How To Clean Eyelash Extension Tweezers: Instructions from an Expert

How To Clean Eyelash Extension Tweezers (2)

Have you ever wondered how to keep your eyelash extension tweezers clean and lasting as long as the new ones? If the answer is “yes”, continue reading this article, because KTV Lashes experts will guide you on How to clean eyelash extension tweezers and how to take care of them so they stay as beautiful as new. Please keep your eyelash extension tweezers clean and carefully managed, because they not only help you apply each eyelash extension correctly, but also help you maintain the beauty, sophistication, and safety of your eyelash extensions.

It will be very difficult to achieve beautiful, natural eyelash extensions results if your eyelash extensions tweezers are not properly cleaned. Dirt, bacteria, and oil can accumulate on the surface of eyelash extension tweezers after each use, and if not cleaned regularly, they can cause damage to the client’s eyelashes and eyes. Therefore, it’s not just about using tweezers to connect eyelashes, you need to pay attention to how to clean them after each use.

With the guidance of KTV Lashes experts, you will no longer have to worry about properly cleaning your eyelash extension tweezers.

3 Reasons to clean eyelash extension tweezers

3 Reasons To Clean Eyelash Extension Tweezers

Cleaning eyelash extension tweezers after each use has many important benefits that you should keep in mind. Here are three main reasons we want to highlight for you to understand: Why is cleaning eyelash extension tweezers so important?

  1. Health protection: Eyelash extension tweezers that are not properly protected can accumulate large amounts of dirt, bacteria and oils that block the eyes and skin around the eyelashes. In addition, after completing the eyelash extensions process for a customer, an excess amount of eyelash extensions glue may remain on the eyelash extensions tweezers. When you continue to use uncleaned tweezers, bacteria and infectious agents can transfer from the tweezers to other customers’ sensitive eye skin and eyelid areas, causing health problems such as bacterial and infectious infections.
  2. Ensuring performance and precision when applying the lashes: When the tweezers that connect the lashes are not cleaned properly, oil can accumulate and negate the tweezers’ effectiveness in applying the lashes properly. This can make it difficult to pick up eyelashes, dip eyelash extension glue or apply eyelash extensions to each natural eyelash, leading to unreliable and not as beautiful eyelash extension results as expected. Cleaning the eyelash extensions tweezers after each use will help maintain their cleanliness, newness and durability, allowing you to reuse the tweezers cleanly and neatly and handle the connecting eyelashes more securely with each use.
  3. Preservation and longevity: Cleaning eyelash extension tweezers after each use not only helps maintain the health of nature and sensitive eye skin, but is also an important way for you to preserve and prolong the life of the tweezers. When they are cleaned and maintained in the best condition, eyelash tweezers can be used for a long time without damage.

How to clean eyelash extension tweezers?

After each completion of the eyelash extensions process for a customer, cleaning the eyelash extensions tweezers is extremely important. You don’t want contamination from one client to another by using the same eyelash extension tweezers. Your eyelash extension tweezers should be cleaned after each client. This is why it’s a good idea to have spare eyelash extension tweezers ready to connect eyelashes for the next customer if they haven’t been up to proper cleaning and disinfection!

How To Clean Eyelash Extension Tweezers 5 Step

To clean eyelash extension tweezers after the eyelash extension process, you will need to use a specialized cleaning solution and a tray to store them. Please proceed to clean eyelash extension tweezers in the following 5 steps:

  • Step 1: To remove the amount of glue remaining on the tip of the tweezers, you need to use a cotton ball and pour in a sufficient amount of acetone. Then wipe the tweezer tip area carefully and gently, wiping until the glue is completely removed from the eyelash connecting tweezers.
  • Step 2: Sterilize eyelash extension tweezers: Prepare Barbicide solution (Barbicide For Lash Tweezers) with water into the same tool tray. Note, correct proportions according to the manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Step 3: Place the eyelash extension tweezers in the tray of mixed solution above and soak them for 10 minutes. Do not soak for too long because this solution may affect the color of the tweezers.
  • Step 4: Take the tweezers out of the tray of mixed solution and rinse with warm water. Then wipe the eyelash extension tweezers until they are completely dry.
  • Step 5: After the eyelash extension tweezers are dried, store them in specialized eyelash protection boxes to help keep the tweezers clean and durable.

Hopefully these 5 basic steps can help you know how to gently clean eyelash extensions properly, safely and effectively. This cleaning process will help keep your eyelash extension tweezers clean and durable like new after each use.

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5 TIPS to keep eyelash extension tweezers as durable and beautiful as new

1. Clean and sterilize your eyelash extension tweezers before storing them

Clean And Sterilize Your Eyelash Extension

Before storing the tweezers in the storage box, clean off any excess glue on the tip of the tweezers. After finishing with the last client, don’t forget to clean up your disposable eyelash extension supplies and clean your tweezers. If you have difficulty cleaning excess glue on the tweezers, see the 5 steps to clean eyelash extension tweezers that KTV Lashes shared above. You can mix Barbicide solution into water according to the manufacturer’s recommended ratio and soak them for about 10 minutes, then take out the tweezers, rinse with warm water, and dry the tweezers. Remember to never use eyelash removal solution to clean your tweezers.

2. Store eyelash extension tweezers in the container

Store Eyelash Extension Tweezers In The Container (2)

To store your eyelash extension tweezers, there’s nothing better than storing them in a container. There are a variety of options at a reasonable price – for example, a sleek case that’s padded inside to protect the tweezers for up to six at a time. A magnetic closure also ensures that the case will stay tightly closed, even when moving. This is a simple but effective investment to keep your eyelash extension tweezers clean and long-lasting.

3. Avoid dropping the tweezers or giving them strong impact

To avoid dropping or hitting the tweezers, cover the tweezers and store them in a box when not in use. Accidentally dropping the tweezers or bumping into other objects can cause the tip of the tweezer to bend, open or break. In some cases, you cannot adjust it, you will have to buy new tweezers.

4. Do not use eyelash extension tweezers for other purposes

Avoid using eyelash extension tweezers for unrelated purposes. Using eyelash extension tweezers to pick up cotton balls, miscellaneous objects, or pick at other objects can damage the tips of the tweezers. Please use the tweezers correctly for their eyelash extension purpose.

5. You should prepare a spare pair of tweezers

You should have a spare pair of tweezers ready. It is always possible that the tweezers are damaged or the eyelash extension tweezers are lost at any time. A fall can also damage the tip of the tweezers. In this case, you don’t want to have to go out and buy or borrow tweezers from someone else while you’re at work. Therefore, it is best to have a spare pair of tweezers in the box to prevent such situations occurring.


In short, how to clean eyelash extension tweezers? Cleaning eyelash extension tweezers after each use is an indispensable factor for professional eyelash extension artists. Regularly cleaning and sterilizing eyelash extension tweezers not only ensures customer safety but also maintains their quality and performance. A properly cleaned and cared for eyelash extension tweezers will bring the best eyelash extension results and help you achieve success in your work.

Therefore, remember to apply the steps to clean and sterilize eyelash extension tweezers that the experts at the KTV LASHES have shared above, to help your eyelash extension tweezers stay clean, safe, durable and beautiful as new. Keeping your eyelash extension tweezers clean not only helps beautify your customers’ eyelashes in the most effective way, but also protects your health and improves the quality of your service – that’s the true meaning of eyelash extension tweezers hygiene that we want to share with you.