#6 types of Premium 10D Premade Lash Fans at the Best price

10d Premade Lash Fans

Join KTV Lashes to renew your eyelashes with 10D Premade lash fans. You will not only find the natural beauty of curly, thick, and attractive eyelashes but also be proud to have invested in the premium quality and meticulousness of 10D Premade lash extension products from the KTV Lashes factory. Therefore, you should not miss the 6 luxury 10D Premade lash fans product models at the best prices from KTV Lashes below! Open the door to success and confidence for your radiant eyes, thanks to 10D Premade lash fans – This is the perfect choice for the beauty of your eyes.

What are 10D Premade lash fans?

What Are 10d Premade Lash Fans

The 10D Premade lash fan is a bunch of lashes made from 10 false lashes, with 10 individual lashes attached into a fan-shaped eyelash cluster with the eyelash roots glued together with glue or heat to create form the base of the eyelashes and spread out wide on the upper body.

These 10D premade lashes are attached to your real eyelashes using a special glue and are done by beauty experts, helping them save time on eyelash extensions. In addition, 10D Premade lash fans also help customers create thick and impressive eyelash extension effects.

This is a beauty solution for those who want attractive eyes and naturally beautiful thick eyelashes in a short time. Therefore, 10D Premade lash fan is a modern beauty product that enhances the thickness and curl of eyelashes quickly and easily.

What material should you buy 10D Premade lash fans made from?

On the market, there are 5 most popular materials used to make 10D Premade lash fans. Let’s find out the details below:

1. High-quality synthetic fiber

This artificial material is made from high-quality synthetic fiber or polybutylene terephthalate (PBT) fiber from Korea. High-quality synthetic fibers resemble natural eyelashes and have similar softness, giving natural and durable eyelash extension results. This 10D Premade lash fan material has the ability to hold its shape well and does not cause skin irritation, so it is often widely used in beauty eyelash extensions.

2. Silk eyelashes

Silk eyelashes are usually made from synthetic silk fibers such as silk, polyester, etc. This material feels soft and light. Silk eyelashes are more flexible and thinner than other materials, creating a natural and comfortable feeling when attached to real eyelashes.

3. Mink eyelashes

This is the material that makes 10D Premade lash fans derived from animal fur, specifically mink fur. This material gives a natural and soft look to the eyelash extensions. However, due to the characteristics of this material being mink fur, the thickness of the eyelashes is uneven and the ability to hold form is worse than high-quality synthetic fibers because the eyelash curl is easily affected by the environment such as rain, wind, etc. … and not suitable for customers who are allergic to animal fur.

4. Faux Mink lash

As for the material of faux mink lashes, the eyelashes look more natural than mink eyelashes and are closer to your real eyelashes. The eyelash shaft is rough so the ability to adhere to glue is very good, so on the market Faux Mink eyelashes are also quite popular. However, this eyelash has a darker black color and is stiffer than silk eyelashes.

5. Real hair

This is a material made from real human hair. This material brings the most natural and realistic effect. However, real hair is often more expensive and requires special care to maintain its durability and beauty because the hair fiber is harder than real eyelashes, so its ability to form when using eyelash extensions is not as beautiful as high-quality synthetic eyelashes or mink eyelashes.

Depending on your preferences and purpose of use, you can choose different materials to create 10D Premade lash fans that suit your needs.

Why should you buy the KTV Lashes 10D Premade fan lash extension?

Why Should You Buy 10d Premade Lash Fans

There are many reasons why you should buy KTV Lashes’ 10D Premade lash fans. Below are the outstanding features of the 10D Premade lash fans product and the reason why KTV Lashes is a reliable address to buy 10D Premade lash fans:

  • High quality: KTV Lashes’ eyelash extension products are produced mainly from high-quality synthetic eyelashes imported from Korea, ensuring to bring customers the most natural and beautiful eyelashes. High-quality synthetic fiber and advanced technology will help KTV Lashes’ 10D Premade lash fans to keep their shape well and not fall out after a period of use.
  • Professional eyelash extension techniques: KTV Lashes has a team of highly skilled and experienced eyelash extension manufacturing experts. They apply precise and meticulous eyelash fan techniques, ensuring that the 10D Premade lash fans attached to real eyelashes, will create a natural and impressive effect.
  • Safe products: KTV Lashes puts customer safety first. The materials and eyelash extension glue used are benign and do not cause irritation skin reaction. The team of experts will also proceed to create 10D premade lash fans that reach the best quality standards to ensure that the product is suitable for all types of customer eyelashes.
  • Cheapest price on the market: KTV Lashes is not only a retailer of 10D Premade fans at good prices but also provides large quantities of eyelash extensions to agents and wholesalers of eyelash extensions at extremely attractive prices. With a team of dedicated and knowledgeable staff who understand the needs and desires of customers, KTV Lashes also accepts processing eyelash extensions according to customer requests, committed to ensuring the creation of 10D Premade lash fans of the best standards.
  • Variety of designs: KTV Lashes offers a variety of 10D Premade lash fans products for customers to choose including different curvatures, thicknesses and lengths. KTV Lashes will help you create unique 10D Premade lash extension effects that suit your own style.
  • Suitable for all types of eyelash extensions such as: Volume eyelash extensions, Mega Volume eyelash extensions, Hybrid, Natural eyelash extensions, Baby Doll, Cat Eye, Katun, Wet Look, Fishtail,…

Therefore, when purchasing 10D Premade volume fans from KTV Lashes, you are not only committed to ensuring product quality for each eyelash but also to ensuring professionalism and dedication during the ordering and delivery process for customers.

Top 6 types of 10D Premade Lash Fans that you should buy today

1. 10D Premade Lash Fans: Single Loose

10d Premade Volume Fans

Details about the product Single Loose Premade Fan 10D:

  • One Length Per Box: 8mm to 20mm
  • Curl: C, CC, D, DD, L, M
  • Thickness: 0.05mm & 0.07mm Diameter
  • 10 lashes per fan
  • 1000 fans per box.

2. 10D Premade Fan Lashes: MIX Loose

MIX Loose Premade Lash Fans 10D 1

Details about the product Mix Loose 10D Premade Lash Fans:

  • One Length Per Box : 8mm to 20mm.
  • Five lengths per box.
  • Curl: C, CC, D, DD, L, M
  • Thickness: 0.05mm & 0.07mm diameter
  • 10 lashes per fan
  • 1000 fans per box: 200 fans per length.

3. 10D Premade Lash Fans: XL Book

Premade Fan Xl Book 10d 0001

Details about the product XL Book 10D Premade Fans:

  • One Length Per Box: available from 8mm to 20mm. Alternatively, each box can mix eight lengths from 8mm to 15mm or mix eight lengths from 9mm to 16mm.
  • Curvature options: C, CC, D, DD, L, M
  • Thickness: 0.05mm & 0.07mm diameter
  • 10 lashes per fan
  • 500 fans per box. Each box of Premade Fan XL Book 10D contains 20 lash rows, each row has 50 fans with the same length, thickness, and curl, or 20 lash rows with different lengths selected by customers.
  • Suitable for various lash styles: Volume, mega volume, hybrid, fairy wing, fishtail, baby doll, cat eye, and more.

4. 10D Premade Lash Fans: Bold XL Book

10d Premade Lash Fans Bold Xl Book 0001

Details about the product Bold XL Book 10D Premade Lash Fans:

  • The Single length: one box one length of 8mm to 20mm.
  • The Mix length: Eight lengths per, box including 2 tyles:  Mixed(8mm-15mm) & Mixed (9mm-16mm)
  • Curvature options: C, CC, D, DD, L, M
  • Thickness: 0.05mm & 0.07mm Diameter
  • 10 lashes per fan
  • 1000 fans per box. Each box of Premade Fan Bold XL Book 10D consists of 40 fan rows ( 2 sides).

5. Rapid Premade Fan Lashes 10D


Details about the product Rapid Premade Fan 10D:

  • One Length Per Box: 8mm to 20mm
  • Curl: C, CC, D, DD, L, M
  • Thickness: 0.05mm & 0.07mm diameter
  • 10 lashes per fan
  • 1000 fans per box

6. Mix Rapid Premade Lash Fans 10D

Mix Rapid 10D Premade Lash Fan 0001

Details about the product  Mix Rapid Premade lash Fan 10D:

  • Seven lengths per box: Can choose a mix within length from 8mm to 20mm.
  • Curl: C, CC, D, DD, L, M
  • Thickness: 0.05mm & 0.07mm diameter
  • 10 lashes per fan
  • 1000 fans per box

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Before and after pictures of 10D Premade lash extensions at KTV Lashes

Before And After Pictures Of 10d Premade Lash Extensions

In a short time, you can own outstanding and sexy eyes, thanks to 10D Premade volume lash extensions. With the scientific eyelash extension method, beauty experts will use glue to attach each 10D premade fan to real eyelashes in the most gentle and natural way, creating the effect of perfectly thick and curled eyelashes. This not only helps you save time and effort but also brings confidence and attraction.

More than just a regular premade eyelash extension, 10D Premade lash fans are also an investment in your beauty. With long-lasting durability and good shape retention, you can enjoy the beauty of eyelash extensions for a long time without worrying too much about having to reapply eyelashes regularly.

Say goodbye to the days of sparse and short eyelashes. Welcome the arrival of 10D Premade lash fans and open a new door for the beauty of your eyelash extensions. Be confident and shine with radiant eyes, thanks to the support of 10D Premade fans – The most sought-after premade lash extensions today!