is a type of individual eyelash extensions available in different colors. These colors can be added to natural lashes to accentuate the eyes or create a unique and creative eyelash extension style. Color individual eyelash extensions bring personality and highlight the customer’s look.

However, choosing the appropriate type of individual lashes will depend on the customer’s personal preferences and the style of eyelash extensions you want to perform. Always listen to customers’ opinions and advise them on the most suitable eyelash extensions to ensure customers are satisfied and have beautiful and confident eyelashes.

What is the difference between individuals and lash strips?

The Difference Between Individuals And Lash Strips

Individual lashes are eyelashes arranged on top of each other to form rows of eyelashes and placed in an eyelash tray, the roots of the eyelashes are fixed on each row of eyelashes. If you want to remove these eyelashes from the lash line to apply to your natural lashes, the technician will use tweezers to remove them. Unlike false eyelash strips, individual eyelashes are not a single strip; Instead, they are applied individually, by taking each lash or cluster of lashes and applying them to a natural lash, resulting in much more natural and beautiful lashes.

The most special difference lies in the method of applying eyelash extensions. False eyelashes are a seamless strip applied across the entire natural lash line, creating a full and even appearance. In contrast, individual lashes create a more customized look by stacking individual synthetic lashes on top of each other and applying each lash or lash cluster to the base of each natural lash.

In summary, individual lashes and strip lashes have important differences in application method, appearance, and color fastness. Individual lashes are applied to each lash or cluster of lashes at the base of each natural strand, creating a more customized and natural look. Meanwhile, the false lash strip is applied across the entire natural lash line, creating a full and even look. Individual lashes are colorfast and can last until they fall out on their own or are removed after 8 weeks of use. Meanwhile, eyelash strips are only temporary and must be removed at the end of the day.

How long will individual lashes last?

Usually, most Individual lash extensions will stay effective for up to 8 weeks before they fall out naturally, especially if you regularly maintain them every 2-3 weeks. However, if you want to remove them sooner, you can use a special Eyelash Extension Remover and you can safely and easily remove your eyelashes right at home.

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KTV LASHES – Factory providing Professional Individual Lash Extension Supplies, offers some of the best options for Individual lashes, especially chosen by eyelash extension artists to provide high-quality eyelash extension services to each of their customers. KTV LASHES’s collection of individual lash extension supplies includes classic lashes, volume lashes, and colored lashes,… ensuring that when you buy products from us, you are investing in outstanding quality products.

KTV LASHES’ Individual lashes are the ideal choice to easily create attractive eyelashes. These basic lashes have all been meticulously crafted to highlight your natural beauty. Made from high-quality materials, these Individual lashes blend perfectly with your real eyelashes and provide comfortable wear all day long.

Whether you prefer a sophisticated profile or a sexy look, our individual lashes collection caters to all individual lash styles with a variety of lengths, curls and thicknesses to choose. With easy application and guaranteed long-lasting wear, our Individual lashes ensure that wherever you go, your eyes leave a lasting impression.

Enhance the appeal of your or your client’s eyes today, by choosing KTV LASHES’s Individual lashes – the perfect choice for eyelash artists who want to provide the highest quality eyelash extension services to their customers without spending a lot of money to buy premade lash fans or handmade lash fans.