15+ Types of the Best Colored Lash Extensions at KTV LASHES

Best Colored Lash Extensions

In the eyelash extensions market, there are many types of colored lash extensions offered at KTV Lashes. This is an eyelash extension trend that is becoming more and more popular, as it brings a fresh and unique beauty to your lashes. However, choosing the right colored lash extensions can sometimes be difficult because not all products achieve the expected quality and effectiveness. So today we will introduce to you more than 15+ types of the best colored lash extensions at KTV Lashes. By consulting this list, you will be able to find the right colored lash extensions product, to create a striking and interesting look for your lashes. Let’s explore now!

What are colored lash extensions?

What Are Colored Lash Extensions

Color lash extensions, also known as colored eyelashes, are a type of product that beautifies eyelashes by adding different colored eyelashes or fans to real eyelashes. Instead of just having regular black eyelash extensions, colored lash extensions allow you to create new effects and shades for your eyelashes.

The lash extensions with color process begins with choosing an eyelash color that suits your personal preferences and style. There are many different colors to choose from, from blue, red, purple, yellow, brown to gentle pastel colors. Then, the colored lash will be attached to your natural eyelashes, creating a unique and attractive pair of eyelashes.

Colored lash extensions are not only a way to express personal style, but also an increasingly popular beauty trend. It brings freshness and creativity to your lashes, helping you stand out in the crowd. Besides, choosing the right color can also highlight your eye color or create a highlight for your face.

Whether you want to try colored lash extensions for a party, a special event, or simply to add a new look to your everyday look, colored lash extensions are a great choice. Not only is it fun and stylish, but it also allows you to express your individuality and creativity through your lashes.

What’s the difference of colored lash extensions?

What Is The Difference Of Colored Lash Extensions

Mixing eyelash extensions with different colored eyelashes is considered a delicate art of beautifying the eyes, bringing a unique combination of many colors, not just limited to traditional black eyelash extensions. With the love of creating highlights for eyelashes, many women have sought out colored lash extensions. However, there are many questions surrounding the difference between colored lash extensions and traditional lash extensions. In fact, the technique of colored lash extensions is no different from the technique and method of traditional eyelash extensions, the only difference is that it uses colored lashes combined with traditional lash extensions to create beautiful and unique lash extensions.

Mixed color eyelash extensions bring not only natural and attractive beauty, but also express your creativity and personality. Combining colored lashes with traditional lash extensions will create a unique effect, enhancing the beauty exuding from your lashes.

Usually, just a few coloured lashes are added at the ends of the lashes to create emphasis on the eyes. But even with just a few colored lashes, you can create a unique and impressive look. With purple or green eyelashes, the eyes will become more interesting and personal. Blue eyelashes and pink eyelashes are also popular choices of many customers recently. The right color choice and harmonious combination of colors will create a unique and outstanding look.

Therefore, mixed colorful lash extensions are an interesting choice and worth a try. Make a difference and give yourself confidence by creating a unique highlight for your eyelashes with these beautiful colored lashes. Let your eyes express your personality and personal style!

TOP 15 types of the best colored lash extensions at KTV Lashes

Each type of colored lash extensions will have its own characteristics, advantages and disadvantages, so choosing which colored lash extensions to use will depend on each person’s personal preferences and style. Before choosing colored lash extensions, immediately refer to the TOP 15+ types of the hot colored lashes at KTV Lashes to ensure you can choose the lash extensions colors that suit your preferences and eyelash extension needs.

1. Natural black eyelash extensions

Natural Black Eyelash Extensions

– Features: Eyelashes are naturally black and will help you create a natural and harmonious face.

– Advantages: Makes eyes sharp and attracts attention. Easily coordinates with all makeup and outfit styles.

2. Natural brown eyelash extensions

Brown Eyelash Extensions

– Characteristics: Natural brown eyelashes will bring a warm and youthful look to the eyes.

– Advantages: Creates gentle highlights, suitable for light skin or natural skin tones

3. Green eyelash extensions

Green Eyelash Extensions

– Characteristics: The eyelashes are bright green, helping to create a fresh and attractive look.

– Advantages: Creates a unique highlight for the eyes, suitable for those who love newness and personality.

4. Purple eyelash extensions

Purple Eyelash Extensions

– Characteristics: Purple eyelashes help create a gentle and feminine look for the eyes.

– Advantages: Creates a special highlight for the face, evoking fresh and cool beauty.

5. Blue eyelash extensions

Blue Eyelash Extensions

– Characteristics: The eyelashes are blue, creating a striking and unique look.

– Advantages: Creates a strong impression, suitable for those who want to express their personal style.

6. Yellow eyelash extensions

Yellow Eyelash Extensions

– Characteristics: Bright, outstanding colors.

– Advantages: Creates a highlight for the eyes, suitable for special events.

7. Pink eyelash extensions

Pink Eyelash Extensions

– Characteristics: Creates a sweet, gentle look for the eyes.

– Advantages: Suitable for many skin tones, looks natural and lovely.

8. Orange eyelash extensions

Orange Eyelash Extensions

– Characteristics: Bright, brilliant orange color.

– Advantages: Creates a highlight in eye makeup, suitable for special occasions.

9. Red eyelash extensions

Red Eyelash Extensions

– Characteristics: Outstanding, sexy red color.

– Advantages: Creates a seductive look, easily attracts attention.

10. White eyelash extensions

White Eyelash Extensions

– Characteristics: Pure, elegant color.

– Advantages: Enhances the natural beauty of the eyes with a bit of a twist, suitable for all skin tones.

11. Mix colored lash extensions No.1

Mix Colored Lash Extensions No.1

– Features: Combination of 4 different light tones

– Advantages: Create many unique and personalized eyelash extension styles for each face.

12. Mix colored lash extensions No.2

Mix Colored Lash Extensions No.2

– Characteristics: Diverse colors, flexible combination of different bright tones.

– Advantages: Creates a fresh, personal look for the eyes and is suitable for many skin tones.

13. Mix colored lash extensions No.3

Mix Colored Lash Extensions No.3

– Characteristics: Diverse blue tones, creating a striking and unique look.

– Advantages: Creates strong, impressive eyelashes.

14. Mix colored lash extensions No.4

Mix Colored Lash Extensions No.4

– Characteristics: Combining pastel colors, creating gentleness and femininity.

– Advantages: Creates cool and bright eyes.

15. Mix color eyelash extensions No.5

Mix Colored Lash Extensions No.5

– Characteristics: Combination of warm, strong colors.

– Advantages: Creates attractive beauty and personality.

16. Mix color eyelash extensions No.6

Mix Colored Lash Extensions No.6

– Characteristics: Combination of outstanding personality colors.

– Advantages: Creates sharp, personal and strong eyes.


KTV Lashes not only brings customers quality eyelash extension products but also a variety of colors. With a list of TOP 15+ best colored lash extensions at KTV Lashes, customers can easily find the perfect choice for their eyelash extension style and skin tone. From eyelash extensions in bright colors like yellow or orange to gentle colors like pink or white, or even diverse colors mixed together, KTV Lashes is committed to bringing customers a variety of colors. Eyelash colors and creative colored eyelash extension styles to create unique beauty for each customer. Experience and discover the best lash extensions color at KTV Lashes to express your eye style and personality today!