What are 4D lash extensions? Classification & Eyelash extensions process from A-Z

What Are 4d Lashes Extensions

A set of thick and curled eyelashes is not only an important ingredient to create a woman’s perfect beauty, but also a symbol of confidence and attractiveness. With awareness of the importance of eyelashes, the beauty industry is constantly improving and innovating to meet customer needs. And recently, 4D lash extensions from KTV Lashes have become an extremely hot eyelash extension trend with the best prices on the market.

4D Lashes not only bring depth and thickness to your eyelashes, but also create extremely naturally curved lash shapes. The special feature of this type of eyelashes is the material used to create soft, light and uniform 4D Lashes. When applying 4D lash extensions, you will perfectly combine real eyelashes and 4D lash fans, helping to increase the thickness and length of your eyelashes while still maintaining the natural and soft look of your lashes. At the same time, 4D lash extensions also bring extremely interesting and vivid eyelash effects. Join KTV Lashes to learn details about this type of 4D Lashes!

A few words about 4D lash extensions

A Few Words About 4d Lash Extensions

Different from 3d lashes or 3d lash fans , 4D Lashes are a combination of 04 false eyelashes to form an eyelash fan with the eyelash roots glued together and the eyelash tips spread out to look like propellers, helping to create 4D effect has more depth and clarity.

4D lash extensions are also a popular beautification method today. In particular, the 4D lash extensions technique requires the use of 4D Lashes, also known as 4D lash fans or 4D volume lash fans to help create a 4D effect for the eyes. The special feature of 4D lash extensions is the perfect combination of natural eyelashes with each 4D lash fan, helping to increase the thickness, length and curl of the eyelashes naturally but also extremely impressive.

What material should you buy 4D lash extensions made from? On the current market, PBT synthetic fibers imported from Korea, mink fur, faux mink fibers or silk lashes are the materials most favored by users to create eyelash extensions. Because these types of fiber materials are soft, thin, and easily attached to real eyelashes, they help eyelash extensions look the most natural.

What are the outstanding advantages of 4D lash extensions?

The Outstanding Advantages Of 4d Lash Extensions

4D lash extensions offer many outstanding advantages, helping to create natural and attractive beauty for the eyes. Below are some outstanding advantages of 4D lash extensions:

  • Deep and natural eye effect: 4D lash extensions are designed to create a deeper and more natural eye effect. Combining 04 eyelashes in each lash fan is not too little or too much, still helps create a soft and natural feeling like real eyelashes.
  • Diversity in length, thickness and curvature: There is a variety of length and curvature in each 4D lash fan, allowing for the creation of many eyelash extension designs and eyelash extension styles to suit each person’s face.
  • Create attractive and outstanding eyes: 4D Lashes effect creates shiny and vibrant eyes, 4D lash extensions will help eyes become larger and attract attention from everyone around.
  • Make a feeling gentle and natural: 4D lash extensions are often made from light and natural fiber materials, helping to create a comfortable feeling when used. Does not create a heavy feeling or irritation to the eyes.
  • High customization ability: With flexibility in the eyelash extension process, eyelash extension artists have the ability to customize the eyelash extension style, thickness and curvature of the 4D lash extensions according to the customer’s wishes to create uniqueness and personality.
  • Good compatibility with real eyelashes: Most 4D lash extensions have the ability to bond well with real eyelashes, helping to create a natural and harmonious eye.
  • Durable and keeps good form: Thanks to the focus on eyelash extension techniques, 4D Lashes are often chosen to be highly durable and keep their form well after long periods of use, without deforming or breaking the eyelash curl.

The most popular 4D lash extension styles today

The Most Popular 4d Lash Extension Styles

4D volume lashes

4D volume lash extensions are the most typical and popular eyelash extension technique today, because of the diversity in length, curvature, thickness and color of each 4D volume lash extensions. This style focuses on creating an effect of depth and class to the eyes, making them attractive and attractive. By using each soft and natural 4D lash fan, 4D lash extensions will help create the most natural and comfortable beauty.

4D hybrid lashes

Hybrid eyelash extensions style is a delicate combination of classic lash extensions and 4D volume lash extensions, creating natural and attractive eyes. Both classic lashes and 4D fan lashes are used to attach to real eyelashes to create thickness and naturalness for the eyelashes. This style creates a mixed effect, combining natural beauty and seduction.

Both of these 4D lash extensions styles give users many options and unique experiences in enhancing the beauty of their eyes. Each 4D lash usually has eyelashes with different curvatures, lengths and thicknesses, which will help create different, impressive and interesting eyelash extension styles. The 4D lash extension process also requires sophistication and specialized skills from the eyelash technician.

4D Lashes will definitely help you have more attractive and impressive eyes than ever. The 4D lash effect creates a modern and lively look, helping the eyes become deeper and more attractive. Whether attending a party, important event or just staying at home every day, 4D Lashes will be a great choice to express your personality and confidence.

Top 8 best-selling 4D lash products from KTV Lashes

1. Single Loose Premade Fan 4D

2. Mix Loose Premade Fan 4D

3. Single Rapid Premade Fan 4D

4. Mix Rapid Premade Fan 4D

5. Premade Fan XL Book 4D

6. Premade Fan Bold XL Book 4D

7. Narrow Fan Lashes XL Book 4D

8. Narrow Fan Lashes Bold XL Book 4D

4D lash extensions process for professional eyelash extension artists

4d Lash Extensions Process

  • Step 1. Preparation: Make sure you have cleaned your eyelids and eye skin before starting. Remove all grease and dirt to make convenience for the eyelash extension process.
  • Step 2. Choose the right eyelashes: Depending on the customer’s style and goals, choose the appropriate 4D Lashes in terms of curl, thickness and length. Make sure the 4D lash fans are the same size to create an even and natural effect.
  • Step 3. Eyelash extensions: Use eyelash extension tweezers to remove each 4D lash fan from the eyelash line/eyelash box. Then, use tweezers to pick up the eyelashes, pick up the base of the lash fan, dip the base of the 4D lash fan into the glue and remove excess glue. Next, carefully connect the glue-dipped 4D lash fan to the real eyelashes. Similarly, use eyelash extension technique to precisely connect each 4D lash fan to real eyelashes to create a unique 4D effect.
  • Step 4. Check and adjust: Check carefully after each step of eyelash extensions to ensure the 4D Lashes are applied evenly and naturally. Adjust thickness and add or reduce 4D fans as needed to achieve perfect eyelash extension results.
  • Step 5. Finish: After completing the lash extension process, check carefully to ensure there are no excess eyelashes or glue around the eyes. Use a small brush to clean the eye skin and eyelids after finishing.

Note: The 4D lash extensions process requires professional eyelash extension techniques and skills. To achieve the best results, you should come to the experienced and carefully trained eyelash extension artists for 4D lash extensions.

Why should you buy 4D lash extensions at KTV Lashes Factory?

Why Should You Buy 4d Lash Extensions At Ktv Lashes Factory

There are many reasons to buy 4D lash extensions at our KTV Lashes Factory. Here are some benefits and highlights of our products:

  1. Guaranteed quality: KTV Lashes factory is proud to be the most professional eyelash extension manufacturer today. We use premium materials imported from Korea and advanced technology to create the best quality 4D Lashes. Each eyelash is tested and guaranteed for softness, durability and ideal curl.
  2. Diverse styles: We offer a variety of 4D lash extension styles to meet customers’ needs and styles. Available in different lash lengths, curls and thicknesses to create a unique and natural 4D effect.
  3. Highly skilled staff: KTV Lashes factory constantly researches and develops to bring customers the newest and most trendy eyelash extension products. We always update the latest technology, machinery, knowledge and skills to bring the best 4D lash extension products on the market.
  4. Competitive prices: Although we provide high quality products, our prices are still competitive and suitable for every customer’s budget because the labor force in Vietnam is quite cheap compared to other countries in the world. We put customer satisfaction first and are committed to providing the best value for our products.
  5. Customer support service: We are always committed to ensuring the best customer satisfaction. Besides providing quality products, we also advise and support customers in the process of choosing and using products.
  6. Professional packaging: KTV Lashes factory always focuses on packaging products so that they are safe and convenient for use. We ensure that products are sent to customers with quality and beautiful packaging.

With the above benefits, when customers or agents buy 4D lash extensions at KTV Lashes factory, we ensure that you will receive the best quality 4D Lashes, diverse designs, reasonable prices and great customer services. We not only provide eyelash extension products but are also committed to bringing the experience and confidence to your eyes.