8D LASHES: Types, Styles & How to apply for Lash Artists

8d Lashes

Today, 8D Lashes have become an indispensable beauty trend for women. The classification, style and process of professional 8D Lash Extensions are attracting a lot of attention. Let’s explore with KTV Lashes the world of 8D Lashes and the interesting things it brings!

What are 8D Lashes?

What Are 8d Lashes 1

8D Lashes is an eyelash extension trend that you should not ignore, it helps increase the thickness and curl of eyelashes in the most realistic way. Created by pairing each natural eyelash with each 8D false lash fan, 8D Lashes give you an attractive and outstanding beauty.

So what are 8D Lashes or 8D lash fans? This type of eyelash is made from 8 false eyelashes, with 8 lash roots glued together with specialized glue and the tip of the eyelashes will spread out to look like a propeller. 8D Lashes help create incredible volume and ideal curl for your lashes.

The eyelash technician will create a perfect pair of 8D Lashes for you by gently and precisely pairing each 8D lash fan to your real eyelashes. This process requires meticulousness and patience, but the end result will definitely satisfy you with the new beauty of impressive and extremely attractive eyes that 8D Lashes bring. Not only bring an attractive appearance, 8D Lashes also help you be more confident in daily life. Try 8D Lashes now and discover the new beauty it brings to you!

How many types of lashes 8D are there in the beauty market

In the beauty market, there are several types of 8D Lashes classified by eyelash material and eyelash extension style. Below is the detailed classification:

The four most popular types of 8D Lashes

  1. 8D Lashes made from silk fibers: Made from silk fibers, mainly eyelashes of natural origin. Silk lashes bring natural beauty, lightness and softness quite similar to our real eyelashes.
  2. 8D Lashes made from PBT synthetic fibers: Made from high-quality PBT fibers,which are usually more durable and retain the shape of the eyelashes better for a long time than other types of false lashes.
  3. 8D Lashes are made from real mink fur: 8D mink lashes are soft, thin and light, so they are also very popular with users for eyelash extensions. Helps your eyelashes become lighter and more natural than ever.
  4. 8D Lashes are made from faux mink lashes: This is a combination of real mink fur and artificial eyelashes, providing a combination of natural eyelash elements and greater durability than real mink lashes. In particular, when applying mink false lashes, the lashes form a beautiful shape, thanks to the flexible adjustment of lash length, thickness and perfect curl.

8D Eyelash Extension Styles are the most popular today

8d Eyelash Extension Styles

  1. 8D volume lash extension style: 8D volume lashes focus on the diversity of length, curl, thickness and color of each 8D lash fan. With the use of soft and natural 8D lash fans, the 8D volume lash extension style creates a depth and classy effect to the eyes. A variety of different factors:thickness, curvature, length will help create a natural and comfortable beauty for the lashes, making the eyes bigger, rounder and more attractive.
  2. 8D Hybrid lash extension style: 8D hybrid lashes lash extension style is a delicate combination of classic lash extension style and 8D volume lash extension style. By using both classic lashes and 8D volume lashes during the extension process, this 8D Hybrid lash style creates a mixed effect, combining the natural beauty of classic lashes and the charm of 8D volume lash fans . The mixed effect between two different types of eyelashes creates unique thickness and lash shape, giving the eyes a more natural look than volume eyelash extensions.

Great Advantages of 8D Lash Extensions

8D Lash Extensions bring many great advantages to your eyes and overall face. Below are some outstanding advantages of 8D Lash Extensions:

  • Perfect thickness and curl: 8D Lashes create a darker and denser feeling to the lashes, creating a glow and highlight to your face. At the same time, the naturally curved shape C, CC, D, L, M,… of 8D Lashes will help the eyes look much healthier and more attractive.
  • Natural and compatible with many outstanding lash extension styles: 8D Lashes are made from materials that are safe for eye skin and have the same texture as real eyelashes, so they have the same effect as natural eyelashes. Eyelash extensions help your eyes look natural, don’t make your eyes look heavy and help bring the most comfortable eyelashes.
  • Save time and effort: Once you have 8D Lash Extensions, you will save time and effort on daily eye makeup. No need for eye makeup or mascara, 8D Lashes also create the ideal thickness and curvature to make your eyes bigger, rounder, more prominent and extremely personal.
  • Customizability: With 8D Lashes, you can customize the thickness, curl and style of your eyelashes according to your personal preferences. You can choose 8D Lashes according to your own preferences and style.
  • The results of eyelash extensions keep their shape for a long time: With a professional and good quality 8D Lash Extension process, 8D Lashes can last for 4-6 weeks before needing eyelash extension maintenance. You can maintain the wonderful beauty of eyelash extensions for a long time.
  • Confident and attractive: With eyes beautified with 8D Lashes, you will be more confident and attractive in communicating and participating in events taking place in daily life.

Top 8 best-selling 8D Lashes at KTV Lashes

1. Single Loose Premade Fan 8D

Single Loose Premade Fan 8d

2. Mix Loose Premade Fan 8D

Mix Loose Premade Fan 8d

3. Single Rapid Premade Fan 8D

Single Rapid Premade Fan 8d

4. Mix Rapid Premade Fan 8D

Mix Rapid Premade Fan 8d

5. Premade Fan XL Book 8D

Premade Fan Xl Book 8d

6. Premade Fan Bold XL Book 8D

Premade Fan Bold Xl Book 8d

7. Handmade Fan 8D

Handmade Fan 8d

8. Mix Handmade Fan 8D (3in1)

Mix Handmade 8d Ktv Lashes

The most standard 8D Lash Extension process for professional lash extension artists

The 8D Lash Extension process requires professionalism and high-level skills from the eyelash technician. Below are detailed instructions on the most standard 8D Lash Extensions process for professional eyelash extension artists:

1. Customer Inspection and Consulting:

  • Contact with customers to understand their wishes and requirements.
  • Check the condition of customers’ real eyelashes and advise on the appropriate style and structure of 8D Lash Extensions in terms of length, curl, and thickness.

2. Prepare Materials and Tools:

Prepare Materials And Tools Lash Extensions

  • Make sure the eyelash extension space is clean.
  • Prepare high-quality 8D Lashes and necessary eyelash extension tools such as: lower eyelash pads, eyelash tweezers, eyelash separator tweezers, cotton swabs, makeup remover cotton, specialized eyelash glue,…

3. Clean your eyelashes before applying eyelash extensions:

  • Rinse and dry the client’s eyes.
  • Purpose: remove dirt from eyelids and eye skin before applying to ensure absolute safety during the eyelash extension process.

4. Apply high-quality eyelash glue:

  • Use eyelash separator tweezers to remove each 8D lash fan from the eyelash line or eyelash box.
  • Using eyelash tweezers, pick up each 8D lash fan that has just been separated above and dip the base of the eyelash fan into specialized eyelash glue. Next, remove excess glue from each 8D fan.

5. Perform 8D eyelash extensions most accurately:

Perform 8d Eyelash Extensions Most Accurately

  • After removing the excess glue from each 8D lash fan, apply that 8D lash fan to each real eyelash, and wait a few seconds for the glue to dry and stick to the real eyelashes before removing your hand.
  • Avoid contact of eyelash glue with eye skin to ensure eye safety.
  • Using precise and delicate eyelash extension techniques, keep each 8D lash applied evenly and beautifully.
  • Ensure distance between 8D lash fans to create impressive volume fans effects.

6. Check and Correct Errors:

  • Check thoroughly to make sure every 8D lash fan is connected properly.
  • Correct errors immediately if any problems appear on the eyelash extensions.

7. Care and advice after eyelash extensions:

  • Instruct customers on how to care for eyelashes after eyelash extensions.
  • Provide advice on eyelash care products and limit touching of eyelash extensions.

8. Final Finishing and Inspection:

  • Certainly, the entire eyelash extension process has been performed according to standards and of the best quality.
  • Let customers check eyelash shape and adjust if necessary.

The 8D Lash Extension process requires meticulousness, patience, and high skill from a professional eyelash extension artist. Make sure that each step of eyelash extensions is done correctly to bring the most attractive and natural eyes to customers.

Why should you buy 8D Lashes at the KTV Lashes factory?

Why Should You Buy 8d Lashes At The Ktv Lashes

Buying 8D Lashes at KTV Lashes factory brings many special advantages, ensuring you receive quality products and the best service:

  • High quality eyelash extensions: KTV Lashes is a professional eyelash factory, committed to bringing customers the best high quality 8D lash products. The hard work and professional skills of our team of technicians ensure that each 8D lash is crafted with perfection.
  • Eyelashes are absolutely safe to use: Using PBT synthetic fiber lashes imported from Korea, faux mink fibers and silk lashes, we guarantee that eyelash extension products from the KTV Lashes brand will not cause eye skin irritation and bring the most comfortable and soft feeling to the user.
  • Competitive and reasonable prices: KTV Lashes factory is committed to providing the most competitive prices in the eyelash extensions market. You can count on satisfaction not only in the quality but also in the value of the product.
  • Attractive promotions: KTV Lashes regularly has special promotions, helping you save money when shopping for eyelash extension products on our website. These offers apply to both wholesale and retail customers.
  • Fast and reliable shipping: Multinational shipping systems help ensure products reach customers quickly and safely. You can trust KTV Lashes’ delivery and shipping process.
  • Processing products upon request: KTV Lashes not only provides 8D lash products available on the website but also accepts processing according to each customer’s request in terms of desired length, curvature, and thickness of eyelash extensions, helping you get unique products that meet your personal needs.
  • Dedicated customer support service: KTV Lashes’ customer support team is always willing to answer all questions and assist you during the shopping and using the product with the most care.

KTV Lashes is not only a place that produces 8D Lashes, but also a reliable address for those who are looking for class and high-quality eyelash extensions to safely beautify their eyes.


8D Lashes are not only a trend but also a symbol of class and charm. We have discovered the diversity and richness in the classification and styles of 8D Lashes, where art meets professionalism, creating works of art in each person’s eyes.

KTV Lashes not only meets your desire for class but also helps you confidently step out every day with round eyes full of vitality and charm. 8D Lashes are not only the perfection of natural beauty but also a bridge to the world of art on every woman’s face. Let your eyes tell a story of beauty and elegance, class and charm with 8D Lashes.